Why Do Rottweilers Pant A Lot and What Causes It?

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Why do Rottweilers pant a lot, and what causes it?  This is a commonly asked question that we are going to look at in this post.

If you notice that your Rottweiler has been panting a lot, it might be far from the normal panting they do.  Rottweilers are large dogs, so they usually pant more than other breeds.

However, your Rottie could pant a lot if it’s too hot, sick, frightened, or has an underlying condition.  If you are unsure why your Rottweiler is panting, talk to the Vet.  Here are a few suggestions as to why your Rottweiler is panting too much.

Why Do Rottweilers Pant So Much?

There are different reasons for your Rottweiler panting a lot.  Here we present to you some of them.

Natural Causes

Rottweilers are big dogs that naturally pant more than other dogs.  If your Rottie has not started panting yet, it could be because it has not grown too big yet.

It is likely to be normal behavior when you notice that your Rottie is panting a lot suddenly, and the Vet has not found any issues.  However, before you conclude this, you must visit the Vet.

Due To Heatstroke

Your Rottweiler can start panting heavily after being in the sun for too long because it has heatstroke.  Other signs of heatstroke include fast heart rate, glassy eyes, drooling, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, and high body temperatures of over 104 degrees F.

Heatstroke is a medical emergency that should be given a quick response to save the life of your dog.  Move your dog to a shady area or submerge it in cool, not cold water.  Cold water constricts blood circulation.  Avoid spraying it with a yard hose on hot days as the water inside can reach near boiling point.  You want to cool it off, not fire it up.

When The Weather Is Too Hot, Rottweilers Will Pant A Lot

If the weather becomes too hot, your Rottweiler is bound to pant more than usual.  Panting helps dogs cool down, so expect them to gasp more when it gets hot naturally. In this case, ensure that your dog has a cool room, shade, or water to cool it down.  It would help to walk your dog early morning or late evening when the sunlight is not too strong.

When The Weather Is Too Hot, Rottweilers Will Pant A Lot

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Rottweilers Will Pant A Lot When Afraid

Dogs are more likely to face their fears by panting a lot.  You can check to see when this happens, maybe when you are about to leave it alone or when there are distractive noises outside.

Due To A Heart Problem

A heart problem could cause your Rottweiler to pant a lot.  Check if your dog is panting heavily and a lot suddenly, even when it’s not running around.   The best option is to take it to the Vet for a proper checkup and treatment as early as you notice these signs.

Due To An Illness Or Injury

Any illness or injury will cause your dog to pant more than usual.  This is likely to happen when your dog is showing any signs of disease or when it’s injured.  The best way to tell what is happening if your dog starts to pant strangely is to take it to the Vet.

Rottweilers Can Pant A Lot Due To An Allergy Reaction

If your dog ate an insect or something, it shouldn’t; then it may start to puff heavily suddenly.  It may vomit or get swelling, and those are enough signs of taking it to the Vet before it gets worse.

Mostly After Exercise

Your Rottweiler tongue will likely be out as it pants after a run or a long walk.  As we said, Rotties are heavy dogs that have a normal behavior of panting after exercise as it helps supply oxygen to their muscles.  It is crucial to take your Rottie for daily activities to keep it fit.

Rottweilers Pant A Lot Due To Excitement

Try and get your Rottweiler excited, and you will notice how much it pants.  You will see this excitement who are about to walk it or when you come home.  Your cute furry friend is happy to spend time with you.

How Can You Tell If Rottweilers Pant A Lot Is Normal?

Here are some situations that show that your Rottie’s panting is normal.

  • When the weather is becoming hot.  If your Rottweiler starts panting more when the weather is becoming hotter, this would be normal behavior.  However, monitor its panting, and should you notice the panting becoming heavier, it’s time to take your dog to a cool area to rest. Don’t keep your dog outside under direct heat for so long as it could suffer from heatstroke.
  • After it’s been running.  Your Rottweiler will pant a lot after running while exercising.  This is considered normal panting unless it is accompanied by other signs.
  • It is just acting normal.  According to the Vet, if your Rottweiler is healthy and it still pants a lot, it means it’s just a normal way of panting.

How To Tell When The Rottweiler Panting A Lot Is Abnormal

  • When you Rottweiler starts to pant suddenly and it is not hot, excited or after exercise.
  • When it pants when you are about to leave – this could show signs of separation anxiety, especially if it’s accompanied by other anxieties.
  • If its panting is constant and intense
  • If your Rottweiler tongue and gum appear purple, blue, or white
  • If your Rottweiler is behaving abnormally.

What To Do If Rottweilers Pant A Lot

  • Get it to the Vet as fast as possible when you think the panting is abnormal
  • Remove its undercoat by brushing it using a de-shedding brush.
  • Give it access to shade and a cool area to rest
  • Provide it with exercise daily


Now you can understand why Rottweilers pant a lot and when it’s safe or dangerous.  Your Rottie depends on you to keep it healthy and fit, and as a good dog breeder, it’s best to keep an eye on your furry friend to know when they are sick or unwell.

A visit to the Vet anytime you notice something is amiss with your Rottie should be top on your list to ensure you don’t misdiagnose your dog’s sickness.

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