Do Rottweilers Turn On Their Owners?

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Rottweilers are loving and protective dogs, but because of their vigilant nature, some people wonder do Rottweilers turn on their owners. Pondering about Rottweiler aggression isn’t odd at all, since these dogs are massive and they’re meant to be protectors. However, let’s not get carried away and believe untrue myths. In this article, we’ll be researching how a Rottweiler might attack its owner, how often does it happen and what’s the cause behind it.

Rottweiler Aggression

Rottweilers, while being loving and caring, can be an aggressive dog. The good news, though, is that they’re rarely aggressive towards the owner. These dogs were bred through generations to be protectors of the herd, the pack, and the family. Because of that, you’re never in danger of your dog attacking you, and it’s much more likely that your dog will attack someone else to protect you.

There are many myths about Rottweilers that essentially describe them as bloodthirsty hounds, but this is completely untrue. These myths were developed because Rottweilers are firstly intimidating because of their size and physical prowess. Their dominance doesn’t end there, as they’re loud and vocal. It’s also common knowledge that a Rottweiler will die to protect its home, and all of these things together perpetuated untrue rumors about Rottweiler’s aggression.

It should be noted that there are instances when your Rottweiler might seem agitated and they might bark at you and in general tell you to back off. This is, for example, very common with new mothers who have just given birth. Even though you’re the owner and they’re aware that you mean them no harm – it’s in their instinct to bark and push you away from the puppies.

To end – Rottweilers aren’t aggressive dogs, but they’re constantly vigilant and they were bred to look powerful and scary, which is why people often spread rumors about them being dangerous. A well-trained Rottweiler is no more dangerous than any other dog.

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A Rottweiler Turning On The Owner

This is, on its own, a very rare occurrence. Your Rottweiler sees you as part of its family and its instinct will always be to protect you, not to harm you. It’s possible, however, for a dog to seemingly attack their owners. The most likely reason behind this is usually the most rational one.

For example, dogs get extremely sensitive when they’re ill. Some dogs become so easily agitated that they start acting aggressively towards the owner and other dogs. This is a completely normal symptom of illness and it’s something you can see in all dogs, not just Rottweilers. It could be that your dog is experiencing pain and they’re especially sensitive.

It’s important to note that there’s a difference between your dog showing signs of aggression when you approach it and your dog actively chasing you, barking at you, trying to scare you off. The former is usually a sign that there’s something wrong with the dog medically and it’s just cowering in pain.

The latter, however, can be both actual aggression and simply a dog unaware of its size. Many large dogs will play with their owners, children included, and they’ll never be aware that barking, chasing, and gentle biting sounds, and feels a bit scary to us. This is an especially sensitive area when it comes to children, as a Rottie could hurt a child more easily than they could hurt an adult.

It could be something just as simple as your dog not understanding just how large they really are. However, it could be the more dangerous variant of active aggression – and that’s you having an untrained, ill-disciplined dog that’s displaying aggression for no apparent reason.

Untrained Rottweilers Can Be Dangerous

Rottweilers require training – these dogs are highly intelligent and they’ll easily get agitated if you don’t stimulate their brains. Additionally, Rottweilers are massive and strong dogs – if you don’t learn how to command your dog, it can become a danger to you and other people.

Most Rottweiler owners are aware of this and they start training when the dog is still very young. If you don’t do this, you’re risking your dog becoming a half-wild beast that will present a danger to you and everyone else. Because of this, dog trainers regularly remind us that we must train our Rotties if we want them to grow into safe, gentle, guardian angels instead of becoming uncontrollable beasts.

Rottweilers require training

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In Summation

Rottweilers are very composed dogs that rarely start any trouble without good reason. If your dog is attacking you, there’s probably a rational explanation behind it. Many dogs become aggressive when they’re in pain, so maybe you should be taking your dog to the vet.

It’s also possible that your dog is simply undisciplined, in which case, you should start training your dog. Untrained Rottweilers can become dangerous to both you and other people.