Boxer Mixed With Rottweiler

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A boxer mixed with Rottweiler results in a unique breed known as the Boxweiler, an excellent family dog you would love.

A Boxweiler is strong and sturdy in build with a personality that matches both parents – playful and protective. They make good dogs for pet lovers who can give them firm training and enough attention.

Active families with older children are the best for this dog breed.  They love to run around playing fetch, accompany you for your run or walk, etc.  The boxer and Rottweiler mix is a medium to the large-sized dog breed that could weigh up to 55 to 110 pounds.

These are made for yards and outdoor living with lots of activities that keep them. They carry too much energy for someone living in an apartment. This dog needs a firm experienced owner who is a leader to train, discipline, and exercise it throughout its puppy and adult life.

Let’s look at the origin of this breed and what characteristics the Rottie boxer puppies carry.

Boxer Origin

The boxer has a distinctive short muzzle and a broadhead.  It originated from Germany bred for dogfights and herding.  Boxers have strong bite and iron jaws that bite hard without letting go.

This is a strong dog that needs plenty of exercise and some reinforcement of the rules while still young.  It requires little grooming, at least 15 to 20 minutes of daily exercise, and a yard to run around.

The Rottweiler

This breed has been well known for many years, in Roman before it moved to Germany!  It was reared for herding, guarding money, and pulling meat carts.

They were loved for their intelligence and skills.  This breed gained popularity back in the olden days to date.  When herding and cart pulling faded out of the market, these dogs were still kept for their loyalty in guarding people.

Today, they are commonly used by the police and the army due to their discipline and intelligence.  It ranks number 8 in the AKC ranking, which is admirable.

The Boxer mixed with Rottweiler – Appearance

The Boxweiler is a large dog weighing about 80 to 110 pounds with a height of about 21 to 27 inches to the shoulder.

The Rottie boxer mix puppies are gentle but cute dogs that love being around family members both indoors and outdoors.  They are very active dogs with sturdy and robust bodies requiring plenty of space to run around.  Each puppy looks different depending on what trait each puppy borrows from the parent.

This dog can have a large, square head with a stocky, muscular body inherited from the Rottie or a lean body.  It could also take both the parents’ traits.  Even in a single litter, the puppies can look very different, each inheriting another aspect from each dog.

 boxer and rottweiler mix

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Boxweiler Characteristics and personality

This hybrid breed is a large dog with a robust and muscular body and can be aggressive if left on its own.  It is a healthy and happy dog with an average lifespan of 8 to 13 years.

Boxweilers are known to be very loving and loyal to their owners and have lively personalities.  They love running around and playing games like fetch with their owners or kids.  Despite their high energy, they are affectionate and love to cuddle indoors with their owners.

They make excellent guard dogs and enjoy protecting their loved ones.  They will bark or alert their owners at the first sign of trouble or when a stranger approaching the door.

To get rid of unwanted bad habits, these dogs require training from an early age.  They can be stubborn at times and can use their intelligence to challenge your leadership or training skills.

This dog is suitable for both small and large families with large homes, not small apartments.  It loves to cuddle on the sofa as well as run around in the yard.

Boxer mixed with Rottweiler – Temperament

This is an active, happy dog, full of energy, brilliant and loyal. They are very friendly to the family members. However, they could get quite protective and keep a close eye on strangers.

They are working dogs that enjoy some movement around the yard, garden, or hiking the trail.  This dog loves to walk around with the owner as a loyal dog fulfilling its duty to guard those it loves.

This dog also enjoys human interaction, love, and affection.  They are moderately dependent and do not mind being left alone for a little while.  However, when let alone for long, they develop separation anxiety.

Boxweilers are an excellent company with other dogs as long as they have been socialized from a young age.  They are great with kids, but they must have been trained and socialized early enough.  If not, they can hurt children and other animals.

Grooming care

Boxweilers are moderate shedders and can be brushed 2 to 3 times each week. This breed requires moderate grooming to keep its rough coat in great shape without exposing it to the dangers of drying up.

Its short coat tends to stay relatively clean due to its self-grooming habits, but you still need to give it regular baths at least once or twice a month.

Exercise Needs

The boxer mixed with Rottweiler is a product of 2 highly energetic dog breeds, so it’s no surprise that this breed will have severe energy levels.

You need to walk your dog at least 2 times each day and have a fence that keeps it within your compound.  This breed enjoys playing with other dogs as long as they are not aggressive. If you don’t provide it with proper training and exercise, it tends to grow overweight quickly.

It’s critical to monitor your dog’s weight and either increase or decrease the amount of food you provide.


Every breed requires the right type and amount of food, care, exercise, and training to keep it in its best health.

This breed is no exception; instead, it requires good maintenance if you choose to adopt it.

We have outlined all you need to learn about this breed; we hope to hear from you if you are keeping this breed.

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