Pros and Cons Of Owning a Rottweiler

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If you’re considering getting a Rottweiler, you should definitely learn all the pros and cons of owning a Rottweiler. These dogs are a breed of their own with specific needs and tendencies. In order to form a good relationship with the dog and cohabitate healthily, it’s crucial to learn how to take care of them before you buy one.

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a general look over Rottweilers, their temperament, personality, health, and needs.

Rottweilers Personality And Temperament

Rottweilers are extremely loyal and courageous, unafraid of all threats. They are also incredibly loving dogs, more or less perfect for families. To add worth to their loving feelings, Rottweilers are extremely vigilant. They’re always on the lookout for any possible threats and are not afraid to fight if their owners or their home needs protection.

These dogs are definitely a great pick if you need a home protector. Even though that’s not the only thing they’re good at, Rottweilers are very defensive. A Rottweiler won’t let anyone harm their owners or invade their territory. Because of this, they’re still very often utilized as military and police dogs.

It’s impossible to keep a Rottweiler as a house pet only! Their defensive urges are completely instinctive and you should expect that your Rottweiler is going to feel defensive about its home.

This doesn’t mean that they’re dangerous, though. Rottweilers are a very intelligent breed that has a respectable level of composure. You don’t have to fear that they’ll chase after other dogs in the street or that they’ll act aggressively towards other people. The best way to put it would be to say that they’re aggressive only if they’re provoked.

are rottweilers good with kids

Rottweilers and children

Aside from that, some people are right to call them gentle giants. Because of their size, something we’ll talk about later, people rightfully ask “Are Rottweilers good with kids?

The answer, which is surprising to many, is – yes, they are. Many parents trust them to be child guardians.

Parents also rightfully fear Rottweilers knocking children over by accident during playtime. This is understandable, given how large they are, but Rottweilers can learn to be mindful of this. If you train a Rottweiler properly, they’re going to become aware of their size and they won’t harm your child, be it by accident or on purpose.

They have an admirable level of tolerance when it comes to children and they really are family dogs, despite their undeserved reputation of a bully.

Rottweiler living requirements

Their large size accompanies their big personality, which is why they act best as outdoor dogs. This means that they don’t really like being stuck in apartments. If you have a house with a large yard, your Rottie’s going to have the time of their life living there. However, they’re too large to live in an apartment comfortably.

This could lead to anxiety and them acting out. They love open spaces where they can run around, as they’re very active dogs, not confined spaces where they have to be calm.

Rottweiler training

When it comes to training, Rottweilers are fairly easy to train. These dogs are very intelligent and training them is absolutely necessary. If you don’t train them, they won’t feel cognitively challenged, which is necessary for them to behave.

This leads to them acting up, causing trouble, destroying furniture, etc. They’re very eager to please and they actually need you to actively train them. When you don’t train a Rottweiler, they feel unstimulated and upset.

Most Rottweiler owners start training their Rotties at a very young age, and that training continues throughout their whole life.

Rottweiler Health

Rottweilers are usually very healthy dogs. There are a few potentially problematic things that you should keep an eye on, but those are usually defined by genetics.

Hid dysplasia, for example, is a common problem with large dogs, and Rottweilers didn’t avoid it. Even though it can present itself, it’s more common with older dogs. Another thing that’s more common with older dogs is obesity.

Males usually grow to be as tall as 27 inches, while females are up to 25 inches tall, so they’re quite large. They usually weigh up to 135 pounds, with females being lighter. Rottweilers can live up to 10 years, with some dogs exceeding this life expectancy.

As large dogs, Rottweilers eat a lot. With age, though, they’re not using their muscles to the same degree as they did when they were young. This doesn’t mean that they won’t eat as much as they did when they were young. Because of this, they can easily become overweight if you don’t take good care of their diet!

They’re very active, so they definitely require a lot of exercise. You should exercise your Rottweiler for at least 30 minutes a day. Playing fetch, walking, and running are all acceptable options for exercise. Some dog trainers recommend exercises that combine physical activity with cognitive challenging to really have your dog work.

When it comes to grooming, they’re moderate shedders. Their hair is short and they only shed intensely during shedding season. You should definitely brush them at least once a week. That should be more than enough to take care of their coat unless it’s shedding season.

Bathing them isn’t necessary. Most owners bathe them once every two months, which proves to be enough. Since these dogs are so active, keeping them entirely clean is almost impossible.

rottweilers personality

To Sum Up

Rottweilers are family-oriented, loving dogs that always take on the role of the protector. Regarding Rottweiler’s temperament, they’re usually very self-composed and patient. They don’t react to every provocation instinctively and they don’t act aggressively unless someone provokes them. They can easily fit into any family and are protective of their members.

Rottweilers are also highly trainable and they actually need you to regularly train them if you want to keep them healthy and unburdened. Rottweilers who aren’t trained often start acting up and stir trouble. They’re also very healthy dogs that usually don’t have any obvious health problems.

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