Bernese Mountain Dog and Rottweiler Mix Puppy

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Even though they’re often hard to find, the Bernese Mountain Dog and Rottweiler Mix puppy is getting more and more popular. This crossbreed, originating in the Swiss Alps, is becoming popular around the world. Currently, there are rising numbers of breeders of this breed. In this article, we’ll inspect this breed closely and learn exactly what the Bernese Rottie is!

About The Bernese Mountain Dog and Rottweiler Mix

At this point in time, we don’t know too much about this species. The reason for this is its age! This is a relatively new breed of dog, and it’s a mix of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Rottweiler. The original intention of the original breeders was to create a strong, powerful working dog that’s also more suitable for colder conditions!


The Bernese Rottie, therefore, has much longer hair than the German Rottweiler. Even though they mostly look like Rottweilers, there are a few exceptional differences. Instead of only being black and tan like regular Rottweilers, you’ll also find these dogs with a tricolor scheme – black, white, and tan!

Regarding their size, they’re very similar to Rottweilers – they usually won’t grow to be taller than 28 inches and they’ll rarely weigh more than 130 pounds. This makes them large dogs, which can make them difficult to handle, especially during walks.

Grooming-wise, you’re going to have your hands full with these dogs. They’re essentially long-haired, thick-coated Rottweilers and they need regular grooming. It’s best to brush their coat at least once a week, and even more than that during shedding season. Given that they prefer spending most of their time outside, you shouldn’t bathe them more than once a month. They’re going to roll around the ground very quickly either way.

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Rottweiler Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Lifespan and Health

The expected lifespan for this breed is 6 to 10 years, but it’s possible for a dog to live even longer. These animals are very enduring, and they’re a relatively young breed. Because of this, we don’t know too much about them.

They are, however, very intelligent and energetic. This means that they need daily exercise. You should devote at least 45 minutes to walking every day, and that’s the bare minimum.

Given their size, they need a lot of food. Expect them to need at least 5 cups of food each day, and it’d be best for that food to be high quality! Instead of feeding them just once a day, it’d be best to spread the food throughout the day. Their metabolisms are incredibly fast!

Even though this specific breed doesn’t have any breed-specific illnesses yet, it’s not uncommon for them to inherit illnesses from their parents. Both of their parent breeds can develop problems with joints. This is common with large dogs and it can lead to arthritis! Bernese Mountain Dogs are also genetically predisposed to develop cancer, and that’s another thing to keep in mind.

Lastly, we’d like to point out that their appearance can vary from dog to dog. A fully grown Rottweiler Bernese Mountain Dog mix can take after either parent. Some are more similar to Rottweilers, while others are more similar to Bernese Mountain Dogs!

Training and Behavior

Rottweilers are well known for being trainable, so it isn’t odd that this breed follows that path. This mix is relatively easy to train! They’re inquisitive by nature and they basically have a need for training. However, they’re not exactly recommended for just any owner. They’re large in size and controlling them can be difficult if you aren’t experienced.

This breed is, however, very intelligent and people-oriented. They don’t have trouble socializing and they’re very good protectors. The Bernese Rottie can also socialize with children, strangers, and other dogs.

To elaborate more on the training – this crossbreed responds very well to positive training techniques. This is not only important because you want them to be obedient, though! Training your dog properly will only boost its cognitive capabilities. Also, combining training with exercise can ensure that you strike two birds with a single stone!

Living Habits

As you can expect, this is not an indoor dog, and there are several reasons behind this. Firstly, they shed a lot – both the Rottweiler and the Bernese Mountain Dog shed heavily. This means that they’re going to be leaving hair everywhere around your home. This is why most owners keep them outside.

Secondly, taking into account the fact that they’re such an active and a large breed, they prefer spending their time outside. If you have a big yard where they can run and chase birds, then this dog can certainly fit into your life. However, we can’t recommend purchasing this crossbreed if you live in an apartment or if you insist on keeping your dog inside.

They won’t feel comfortable being closed all the time and that’s going to cause anxiety!

Rottweiler Bernese Mountain Dog Price

An important fact to keep in mind regarding these dogs is that they’re not easy to find. That’s why they can cost between $1000 and $1500, but sometimes even more. This depends wildly on the breeder, location, and quality of the bloodline itself. There are many breeders that have already bred generations of Bernese Rotties, already developing a strong reputation.

Among hybrids, even though they’re gaining some traction, these dogs aren’t that popular. That’s why, when you’re looking for a dog, try to find a reputable breeder. If you have that option, certainly try to find an owner who can recommend a breeder!

In conclusion, the Bernese Rottie is a beautiful dog breed! They’re large, strong, enduring, and intelligent. These dogs require a lot of exercise and training, but in return, they’ll provide love and protection. They’re very sociable, so spending time with other people and dogs won’t be a problem for them. A home with a large yard would be ideal for them, as they require a lot of space!

A Bernese Mountain Dog and Rottweiler mix puppy can cost between $1000 and $1500, depending on the breeder, as they can be hard to find. We certainly recommend consulting with an experienced breeder before buying!

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