How Smart Are Rottweilers: Jobs They Can Do

How Smart Are Rottweilers Jobs They Can Do

When it comes to the ranking of the world’s smartest canines, how smart are Rottweilers? We know that the breed is capable, but how does the Rottie compare? Dog intelligence is a widely debated topic because it is not something that you can easily quantify. Having an IQ test for dogs is a bit difficult … Read more

Dogs Similar To Rottweilers: A Definitive List

Dogs Similar To Rottweilers A Definitive List

If you’re building up a furry family at home, you might be looking for dogs similar to Rottweilers. There are some breeds that may be right up your alley! Perhaps there are various reasons you’re not able to have a Rottweiler in your family. Maybe you’re only a beginner when it comes to dogs and … Read more

How Much Do Rottweilers Cost: A Complete Guide

How Much Do Rottweilers Cost A Complete Guide

Typically, how much do rottweilers cost? Different dog breeds come at a variety of prices and budgets. Every country also has its own pet markets. However, as a general rule, Rottweilers are a premium breed, with a bunch of other expenses attached to owning and caring for one. The Rottweiler’s purchase price is one thing, … Read more

A Definitive Guide to the Average Lifespan of Rottweilers

A Definitive Guide to the Average Lifespan of Rottweilers

Even if we want to be forever furry friends with our beloved pets, knowing the average lifespan of Rottweilers will prepare us for the worse. Doggy years always feel like a brief moment of a human lifespan, but they always hold a lifetime of memories. As pet owners, it’s important to make sure to make … Read more

The Average Weight of Rottweilers for Different Sex and Age

The Average Weight of Rottweilers for Different Sex and Age

Hefty and healthy or dangerously overweight? You must know the average weight of Rottweilers to know the difference and make the recommended adjustments. Weight is one of the most important and obvious indicators of pet health. With pet obesity on the rise, it’s up to owners to take charge of the situation. Pet owners should … Read more

Male vs Female Rottweilers: A Would-Be Dog Owner’s Guide

Male vs Female Rottweilers-A Would-Be Dog Owner's Guide

A rich, lustrous black coat and a confident, playful, and sometimes silly attitude – will it be hard to choose between male vs female rottweilers? When choosing between the two options, there are significant differences that you have to consider before making your final decision. However, many people also forget that you need to think … Read more

What Types of Rottweilers are There? A Definitive Guide

What Types of Rottweilers are There A Definitive Guide

How many and what types of Rottweilers are there? If you are a big fan of the burly but playful breed, then this is essential knowledge for you.  The Federation Cynologique International (FCI) considers the Rottweiler as one of the oldest breeds in the world. You can imagine that they have evolved a lot in … Read more

Why are Rottweiler Tails Docked? You Might Be Surprised

Why are Rottweiler Tails Docked You Might Be Surprised

The strong and proud Rottweiler turns around confidently and reveals – a short tail? Why are Rottweiler tails docked? Learn the reasons behind the practice. These shortened tails can be seen often – for good and bad reasons. Playful dogs wear their heart on their sleeve by wagging their tails. It’s so cute to see … Read more