Three Best Training Collars For Rottweilers

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Training collars can be very useful tools when it comes to disciplining your dog, but what are the best training collars for Rottweilers? In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into training collars, learning how they work, finding the pros and cons of using them, deciding whether your pup could benefit from a training collar, and forming a list of the best training collars out there!

How Do Training Collars Work?

Training collars are also known as “shock collars”, as they deliver a small electric shock to your dog. Even though that might sound terrible at first, know that you can set the strength of the shock. Most owners don’t want their dogs to feel pain, so they set the power very low. This way, it only causes some discomfort, not the pain of an electric shock.

There are different training collars out there that function on different mechanisms. For example, manual training collars are the ones you activate yourself. The intention of these collars is to stop your dog from misbehaving!

There are also training collars which work with a sensor. For example, you don’t want your dog to come into the bedroom. All you have to do is put the collar on your dog and place the sensor in the bedroom. If your dog enters the room, the collar will recognize the sensor and deliver the shock. These collars are very useful if you’re trying to restrict your dog’s movement.

The unpleasant feeling of receiving an electrical shock will, with time, teach the dog that they should stop doing whatever they’re doing. What’s good about this is that with time, your dog won’t need the shock collar anymore. It will automatically expect a slight electric shock when it, for example, enter the bedroom, so it will stop doing that.

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Pros and Cons Of Using A Training Collar

Even though they can be very useful tools, it’s important to know all the positives and the negatives before deciding to start using shock collars!

Possible Health Issues

It’s very important to take your Rottweiler for a checkup before you put the collar on. If your dog is healthy, then you shouldn’t expect any problems with the collar. However, if your dog suffers from cardiovascular or neurological problems, it’s very possible that the electric shocks, no matter how slight and weak they may be, will damage your dog’s health even more.

If your vet says that using a training collar is dangerous, then it definitely is and you shouldn’t be using one!

A Training Collar Is The Last Resource

Most dog trainers will recommend using Rottie training collars as the absolute last measure. You should only consider this if all other attempts at training your dog have failed. It’s always better to train your dog with positive reinforcement, rather than negative reinforcement. This is why taking your dog to a dog trainer is a much better option than using a training collar.

If your dog trainer recommends that you use the training collar, then you should definitely listen to them. But we definitely recommend that you work with a dog trainer before opting for a training collar!

Useful For Problem Behavior

However, if you simply can’t teach your dog to stay away from something or not to do something, shock collars have proven to be very effective in this area. That’s why it’s best to only use them for problematic dog behavior. For example, your dog won’t stop biting the couch. This is a very good example of behavior that you should be aiming to stop with the training collar.

In contrast, the training collar isn’t that useful if you want to teach your dog the commands: sit, roll over, stay, fetch, etc.

Three Best Training Collars For Rottweilers

1. PetSpy P620 Training Collar 

This training collar has absolutely everything you could need. Rottweiler dog collars need to be strong and durable, and that’s exactly what this collar is. It has three modes – tone mode, vibration mode, and shock mode. This means that you don’t have to necessarily shock your dog – you can send sound and vibration signals too!

You can change the strength level from 1 to 16, while this collar should comfortably fit any dog up to 140 pounds! The range of it is over 600 yards, and it’s completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your dog suffering a shock just because it got wet!

2. INVIROX Dog Training Collar

The next entry on our Rottie collars list is the INVIROX training collar! The most impressive thing about this collar is the range! Your dog can freely run up to 1000 yards away from you, and you’ll still be able to send a signal! It’s also waterproof, just like our previous entry, and it has a security lock on the transmitter so you don’t accidentally shock your dog from your pocket!

Shock levels range from 1 to 99, ensuring that you can adjust the stimulation to a desirable level.

3. PetSpy M686 Training Collar

The last entry on our list is a more robust and professional training collar. This training collar has so many features, it’s no wonder it’s mostly used by professionals. It has four modes – 1-second shock, continuous shock, vibration, and a beeper. The modes have eight levels! It’s completely waterproof, while it’s also ranged up to 1100 yards.

This collar is mostly used by professional dog trainers and that’s the reason why the manufacturer recommends it for professionals and experienced owners!

In conclusion, a training collar can be a very useful tool if you’re trying to discipline your Rottweiler. However, you should only use it as a last measure. You should also never use it if your dog is sick or if you haven’t tried to train it with positive reinforcement. A training collar is more or less useless when it comes to commands like “fetch” or “sit”. Instead, it’s useful for stopping your dog from unwanted behavior. Despite that, we still recommend that you talk to your vet and visit a dog trainer before your purchase a training collar!

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