At What Age Do Rottweilers Become Protective?

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Rottweilers are an incredibly intelligent breed, and make excellent family pets. However, they do have some unique behaviors to watch out for in order to avoid problems with your new furry friend. The age at which rottweilers become protective is a good indicator of how well-socialized they will be as adults.

Rottweilers are known to be protective of their owners, but when and how does this happen? This article will discuss the age at which rottweilers become protective. Read more in detail here: are rottweilers protective of their owners.


What dogs will naturally protect you?

A: This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many different breeds of dogs. Some breeds that have been known to be protective include the Great Dane, Doberman Pinscher, and Rottweiler.


How can I train my Rottweiler to protect me?

A: Rottweilers are very loyal to their owners and will protect them from any threat. However, they can be difficult to train in some areas such as obedience. If youre interested in training your dog, contact a professional trainer who specializes in that area of the canine world.


Rottweilers become protective around the age of two and can be aggressive at any time. Reference: rottweiler aggressive?.

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