Dog Breeds That Look Like Rottweilers

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There are many dog breeds that look like Rottweilers out there, which isn’t odd considering that they’re one of the oldest breeds known to man. If you’re looking at your options and you like the way Rottweilers look, it might be worth your while to take a look at some of these breeds.

In today’s article, we’ll be listing the most similar dog breeds to Rottweilers!


The Doberman is another well-known dog breed, but many people don’t know that the Rottweiler actually played a very important role in the birth of the Doberman. In fact, if you were to read both of their genetic codes, you’d find quite a few similarities.

This is because the Doberman is actually a descendant of the Rottweiler – these dogs were initially bred as guard dogs for tax collectors.

Today, they’re very similar to Rottweilers, especially in terms of color. They’re black with a few patches of the noticeable rust color.

However, they’re much thinner than Rottweilers, they have a longer head that isn’t as square as the head of a Rottweiler, and their ears usually stand up. Regarding their physical performances, Dobermans are clearly quicker than Rottweilers, while Rottweilers are stronger.

Despite that, both of these breeds are very athletic and they love spending time exercising. They’re both very protective of their owners and they’re both a great choice for any owner who’s interested in an intelligent, active dog that’s also loving and protective.


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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

These dogs are arguably more reminiscent of the Rottweiler than Dobermans. They can grow to be even taller than Rottweilers, and they’re often just as heavy, reaching weights of up to 140 pounds.

The main difference you’ll immediately spot is that these dogs have a long coat, while Rottweilers have a short coat. Their color palette, however, is very similar to Rottweilers, except for the obvious white spot on their coat.

Some people say that Rottweilers look vicious, and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog looks like a long-hair Rottie that’s more kind-looking. However, these dogs are almost as protective as Rottweilers and they’re definitely going to make great home keepers.

Just like Rottweilers, they’re affectionate with their families and they love to spend time with their families. They’re also very trainable and intelligent, while they also enjoy spending time exercising and doing various things with their owners.

Additionally, they’re just as well adapted to living in the cold.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


Bullmastiffs essentially look like Rottweilers that are completely rust-color. They’re large dogs, usually the same height and weight as the Rottweiler, with a short coat – the most obvious difference being the color.

The other noticeable difference is the wrinkles on their face. Even though the Rottweiler also has wrinkles, the Bullmastiff has arguably more of them. They’re also bigger droolers, but not to the point where it’s unbearable.

When it comes to behavior, they’re just as vigilant and protective as Rottweilers, making them great candidates if you’re looking for a home keeper dog. They also like playing and socializing with people.

Their level of trainability trails just behind Rottweilers, as they’re not as intelligent, but they’re not far behind. They also love walking and running, while they’re in constant need of mental stimulation too.

The Bullmastiff is also particularly affectionate with families and they’re definitely adaptable to family life, being very protective of their families.


Tibetan Mastiff

Just as the Doberman is a thin version of the Rottweiler, the Tibetan Mastiff is the contrast – they’re massive dogs! A male Tibetan Mastiff can weigh up to 150 pounds, but there are individuals that weigh even more than that!

Tibetan Mastiff

They’re also typically taller than Rottweiler, weighing 26 inches at the bare minimum! Another noticeable difference is the coat – they have a very long coat that needs a lot of care, but the color palette is the same as the Rottweiler’s.

Regarding their behavior, they’re just as protective as the Rottweiler and they’re arguably better home keepers, given just how large they are. They’re also very intelligent and need regular mental stimulation in order to stay healthy.

They aren’t as athletic, though, so they don’t need to run every day. However, since these dogs are so large, they need a big yard to live in, and keeping them behind closed doors is absolutely unforgivable for them.

Despite their size, they’re still a great choice for families as they’re very affectionate and protective, just like all the other dogs on this list.

Out of all the Rottweiler similar breeds, these dogs might be the closest thing to them, with the main difference being the size and coat length.

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To End

Rottweilers have a very characteristic look and it’s difficult to find a breed of dog that’s entirely similar to them. Nevertheless, there are a few breeds that share a few similarities.

Doberman, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and the Tibetan Mastiff all share the same color palette, with the largest differences being their size, head shape, and coat length.

We also have the Bullmastiff, a dog that looks like a completely tan Rottweiler. All of these breeds also share similarities regarding their behavior and their characteristics, as they’re all protective and loving, making them a great choice for families.