Do Rottweilers Like Cats?

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If you already own a cat and you’re looking to get a Rottweiler, it’s important to know do Rottweilers like cats. Even though most people assume that dogs dislike cats by instinct, it’s possible to teach your dog to get along with your cat. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at Rottweilers and their relationships with other animals, especially cats.

Are Rottweilers Good With Cats?

Wondering whether a Rottweiler will get along with a cat will likely prove to make little sense, as it’s impossible to predict the behavior of a single dog. By nature, Rottweilers are protective and rarely hold their defensive instincts back. Because of this, you’d be right to assume that your Rottweiler will react to a cat in a negative way.

It’s not true, however, that a cat and a Rottweiler can’t live together. It’s entirely possible for you to teach your Rottweiler to share its habitat with a cat. At the end of the day, Rottweilers are extremely trainable dogs, and they definitely listen to their owners.

There are many instances of large dogs taking up an affectionate relationship with a cat. A Rottweiler and cat is a combination that doesn’t have to be any different. If you introduce the cat to your Rottweiler in a gentle, non-invasive way, your Rottweiler will likely accept it as its own.

The results are even more positive when it’s done the other way around. When you introduce your Rottweiler as a puppy to your cat. If a dog grows up with a cat, it’s most likely going to see the cat as its peer. Because of this, they’ll form a more intense bond.

You shouldn’t expect the cat to be fond of the Rottie instantly, however. By nature, cats don’t really trust anyone or anything that much. If you introduce a giant, loud puppy to your cat’s environment, it might get defensive at first. However, it will most likely warm up to your dog very quickly, accepting it.

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Similarities And Differences Between A Cat And A Rottweiler

Believe it or not, there are many things that make a Rottweiler similar to a cat. Because of this, you might get them to accept one another more easily. There are still a few notable and important differences between the species, which will only drive them apart.


One of the biggest similarities between these two species is their calmness. Even though Rottweilers are known as energetic dogs, and rightfully so, they’ll sometimes simply lie around the yard or the house. This behavior is very similar to that of a cat.

Even though cats enjoy exploration a lot of the time, they also enjoy spending their time doing absolutely nothing. In this, a Rottweiler might gladly join them.

Another important aspect of Rottweiler’s behavior is their defensive instincts. As we know, Rottweilers are incredibly defensive dogs, and with time – your Rottie will come to see your cat as a family member. Once that bond is established, it will develop defensive feelings regarding the cat.

Additionally, Rottweilers aren’t cold dogs. In comparison to a cat, Rottweilers are actually much more affectionate than cats! Because of this, it’s likely that your Rottweiler will come to love the cat and it won’t harm it.

rottweiler and cats


The most notable difference between a cat and a Rottweiler is in their sizes. Rottweilers are absolute giants in comparison to cats, and this makes cats fear them by instinct. This isn’t without good reason! Even if your Rottweiler doesn’t have any malicious intentions, it can still easily harm your cat while they’re playing.

They’re simply so much heavier and stronger than the cat is in constant danger when spending time with the Rottweiler! However, with time and training, the Rottweiler will learn the natural limits of the cat, and it will learn to hold back when playing with the cat.

There are also important differences in behaviors. Cats, for example, can be a bit mischievous and start trouble with the dog. Rottweilers, however, aren’t exactly known for backing out of the fight. Your Rottie might act aggressively to this provocation, harming the cat.

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How To Get A Rottweiler And A Cat To Get Along?

The number one thing you should think about is getting a cat first and a Rottweiler second. It’s much easier to teach a cat to accept a Rottweiler puppy that it is to teach an adult Rottweiler to accept a cat.

However, discipline is a natural instinct to Rottweilers and they’re quite reasonable dogs. This means that you can make them understand that cats aren’t a threat and treat your new cat with love!

It’s best to make a dog-free zone, where your cat can hang out without feeling the fear of being “bullied” by a dog. Introduce the new cat slowly and gently. If your Rottweiler is already a well-trained dog with natural discipline, it’s not going to start any trouble for no reason. It’s not exactly natural for them to try to attack a cat you’re carrying in your arms.

The dog will definitely be very curious, but not aggressive. Despite the dog not having any malicious intentions, the cat will fear the dog by instinct. Allow the dog to get a good whiff of the cat, but once you notice that the cat is getting too scared – get it out of there.

Take baby steps with the two and they’ll surely come together with time.

Do Rottweilers get along with cats? They definitely can get along if they receive proper training and enough time to accept that cat as a member of the family. Rottweilers are a very intelligent and a very trainable dog breed, so you can basically teach it anything you’d like. Accepting the cat in its pack is one of the things you can teach your dog.

Make sure you learn everything there is to learn about the differences and similarities between cats and dogs. By knowing this, you’ll understand both the cat’s and the dog’s behavior. This will ultimately make it easier to bring the two together!