Three Best Chew Toys For Rottweiler Puppies

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Chew toys are very important for tooth development and cleaning, especially with young dogs, and the best chew toys for Rottweiler puppies is what we’re after in today’s article. If you want your dog to keep their teeth healthy and make sure that they grow properly, chew toys are a must. In today’s article, we’ll be learning exactly why they’re important and we’ll be listing the best chew toys you can find online.

Why Are Chew Toys Important?

The most important benefit of chew toys is the fortification of dental health. There are plenty of chew toys, some of which we’ll see later, that are designed to clean your dog’s teeth and gums. Unlike humans, dogs don’t really brush their teeth and they mostly don’t like their owners forcing a toothbrush in their mouth.

That’s why many chew toys are designed with bristles which will scrape away at the tartar buildup in their mouth. Tartar is essentially food remains that get stuck in your dog’s mouth and that need to be cleaned.

Secondly, they help with teething. Your dog’s teeth will develop for quite a while, and actively chewing will help their teeth grow. This is why dogs love to nibble on something all the time – and if you don’t give them a toy that they can nibble on, they’ll definitely find something else to chew (for example, your shoes).

Chew toys are also much safer than bones. Even though dogs are naturally attracted to bones, they can easily break off a part of bone and that small chunk can get stuck in their throat or in their bowels – which is potentially dangerous if they can’t pass it. Cooked bones are very dangerous for dogs for this exact reason and vets don’t recommend them.

Mental Benefits

There are two important mental benefits to chewing on something. Firstly, your dog will find a sense of relief in chewing – this is purely instinctual. This can be especially helpful for dogs that have abandonment issues and don’t like spending time away from their owners. Since it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to spend the entire day with your dog, your pup can nibble on its chew toys while you’re at work.

The second benefit is that chew toys keep dogs occupied, which is very important during their development phase. Just like little children, dogs need a lot of attention, but that’s impossible because of your obligations. Giving them toys that will allow them to play on their own is a great way to entertain your dog even when you’re not around.

This will also teach your dog to be independent and less reliant on you.

Three Best Chew Toys For Rottweiler Puppies

Carllg Interactive Corn Toy

This toy was designed to look like corn, and that includes the ridges that will get right between your dog’s teeth and clean all the tartare. It’s made from TPR, a material resistant to biting and tearing, which ensures the longevity of this toy. It’s also a squeaky toy so that interaction is bound to draw your dog to it.

There’s also a rope that you can use to play tug of war with your dog, but it’s also something your dog can chew on. Because the ridges of the corn are zigzag-shaped, it can pet your dog’s calculus both horizontally and vertically.

ENZO 3-Pack Toys for Teething Puppies

Another set of toys made from TPR, which is essentially rubber, these elastic toys are made to last and they won’t hurt your dog’s mouth. They’re made for dogs that are less than a year old and still teething. They come in three shapes – donuts, dumbbells, and peas.

The donut is a squeaky toy, which is usually a guarantee for interaction. Peas have very bumpy thorns that are probably the best out of the three for teeth cleaning. The dumbbell is probably the favorite of most dogs because of the way it perfectly fits into their mouths.

GoCheerTail Flavored Toy

This toy is made from two parts – A teeth cleaning part in the middle with ridges made to get into every crevice of your dog’s mouth, and a nylon bone that has the flavor of beef. Because of this flavor, it’s bound to attract your dog constantly.

The best part of this toy is the hole in the cleaning portion, where you can apply dog toothpaste and have them brush their own teeth!

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To Sum Up

Rottweilers are big on chewing and they definitely need to chew toys as puppies if they’re going to develop a healthy dental system. Chew toys should be made from rubber, not from plastic, which isn’t as nearly as safe. There are chew toys with bristles that essentially brush your dog’s teeth – these are the best chewing toys.

Chewing toys will remove tartar from your dog’s mouth and help them develop their teeth when they’re teething!