How Smart Are Rottweilers: Jobs They Can Do

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When it comes to the ranking of the world’s smartest canines, how smart are Rottweilers? We know that the breed is capable, but how does the Rottie compare?

Dog intelligence is a widely debated topic because it is not something that you can easily quantify. Having an IQ test for dogs is a bit difficult because of all the different capabilities available to each breed!

However, dog lovers understand that dogs do have a semblance of high-functioning brainpower within their furry friends. They can see this in everyday life when they understand how the human world works and acts accordingly. This can be true if the dogs live their lives as pets or have special jobs assigned to them.

How Smart Are Rottweilers?

In the ranking of the world’s smartest dogs, Stanley Coren, author of “The Intelligence of Dogs”, ranks Rottweilers among the Top Ten of the Top Tier group. This study tries to keep the parameters very fair amongst the different capabilities of different breeds and focuses on working intelligence. Rottweilers are among the dogs that learn new commands very quickly and consistently.

Stanley Coren is a canine psychologist who conducted the study for this ranking with 199 dog obedience judges. He consulted a wide array of experts in their evaluation of the various dog breeds that they have been able to work with.

How Does Rottweiler Intelligence Do Against Other Breeds?

Other dogs among the Top Ten include some crowd favorites: Border collies, Poodles, German shepherds, Golden retrievers, Doberman pinschers, Shetland sheepdogs, Labrador retrievers, Papillons, and Australian cattle dogs.

Rottweilers rank pretty high among different dog breeds. Their intelligence and love for physical and mental exercise make it easy to adapt to any kind of job. Of course, given their other strengths, there are certain occupations that the Rottweiler excels at.

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What Jobs Do Smart Rottweilers Do?

While Rottweilers get a bad reputation for their ferocious capabilities, they have other strengths, too. Rottweilers may be known as brawny and fierce guard dogs, but there have always been some brains required for the job. Here are some of the other jobs in which the breed has excelled.

 rottweiler working dog

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Cattle Drovers

This was the Rottweiler’s first and foremost job, once upon a time! They are known to be “leaners,” putting their body weight against the cattle in order to guide them. You might even find this tendency quite endearing.

While some Rottweilers have maintained this kind of job, they can also participate in a number of herding events, and are competing against other sheepdogs!

Money Guard

So we know that Rottweilers have a knack for guarding places and things. They’re among the favorites of warehouses and other buildings protecting valuables.

But did you know in the 1900s, they were popularly known as Metzgerhund, or “Butcher’s Dogs’ ‘ and wore coin purses around their necks? Surely, no one would want to attempt to snatch the wallet away from so near the Rottweiler’s mouth!

Family Protector

Rottweilers are known for their strong tendency to herd and protect. This quality gives them a place in the modern home. When a family, especially with younger children, comes into their care, there is little that can stop them from giving their best to protect.

Do note that Rottweilers are not beginner’s dogs. They need to be trained very well to get along with children. Only when you are confident in your training and discipline should you consider having a Rottweiler in your home.

Police and Inspection Dog

Rottweilers can also be a detective’s best friend. They are popular police pals, who specifically assist the police. Popularly known as K9 units, police dogs help out by guarding their officers during engagements and missions. Their training is rigorous and lengthy, almost as if they went through a police academy themselves. They become full-fledged members of the team, earning the love and respect of their teammates.

Aside from becoming attack dogs, they are also assigned a number of less dangerous and dramatic tasks. They are also employed as customs inspectors and patrol dogs.

Search and Rescue Dog

Search and Rescue Dogs find and detect missing persons. They are especially important in situations where human inspectors may not be able to enter water, snow, and debris. They have the important job of detecting human scents and finding survivors during natural disasters.

Rottweilers are not the most popular breed for this job. However, their powerful body and herding instinct makes them perfect for such a monumental task. In fact, in a 1999 Venezuelan flash flood incident, a Rottweiler named Orion saved 37 lives during a search and rescue operation. 

Seeing-Eye Dog

Guide dogs do incredible work for those who have lost their ability to see. While you might think of the lovable Labrador as being the perfect breed for this job, Rottweilers have been known to do well in this field, too.

Rottweilers typically excel at this work because of their good-natured and patient disposition. Though they need a lot of good training, they are low-maintenance dogs that are eager to help those in need. This makes them perfect buddies for staying at home and adventuring outside.

Therapy Dog

Dogs are known to provide emotional support to a variety of people with this need, and Rottweilers are no different. Rotties, underneath their intimidating demeanor, are really big softies. They have a calm demeanor around people they trust and become fiercely loyal to those who treat them with love and respect.

Not only are Rottweilers friendly, but they are also very patient and confident, which are important qualities in the therapy dog. Those in need will be able to connect with them easily. As an added bonus, you will also feel safe around these powerful yet lovable Rotties!

Professional Obedience Competitors

Rottweilers that love being in the limelight would do well in a professional and competitive career. Show dogs, especially during obedience competitions, can display their wit and charm in front of an audience.

Given the Rottweiler’s intelligence and capabilities, they are already a favorite to win in many competitions!

Conclusion- Are Rottweilers Smart Dogs?

How smart are Rottweilers? Extremely – so much so that they’re renowned in their fields for their capabilities!

The number of things that a Rottweiler can do prove its intelligence and discipline. What other intelligent behaviors can you see in your Rottweiler? Let us know in the comments!

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