How Much Do AKC Rottweiler Puppies Cost?

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If you want to buy a purebred Rottie from a reputable breeder, you might be wondering how much do AKC Rottweiler puppies cost. It’s true that dogs with a better pedigree cost more as puppies, this is because they’re more in line according to AKC standards. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the cost of a standard, pedigree Rottweiler puppy and what exactly are the AKC standards for a Rottweiler.

AKC Rottweiler Puppies

The AKC stands for American Kennel Club and it is the governing organization when it comes to dogs and dog shows. They’re the most authoritative body, determining breed standards, informing the public about dogs, and working on improving the dog community in many ways.

In this, AKC also regulates some dog breeding and selling through their website. If you’re looking to purchase a standard Rottweiler, you might as well check out their Rottweiler puppy marketplace. On this site, you can many ads from registered breeders – many of them having major successes with dogs from their bloodlines. These breeders usually have different prices set for their dogs.

A Rottweiler without a pedigree usually costs about $800, while quality-bloodline Rottweilers following the AKC standard can cost from $1500 up to $2000!

The breeders that are in this business are registered with the AKC and the bloodlines of dogs are usually historically proven in competitions.

dogs are usually historically proven in competitions

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AKC Rottweiler Standard

Many owners wonder what exactly is the AKC standard for Rottweilers. The breed standard is a complete description of the dog which is used by judges in dog shows to judge dogs. The standards defined in “the standard” are actually describing the ideal dog for that breed.

You can check out the complete AKC Rottweiler standard here, but we’ll summarize it below since it’s a lengthy read.

Appearance and Size

According to the AKC, the Rottweiler is a medium-large dog (meaning it’s a large dog, but among the sub-sizes of large dogs it’s a medium dog) of a robust and powerful build. The build of the dog clearly exudes strength and endurance. Male dogs are massive with large frames and heavier bones than females.

Males are no taller than 27 inches, while they can’t be shorter than 24 inches. Females can grow up to 25 inches. For both sexes – the preferred size is somewhere in the middle. Proportion, however, is more important than the size itself. Because of this, the standard defines that the length of the dog has to be a bit longer than the height of the dog.

The muscle mass of this dog has to be large, balancing the frame and compacting the dog’s appearance. Some things that are considered serious faults: no proportion, undersized and oversized dogs, reversal of sex characteristics (masculine females and feminized male dogs).

Head and Body

The head is bulky and broad, with the forehead typically being dry, while some wrinkling is acceptable (usually happens when the dog becomes alert). Rottweilers are usually alert and self-assured in the face. The eyes are medium-sized, with the preferable color being dark brown. Yellow eyes are a serious fault.

The ears are triangular in shape and medium in size, they usually lay on top of the skull and are set apart. The bridge of the muzzle is straight and broad with a well-developed chin. The nose is broad and black. The lips are also black.

The Rottweiler has 42 teeth – 20 upper and 22 lower teeth. They should be strong and correctly placed. Missing teeth are a serious fault, with two or more being a direct disqualification.

When it comes to the body – the Rottweiler is a muscular dog with a slightly arched neck without any loose skin. The back of the dog is firm and level, remaining parallel to the ground while the dog is moving around.

The chest of the dog is broad and deep, reaching to the elbow. The tail is docked short – it looks like an elongation of the topline, rather than a tail itself. It’s usually horizontal to the ground when the dog is standing or walking.

Coat and Grooming

The outer coat of the Rottweiler is straight, dense, and of medium length. The undercoat is present at the neck and at the thighs, but it shouldn’t show through the outer coat. The coat is the shortest on the head, on the ears, and on the legs. If the coat is too short, it’s a serious fault, just like a total lack of an undercoat.

The color of the Rottweiler should be blocked with some rust or mahogany markings. There should be a clear difference between black and rust. The non-black markings should be located over each eye, on each cheek, at the sides of the muzzle, on the throat, on the prosternum, on the inside of the rear legs, under the tail.

The undercoat of the Rottweiler is usually black, but it can be gray or tan. The amount of rust shouldn’t exceed 10% of body color.

Demeanor and Temperament

The Rottweiler is a very calm and very confident dog with a certain self-assured aloofness. It’s a very trustworthy dog and a dog that obeys commands at all times. In its nature, the Rottweiler has the instinct to stay vigilant and protective of its home and its family. The dog is very intelligent and it has a strong willingness to work (in both training and by protecting the home). The behavior of the Rottweiler in the ring is completely controlled.

In summation, AKC Rottweiler’s price for a puppy can be anything from $1500 to $2000 per puppy. The price varies on the breeder and the history of the bloodline. Most dogs with a pedigree of a respectable bloodline can be found on the AKC website. The breed standard for the Rottweiler is very strict when it comes to their physical proportions, so make sure that you inquire about the bloodline before you actually buy your dog.

The breeder will usually have all the important information about family history at the ready, so make sure that you delve in and research before you buy a dog.

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