Corgi Mixed With Rottweiler – The Unique Dog

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A Corgi mixed with Rottweiler is a unique and exciting hybrid dog known as Rottgi that could be gaining popularity in today’s world of pets.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Rottweiler are famous dogs that have been mixed in many dog mixes. The Rottweiler corgi mix brings together a unique, lovable, and affectionate personality of the corgi with the toughness of the Rottweiler.

This breed takes after the self-dependency of the Rottweiler and the cute looks of the corgi, making it a unique breed that steals many hearts.

Though smaller in body size, this dog breed is alert, protective, and serves excellently as a guard dog.

With all the many exciting dog mixes, the corgi rottweiler mix is one beautiful designer dog you should be considering.

There is so much to learn about this breed, and we will dive straight into getting to know it, starting with its parents.

Corgi Mixed With Rottweiler – The Parents

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Corgi originated from Belgium, traditionally known as the old country of Flanders.  Around the year 1107, Master Flemish took this dog breed with him to Britain after being invited by the king of Britain to relocate there.

The rest, as they say, it is history as this dog found its way across the world, America being one of these countries. This dog was kept due to its beauty.

Welsh Corgi Dog Puppy

The Rottweiler Origin

The Rottweiler traces its origin to the Roman Empire and later found its way to Germany, reared as a guard dog.

In modern days, most families keep Rottweilers as pets and use them as search and rescue dogs by the military and the police.  They are also used as guide dogs for the blind because of their intelligence.

guide dogs for the blind

The Corgi Rottweiler Mix – Physical Characteristics

The corgi mixed with Rottweiler has a double coat and very notable floppy ears.  Its eyes are somewhat black or brown, and its nose is black.  This mixed breed inherits the short stubby legs of the corgi.

Its coat is coarse and can be medium in length or longer, ranging from black, red, and fawn.  Amusingly, the coat is waterproof and gives this dog an impressive resilience to tough weather conditions.

This dog breed grows to 10-27 inches, ranging between 22 to 135 pounds.  The weight depends on the parent breed that has taken dominance in the dog’s dog’s genetic composition.

It has a thick muscular body with bigger paws, or sometimes small paws.

 rottweiler corgi mix

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Corgi Mixed With Rottweiler – Its Temperament

The Rottgi has an enviable blend of affection of the corgi and the aggression of the Rottie. It is also brilliant, considering both parents have the same intelligence capacity and are some of the smartest dogs in the world.

It is energetic and enthusiastic, loves to be the center of attention, and enjoys receiving love and lots of snuggles from its owners. This dog does not enjoy being alone, as it is prone to separation anxiety causing it to behave badly.

It requires early training and socialization skills as a puppy to grow up knowing who its leader is.

Its Exercise Needs

Corgi mixed with Rottweiler is an energetic dog that loves a good amount of exercise daily. However, due to its short stubby legs, it tends to tire quickly from intense workouts.

You can exercise your Rottgi for at least 45 minutes every day with breaks in between so that you don’t excessively tire it out at once.

Your Rottgi will go with you for a walk to see those beautiful trails in your area or hike together for a short distance.  Your dog will love to play fetch with you; freesbies are always great for any dog breed.

Corgi Mixed With Rottweiler – Feeding

corgi Rottweiler mix puppies grow rather quickly; therefore, they need an ample supply of food.  Feed your dog breed at least 2 times every day and 4 times a day for puppies.

Ensure that the food is in small portions so that its easier for your dog to digest them. Provide a consistent amount of energy each day to help your dog remain active.

The diet plan for this dog must contain a healthy dose of protein – fish or chicken is best.  Healthy fats like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also excellent to enhance the health of its skin and coat.  Add the DHA components that enhances the celebral aptitude of your dog and its eyesight.

Every meal you provide should have at least 24 to 40% of protein and 14 to 24% fat.

Its Grooming Needs

This hybrid dog sheds its hair twice in a year when it blows its coat, and at other times, sheds uniformly across the year.

The Rottgi has two layers of coat – the top and undercoat.  The undercoat is softer and thicker, while the topcoat is wiry or rougher also known as the guard hair. The undercoat gives the Rottweiler Corgi mix the thermal protection to survive colder months as the winter bites.  The topcoat is essential in helping this dog breed resist the permeation of moisture. It keeps it clean and protects it from the possible UV damage of direct sunlight.

When summer is approaching, your dog will blow its coat to shed excess undercoat it has developed during the cold winter months so it can be in good condition to enjoy the summer heat.

For your grooming, you can brush it every day using a smooth brush and long strokes to get off the dead hair of the undercoat. Sometimes, your dog gets uncomfortable with regular brushing; in such cases, do it every other day. You can also help it love grooming by giving small treats when it submits to grooming.

Use a dedicated dog shampoo when bathing it to remove all the dirt from its long hair.  Use a drier to dry off the water from its coat for a complete clean look.

Take Home

Though Corgi mixed with Rottweiler is not common in many homes as pets, it is a unique dog to think about and maybe adopt.  And while at it have fun raising your pups.

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