Dog Sweaters For Rottweilers

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There are many breeds of dogs that need sweaters to bear with the cold, which is why some owners ask about dog sweaters for Rottweilers. In truth, these dogs are very hardened, so they most likely won’t need clothing during the winter. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at dog clothing, how useful is it, and just how prudent is it to buy clothes for a Rottweiler.

Dog Clothing – What Is It Good For?

Even though Rottweilers are strong dogs with a thick layer of hair, not all dogs are as resistant to the elements as them. There are breeds of dogs out there that absolutely need dog sweaters and coats to make it through the winter. Take Bulldogs or Greyhounds as an example. These dogs have a very short coat and they’re not exactly built to make it through the winter.

Don’t get this wrong – they are going to survive even without clothing, but wearing a sweater or a winter coat will make it much easier and much more comfortable for them. This is the primary purpose of dog clothes – they’re supposed to offer warmth and safety during those cold months.

There are also dog clothes, such as vests, with the purpose of signaling the dog’s position. This is something that you’ll often see hunting dogs wearing, as well as dogs that go running with their owners at night. These models usually hold no purpose when it comes to warming up and keeping a high temperature.

To Clothe Or Not To Clothe?

Dog clothing, in the sense that we know it today, has become a real industry. That is, unfortunately, showcasing just how vulnerable most dog breeds have become. A century ago, dog clothing was nowhere to be found, at least nothing at all similar to what we have today. This isn’t necessarily good – there were, even at that time, breeds that had trouble dealing with winter.

However, it seems like we’re moving in the opposite direction nowadays – more and more owners love dressing up their dogs, sometimes for fashion and other times because they fear that their dogs won’t be able to stay in the cold for a while. Both of these are wrong reasons, especially if you own a Rottweilers, but we’ll get into that later.

more and more owners love dressing up their dogs

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What’s important to remember for now is that dogs, no matter the breed, don’t enjoy being dressed up. The only time they’ll accept clothes is when it’s unbearably cold outside. What many people fail to understand is that dogs are usually much tougher than humans – walking in the cold with no clothes on is normal for them. There are even breeds of dogs, like the Husky, which enjoy the cold much more than they enjoy the warmth!

Many owners misinterpret dogs as their babies, infantilizing them and painting themselves a picture of incapacitated animals that are completely powerless without their owners. This is not what dogs are. Most dog breeds don’t need to wear clothes to make it through a 30-minute walk in the winter.

The very few breeds that need clothes don’t want to wear them outside of that environment. No dog wants to wear clothes when it’s unnecessary – and if you think that your dog loves its pullover – it doesn’t, it just understands that they have to wear it because their owner said so.

Even though no harm is done, forcing dogs to wear clothes when they definitely don’t need to is going to agitate the dog, and it only happens because unknowledgeable owners have very little idea of what they’re doing and they’re forcing things on dogs that canines simply don’t want.

Do Rottweilers Need Clothes?

The only time a Rottweiler needs clothes is if you’re taking it on a hike into extreme weather (Siberia, North Canada, etc). Aside from those situations, your Rottweiler is pretty well-developed when it comes to keeping their core temperature safe. They have a very thick double layer of hair, so they’re definitely not cold just because it’s snowing outside.

Actually, many large service dogs are well accustomed to cold weather – Dobermans and German Shepherds too. So, not only can your Rottweiler take the cold, they won’t even feel it as much as you will and they’ll happily play in the snow. You also don’t have to have them sleeping inside, as they’ll be just fine sleeping in the doggie house.

However, if the temperatures are becoming extreme, then your Rottie might need a vest or a sweater just to make it through the night. Keep in mind that we really do stress the term extremely low temperatures. Rottweilers are very sensitive about things you put on them, and if they sense that the clothes are more than what they need, they’ll simply rip it off.

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Remember that the German Rottweiler was bred in Germany to become the dog we know and love today. There, these dogs became used to low temperatures.


Do Rottweilers need sweaters?

No, dog clothes for a Rottweiler are completely unnecessary in most occasions as these dogs are accustomed to very low temperatures. You should only put clothes on your Rottweiler if the temperatures become extreme.

Do Rottweilers like the cold?

This depends on the individual dog, but all Rottweilers can easily make it through the winter and they're definitely tough enough to spend time outside. They have a thick coat that helps maintain their core temperature.

To Summarize

Rottweilers are large, hardened dogs that don’t really need clothes to survive the winter. Even though there are a few dog breeds that need help making it through the winter, Rottweilers actually enjoy the snow and they don’t have a problem spending time there completely naked. Moreover, if you buy a Rottweiler dog sweater for them to wear, they’ll most likely just tear it up in protest.

Most dogs, believe it or not, don’t actually need winter clothing to survive the winter as they’re animals, evolved to live in the wild. This is a misconception spread by irresponsible owners, as wearing clothes is usually just bothersome for the dog.