A Definitive Guide to the Average Lifespan of Rottweilers

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Even if we want to be forever furry friends with our beloved pets, knowing the average lifespan of Rottweilers will prepare us for the worse.

Doggy years always feel like a brief moment of a human lifespan, but they always hold a lifetime of memories. As pet owners, it’s important to make sure to make the most of the lives of our favorite furry friends. It is also important to be aware of any pain that our dogs may have and to think about the quality of their life.

So, how old do Rottweilers live? These playful, adventurous, and brave dogs have a larger-than-life wonderful attitude. This article explains how long and why they have their typical life expectancy.

What is the Average Lifespan of Rottweilers?

What is the life expectancy of a Rottweiler? On average, Rottweilers have a lifespan of 9 to 10 human years.

It is also interesting to note that male Rottweilers tend to have shorter lifespans than their female counterparts. The fact that they are heavier-set and have more aggressive behaviors may have an effect on this statistic.

This statistic is considered shorter than a lot of other breeds. Compare this to the Dogue de Bordeaux who lives from 5 to 8 human years and the Chihuahua that can live up to 17 years. Larger dogs do have a tendency to have shorter life spans because they tend to age quickly. Their bodies tend to deteriorate at a faster rate, affecting their life span as a whole.

What Factors Affect the Average Lifespan of Rottweilers?

This range is what has been observed to be the standard for the average lifespan of a Rottweiler. Of course, there are other factors that will shorten or lengthen this range accordingly.


Dog obesity is a big issue these days. It seems like dogs and humans have progressed into the same health issues. Despite being an active dog, Rottweilers are known to suffer from obesity.

A good dog diet is one that is balanced and nutritious. Many pet owners do not take the time to understand the quality and the quantity of food that is needed by their pets. As a result, some dogs eat too much food or do not eat enough nutrients.


Rottweilers are generally athletic and active dogs. However, like most dogs that have receded into old age, they also have the tendency to get lazy. Their behavior may still be energetic at times, but they will prefer hanging around instead of getting up and going for a run.

Another side of intense physical activity for dogs is the strain it impacts on their bodies. This is especially true for their hard-working joints. When they have been stressed from their days of youth, the lasting effect in their later years could affect their life span.

Of course, yet another side to this is the danger that the dog is exposed to on a regular basis! If dogs are allowed to roam busy streets, there is a risk of a vehicular accident or even abuse from strangers. There are still many places that are not as friendly for dogs, and owners should take care to shield them from possible accidents.


Many dogs are predisposed to a number of issues. This is true for purebreds and mixed breeds alike. You can see that a lot of small breeds and large breeds share similar issues within their group.

A large number of these observed diseases are hereditary or passed on from generation to generation. That is why mixed breeds are at times observed to live longer – their gene pool is much wider than a purebred. However, mixed breeds can also come with other problems.

What are Common Health Problems of Rottweilers?

According to the ADRK, the German club dedicated to the breeding of Rottweilers, one of the most common deadly diseases in the breed is hip dysplasia. 

Hip dysplasia is a common disorder in large dog breeds. It is a skeletal condition where the ball and socket joints of the dog’s hips do not fit correctly and causes a lot of friction and deterioration through years of use. It is a hereditary disease that can be exacerbated by intense exercise that requires hip movement and generally poor nutrition.

Elbow dysplasia is also being seen as a common disorder in Rottweilers. This causes difficulties in the use of their limbs. Osteoarthritis is caused by other underlying diseases.

According to the Harlingen Veterinary Clinic, Rottweilers are exposed to dental diseases, infections, obesity, parasites, bloating, neurological problems, lymphoma, cataracts, and heart, bowel, and kidney disease, among others.

To address these concerns, many people turn to regular veterinarian checks.

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What are Common Causes of Death in Rottweilers?

What is the life expectancy of a Rottweiler, and why is it that short? Here are some of the common reasons why Rottweilers are not able to live that long.

According to a study done in the UK in 2017, Rottweilers are predisposed to a number of disorders. The study revealed that Rottweilers suffered from the following disorder groups: musculoskeletal, dermatological, gastro-intestinal, undesirable behavior, and neoplasia.

Common Disorders Affecting Average Lifespan of Rottweilers

The researchers also came up with three groups of common causes of death in 5,321 Rottweilers studied.


This cause makes up 33% of the cases. Some common ones include neoplasia, osteosarcoma (bone cancer), and lymphoma (white blood cell cancer). Cancer is very common in dogs, and it’s no different for Rottweilers.

Inability to Stand

This cause makes up 16% of the cases. This is connected to the bone and joint disorders that are common in Rottweilers. Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, intervertebral diseases, and others contribute to this inability to stand. This is a sudden warning sign of something more serious, and should never be ignored by the owner.

Mass-associated Disorder

This cause makes up 7.1% of the cases. Obesity might not be an obvious sign of unhealthy dogs, but ignoring it can be fatal for your pets.

Do you want to help your Rottweiler live a longer life? What are some of the issues you are seeing in your Rottweiler today? Let us know in the comments below.

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