How Much Do Rottweilers Cost: A Complete Guide

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Typically, how much do rottweilers cost? Different dog breeds come at a variety of prices and budgets. Every country also has its own pet markets.

However, as a general rule, Rottweilers are a premium breed, with a bunch of other expenses attached to owning and caring for one.

The Rottweiler’s purchase price is one thing, however, the lifetime costs of living with a Rottweiler may be more than a prospective owner would bargain for. Look at the information in this article to have a snapshot of the situation!

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How Much Do Rottweilers Cost?

While purebred Rottweilers can cost a pretty penny and rank among the most expensive dogs one could buy. Newsweek ran a survey of 25 most expensive dogs, and the Rottweiler makes the list.

According to the American Rottweiler Club, the price of a Rottweiler can range from $1,500 to $3,000. This wide range takes into account factors such as the puppy’s origins and the breeder.

You can note that the medium-to-large breeds dominate the expensive dog list.  There’s a whole lot to love with big dogs, but there’s a lot to pay for as well!

What Factors Affect How Much Rottweiler Puppies Are Worth?

What is the typical cost you will shell out for a Rottweiler puppy? There is a wide range of prices for the breed. You need to consider a few factors that affect the prices of Rottweiler puppies.

 how much are rottweiler puppies worth

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Purebred Dogs

When it comes to purebreds, the Rottweiler has a long ancient lineage to be proud of. They are said to be descended from the great dogs of the Ancient Roman Empire. Having this kind of bloodline is very prestigious, but also can mean shelling out a lot more money.

If you want a Rottweiler but your heart is not set on a purebred, perhaps you would be in the market for a mix? Some popular Rottweiler mixes include Rottskies (mix with a Siberian Husky), Labrotties (mix with a Labrador Retriever), and Borderweiler (mix with a Border Collie). They are very cute and have the fun qualities of the Rottie breed.

Country Of Origin

You may have heard that there are two types of Rottweilers – the original German and the American counterpart. While there are only slight differences between the two “types,” they are differences all the same.

Germany is the home of Rottweilers. In fact, the breed is named for a town in Germany where Rottweilers were popular as butcher’s dogs. They have a tendency to be more expensive, mainly because of the strict breeding rules in the country, and importation costs. This type tends to be larger and more muscular and will have a full-grown tail.

American Rottweilers are basically Rotties born in the United States. They are not imported from Germany. This may mean that they don’t go through the same grueling standard that German Rottweilers are expected to have. However, they are a happy, healthy breed all the same. This type’s body can look much more slender, and its tail may or may not be docked.


Where are you sourcing a particular dog from? The average price of Rottweiler puppies is skewed because of who and where you bought the puppy from. Experienced and renowned breeders will always have a premium on their puppies. However, this is often worth it because it ensures the proper treatment, papers and vaccinations are in place.

If you decide to source from a lesser-known breeder or even a puppy mill, the cost significantly goes down. It could cost you from $800 to $900 from this source. The trade-off is the quality of the Rottweiler as well as the quality of its treatment.

There are many unethical puppy mills, and you need to watch out for them. They participate in high-volume breeding, and this comes at the cost of the quality of life of the puppies. They may experience illnesses and antisocial behavior, which may only manifest as they grow older.

What Is The True Cost Of Owning A Rottweiler?

Rottweilers are among one the low-maintenance dogs in terms of diet and grooming. They are a rather common breed, earning their spot as the 8th most popular breed in the United States.

Despite this, owning a Rottweiler can come at a cost – a cost that many dog lovers don’t seem to mind how much do Rottweilers cost!

Training Costs

Training Rottweilers is a necessity because of their aggressive tendencies. If they are not properly socialized and trained, there is a chance that their behavior is not suitable for families and public spaces. In fact, Rottweilers caused 8% of the fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2019. While they have fallen off the charts in recent months, the threat of an untrained Rottweiler is still at large.

Health Maintenance Costs

Like many medium to large-sized breeds, Rottweilers are prone to life-threatening diseases near the end of their life span. They are prone to cancers and bone diseases. Hip dysplasia is one of the number one debilitating diseases in Rottweilers. Owning a Rottie may mean many trips to the vet, especially in the latter half of their life.

Insurance Costs

Given the reputation of Rottweilers, it’s expensive to have them insured. In fact, Rottweilers ranked among the most expensive dog breeds to insure by BoughtByMany in 2019. This goes for both accident-only and life policies. Because of the risks adjacent to Rottweiler ownership, you can expect to pay a lot more premium.

How much Are Adult Rottweilers?

Of course, the adoption of Rottweilers is also an option you can have. This is a less expensive option. Adopting one could run you around $300 or less.

One should be warier of adopting a full-grown Rottweiler, because full information on their training background may not be available. The dog you adopt may have been exhibiting signs of aggression. Without being fully trained and socialized, a beginner dog owner may have a hard time controlling an adopted Rottweiler.

How are you thinking of bringing a new Rottweiler into your life? Have you set aside a budget for this large and lovable breed? Let us know in the comments.

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