Major Differences Between AKC and CKC

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As a new dog owner, do you understand the differences between AKC and CKC, and which of them gives the best services for the breed you want?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) and Continental Kennel Club (CKC) are the two of the most prominent clubs responsible for registering dog breeds worldwide.

The AKC is one of the oldest dog registration clubs going back to the 1880s.  The CKC is much younger established in 1991.  Dogs were the first pets to exist as pets since time immemorial.

They were kept as pets for various reasons but mainly their attitudes towards their master and helping in activities like guarding and hunting.  These activities made them stand out above all the other pet animals.

The AKC and CKC are the two leading dog registration clubs that give an account of approximate breeds they recognize.  Both clubs provide strict standards even though they are pretty different from each other.

In this article, we will discuss what each club stands for and its unique differences.

What Is The American Kennel Club – AKC?

AKC is a dog registration club founded in the 1880s.  It was the first of its kind and for a long time, thus the popularity.  AKC did not face competition until the 1990s when the CKC was formed.

This club is famous for its strict registration policies that govern the breeding of dogs.  They do not allow inbreeding even if a dog is registered with them.  If they realize that the policies of a certain breed are not being followed, they are quick to suspend its registration.

The AKC mixed breed registration is a No, and all its members understand that. Due to their strict registration policies, they have only 150 recognized breeds registered. They only register pure breeds and ensure this is done the right way by conducting constant DNA checks.

The American Kennel Club only allows breeding between registered AKC parents. This is a strict criterion that they follow to recognize a new dog breed.  They also keenly monitor the cleanliness of the kennels and the dog’s DNA.

The pricing plans for registering with the AKC are different from the CKC.  They charge both for litters and the canines, unlike CKC that does not.

What Is The Continental Kennel Club – CKC?

The Continental Kennel Club is a dog registration club.  Only a mother should be registered as a member of CKC, while the father can have a certificate from any other organization recognized by this club.

Founded in 1991, it has a large number of recognized breeds, approximately 450 breeds, and they allow registration for both mixed and pure breeds.  It is popularly known as the American Dog Factory attracting more dog breeders due to its lenient standards and increased facilities.

It is one of the biggest AKC competitors that allows inbreeding; they have faced backlash for saying they don’t care about the quality of the breed.  These lenient measures have led to concerns from owners on mixing their dogs.

For registration, the CKC requires 3 photos and a signature for proof of a new breed.  This is essential for owners to be able to recognize and retrieve their dogs.

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The Differences Between AKC and CKC

The differences in AKC and CKC are evident even if these two clubs undertake the same work.

Comparison Parameters



Full name American Kennel Club Continental Kennel Club
Established Since the 1880s In 1991
Registered breeds 150 pure breeds 450 dog breeds
Charges For registration of canines and litters For registration of canines only
Fees Their fees are higher Their fees are low as they charge for canines only
Parents Both parents must be registered Only the mother needs to be registered
Breeding They only registered pure breeds and does not allow inbreeding They register both pure and mixed breeds and allow inbreeding
Breeding parents Both parents must be a pure breed The mother is the only registered one; the father can be of a mixed breed
Rules The rules are very stringent to avoid inbreeding, therefore have parents of pure breeds only. The rules are lenient and do not follow the closed registry policies

Which Is Better AKC Or CKC?

Having seen the various differences between AKC and CKC it is evident that one is more strict than the other.  As a breeder, it is essential to do your research well before registering with any of the clubs.

Weigh both pros and cons of both clubs keenly before you choose where to register your dog.  Remember everything, no matter how good it is, has its pros and cons – the secret is to choose the one with the most pros and fewer cons.

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Can A CKC Dog Be Registered In AKC?

The AKC has very stringent rules and to be able to fit within their registration takes a lot of discipline from the breeder.  You must be willing to allow your dog to go through a DNA test to verify the purity of its breed.

If you are all about 100% pure breeds, you can be, registered by both clubs.  However, you must ask both companies for their consent to be registered with the other club.

Final Thoughts

These furry friends are a man’s best friend and this is not going to change any time soon.  Currently, more and more dog registration clubs are coming up with most helping with dog breeding.

The AKC and CKC are the most prominent ones and require strict adherence to their standards and specific rules for dog owners before registration.  Most people who have not been able to keep up with the AKC rules have registered with the CKC and vice versa.

Overall, there is a place for every breeder in these registration clubs. Though the differences in AKC and CKC are evident, each breeder can find a place to belong in these clubs.

So whether you are all about pure breeds or mixed ones, both have a place and can be registered in America in these prominent dog breeding and registration clubs.

Is your dog breed CKC or AKC registered? Please share with us your experience in the comments.  It could enlighten us and a million others out here.

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