Female Rottweiler Weight Chart

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Rottweilers are very large dogs, there’s no going around that, and following a female Rottweiler weight chart can help in maintaining a healthy weight. There are vast differences between male and female Rottweilers, and some would say that those differences are much more obvious with them than with other breeds.

In today’s article, we’ll be focusing on determining a healthy weight for a female Rottweiler and learning how to maintain that weight.

How Much Should A Female Rottweiler Weigh?

Female Rottweilers are clearly shorter and lighter than male dogs! They’re usually no taller than 25 inches and they shouldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds. However, if your Rottie weighs as little as 80 pounds – that’s still healthy and nothing to worry about. These numbers can vary depending on the circumstances.

For example, if your Rottie is pregnant, then she’s going to put on plenty of weight. Not only are there dogs growing inside of her, but she also needs to eat more for herself in order to stay healthy. Post-birth weight can stick around for a bit, but it’s usually gone and your dog is back to its old self after a few weeks.

How Much Should A Female Rottweiler Weigh

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The opposite can also happen – your dog could refuse to eat for various reasons. Dogs can suffer from depression, and this often happens after moving if they spent their entire life in another place. It can take a few months for your dog to acclimatize to their new surroundings, and barely eating during that process is very common for dogs.

It wouldn’t be odd for your female pup to drop below 80 pounds, but as long as they’re not morbidly underweight, there’s nothing to worry about.

Weight As A Symptom

As it was explained in the previous section, weight isn’t only a showcase of how well you’re feeding your dog – it can also be a symptom of an illness! Even though obesity is a whole another problem, one that we’ll get into later, dogs showing rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss might be in trouble.

If ill and in pain, dogs will often refuse food – especially if they’re suffering digestion problems or if they’re battling stomach aches. This, accompanied by lethargy and lonesome behavior, is actually one of the most common symptoms of dog illness. If you notice that your dog is actually refusing food, eating very little or nothing at all – take them to the vet as soon as possible.

It’s not in the nature of any animal to refuse food. Dogs will overeat if given the opportunity – that’s why food refusal is definitely something to worry about.

The opposite can also happen – what if your dog starts gaining weight rapidly, even though you aren’t overfeeding them? Just like weight loss, weight gain is definitely not a joke and you should take your dog to see the vet.

Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Maintaining weight for dogs isn’t that difficult – it’s important to find the perfect combination of nutrients (proteins are the most important ones, then fats and lastly carbs), but also find a food that your dog won’t refuse. Although it might seem silly to us – dogs actually have likes and dislikes just like humans, and they won’t eat just anything.

It can take up to two and a half years for your Rottie to mature physically (although that’s more of a case with males than with females), and once you reach the desired weight (anything between 80 and 100 pounds), don’t overfeed them after that point. You can feed your dog twice or once a day, but the amount of food you give them should always be the same. Depending on the size of the dog, it can be two or even four cups.

What’s important with Rottweilers, especially older Rotties, is to maintain that weight throughout their lives. Rottweilers are prone to obesity if they overeat. These dogs are naturally very active, which is why they have a big appetite! Instinctively, they’re going to want plenty of food – but if they don’t burn those calories, then you shouldn’t overfeed them.

Older Rotties can easily become obese – which only leads to arthritis, heart conditions, diabetes, and a whole plethora of problems. Obesity can affect the inner workings of your dog’s body to such a degree that it can even lead to cardiac arrest and death! Many owners overfeed their dogs and can’t stop the natural instinct of feeding them, but this can be very dangerous!

When paired with other conditions, obesity can become a life-threatening problem, which is why vets insist that owners take special care of their dogs’ diets!

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A full-grown female Rottweiler should weigh anything between 80 and 100 pounds, but those numbers can vary, mostly because of their size and their current state (pregnant dogs are heavier). However, it’s not impossible for a female Rottie to be as large as male dogs; if so, they’re naturally going to be much heavier than the standard female Rottweiler.

It’s important not to let your dog exceed a healthy weight, as Rottweilers (especially older ones) are prone to obesity if they don’t have a proper diet and that can be very dangerous.