Are Rottweilers Aggressive By Nature – A Deeper Look

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Many dog lovers always ask, are Rottweilers aggressive by nature, or do people who don’t know their temperaments easily misunderstand them?

The Rottweiler is one of the most popular dogs in America, the UK, and Canada.  They are loved for a good reason, as they are a wonderful breed that values and protects its owners and plays well with children.

They are relatively easy to manage within the home, but their intelligence is also one of the best among the other breeds.  Rottweilers are fairly docile and always willing to learn at the hand of someone they love and trust.

Rottweilers take their time to trust their new owner, and you must be willing to provide it with a conducive environment to create that trust.  Once you learn how to treat this dog, you will realize that they are not aggressive.

Instead, this breed is loving, friendly and despite its size, the primary and fundamental truth about the Rottweiler temperament is pure love.

Are Rottweilers Aggressive By Nature?

As you may have heard from others, Rotties are somewhat known for a bad reputation for aggression.  Rottweilers have been reported as potentially dangerous dogs due to many reported cases of attack.  We cannot close our eyes to; however, does this make the entire breed aggressive? Let’s explore further.

Aggression is undoubtedly present in the Rottweiler personalities, according to scientific research.  Here are some quick facts and statistics that various studies have shown.

Attacks On Children

Rottweilers have been some of the best culprits to attack children seriously.  The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia had about 5.4% of severe dog bites on children in 1989.

Insurance Policies

Some insurance companies do not insure Rottweilers due to concerns about their aggression. Some countries like Ireland restrict the breeding of Rottie, and for the few already alive in this country, they are required to be muzzled up in public places.

Strong Bite

Rottweilers have a powerful bite that reaches up to 450 pounds of pressure.


Rottweilers are found to be naturally aggressive towards both humans and other animals.

Rottweilers are found to be naturally aggressive towards both humans and other animals

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Fatal Attacks

In a study undertaken by AVMA, it was recorded that about 50% of all Rottweilers and Pitbull attacks led to fatalities in the US between 1979to 1998.  Most of the victims were children making it very scary for many families.

With all the above information, it is evident that there is a predisposition to aggression in the Rottweiler breed. It is also one of the dangerous dogs to be attacked by.

But, Not All Rottweilers Are Aggressive By Nature?

Even with all the research released, it is not right to term every Rottweiler dog as aggressive; this is not true.  There are plenty of families out there that have never had a problem with their Rottie being aggressive.

Every dog can get aggressive depending on various factors – their upbringing, level of socialization and training, or circumstances that lead to aggression.

Can Rottweilers That Are Aggressive By Nature Pass On To Their Offspring?

Yes, aggression, along with other opposing Rottweiler temperaments, can be passed down through lines of dogs.  For example, if Rottweiler’s parents are aggressive, there is a higher risk the puppy could develop aggression.

To ensure aggression doesn’t become in a Rottweiler puppy, there are a few things you can do.

  • Purchase the puppy from a trusted and responsible breeder who is reputable and trusted.
  • Ask to see their parents gauge their Temperaments.
  • Do not purchase any puppy that shows any aggressive or overly guarded nature within them.

Are Rottweilers Good With Other Dogs?

While these dogs are naturally distrustful of strange dogs, they can learn to be calm and accept other dogs, and even indulge in good playtime with excellent training.

Socialization is critical to ensure your Rottweiler does not engage in aggressive behavior with other dogs.

How To Keep Your Rottweilers Aggressive Nature Positive

As the owner of the Rottweiler, it is your work to train and teach them good and positive behavior.  They need your guidance and a learning schedule to keep them in line.

If your Rottweiler shows signs of aggressive and hostile behavior, you must teach them how to control their temper.  This is not an easy task, but this breed is good at obeying instructions and will mostly do whatever you teach them to do.

If you teach your Rottie to be aggressive and angry, it will be angry and bold, but if you lead them to be gentle and kind, they will gladly follow your guidance and be a darling around your loved ones.

Regular Exercise

Proper exercise is an integral part of keeping your Rottie’s aggressive nature neutral.  This breed has plenty of energy and can suffer from boredom and depression just like people do.  Give your Rottweiler a consistent exercise program they can follow and stay consistent too with the program.  This will cultivate discipline and obedience in your dog.  Provide your dog with plenty of toys to play with and give them positive attention, directing all the negative energy away.

Socialization Is Critical

Another critical step to help decrease the chances of aggression is to socialize the dog effectively.  Introduce your dog to others when it’s still young to allow enough interaction before it grows up.

Avoid Rough Play With Your Dog

Rough play only makes your dog overly aggressive.  While it may be fun to start with, it may encourage aggressive behavior and stubbornness.

Do Not Leave Your Rottie With Kids Or Other Pets Unsupervised

Due to the concerns with aggression, do not leave the kids or other pets with your Rottweiler unsupervised.  This is because; they may irritate the Rottie and cause it to be aggressive.


Due to Rottweiler’s concern with aggression, it is advisable not to leave your dog unattended for a long time.  Locking it up alone for an extended period makes it irritable and can be aggressive.

Rotties are great dogs when allowed to socialize with other dogs and people from a tender age.  Denying this privilege is a recipe for aggression.  Ensure that you include daily exercises and training and keep them consistently.

Finally, this breed is not advisable to first-time breeders as it can challenge them too much and lose control.  If you must adopt it as your first dog, you need to learn how to train it to professionally eliminate any chances of aggression.

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