How To Assert Dominance Over A Puppy

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Since most of us are in love with dogs, learn how to assert dominance over a puppy, so it grows to know who is the leader here.

Dogs are known as pack animals who have rooted dominance within themselves.  Their wild behaviour serves as a key to survival, but when domesticated, it could develop into dangerous aggression and unwanted behaviour.

Owning a dog means it is your responsibility to ensure he grows into a well-behaved pet who hears and obeys instructions from you. The best way to do this is to establish yourself as the Alpha Leader.

From the time it is a puppy, your dog must know you are in charge and obey your commands.  This is not to punish it but to make it a good dog.

With that said, it’s not easy to maintain dominance over a dog.  Let’s look at how to do it successfully.

How To Show Dominance Over A Puppy

You Must Have An Alpha Mentality

Alphas lead the pack, and your dog must see you as such.  When you are taking a walk, ensure that you are the first out of the door.  Your dog should allow you to walk through, not crowd at the waiting to be let out or squeezing in between your legs to get out first.

During the walk, ensure that you walk at the front.  Your dog needs to be by your side or behind you.  The Alpha eats first; never allow your dog to beg or plead for a bite before you have had your own.

These small things may seem like they don’t have much impact on the dog, but they have a lot of significance in their eyes.  Slowly by slowly, your dog will know who is in charge and whose needs come first.

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Remain Clear and Consistent With The Rules

You will need to set clear rules and keep them consistent.  One of the biggest failures in dominating your dog is failing to stick to the rules consistently.  If the rules you make do not work, change them; but do not even, for one instance, fail to stick to them.

The moment you fail to address a breach in the rules is the excellent opportunity your dog is waiting for to challenge your rules.

Rules should be fair yet consistent.  For example, if there is a part of your house that your dog is not allowed access to, keeping this rule throughout their life.

Your dog is smart, and they encounter new challenges as they get older, so keep up with the training.  Most owners drop the ball thinking that once their dog has the basics, they can stop teaching them new things.

As your dog gets older, you will need to keep up with the training techniques and provide guidance into their adulthood.

Correct Bad Behaviour Immediately.

The crucial part of being a leader is maintaining order at all times.  There may be instances when your dog challenges authority, which is perfectly normal.

If a dog notices a weakness in you as its leader, it will challenge you, so it becomes the new alpha. Sometimes, misbehaving is your dog testing their boundaries; whatever the case, the behaviour should be addressed.

The best way to deal with bad behaviour is to give your dog a stern warning.  Use commands like No, Stop to get the message across.

Be firm with your dog but do not scream or hit it.  In fact, doing so could do more harm than good and ruin your leadership status.

Control The Dog’s Foods and Snacks

Not every time is feeding or snack time for your dog.  One of the most effective ways to gain dominance is to control all of your dog’s feeding time.

In the real sense, the Alpha leads the hunt!  The Alpha is responsible for making sure the pack is well fed, and it applies the same to your pet.  You are the Alpha, and you determine the feeding time.

Feed your dog at the appropriate time and with a well-balanced meal that keeps it full until the next meal.  This will train your dog to expect food at a certain time only.  Make the dog sit as you prepare the meal to teach it patience.

Put the bowl down and give your dog permission by saying OK, they can start eating. The same should apply to toys; instead of leaving toys out all day, you can use them as rewards for your dog when it has been good.  If they act up or behave badly, you can take them away to show them these rewards for being obedient.

Make Your Dog Earn Everything.

Besides food, make your dog earn everything else.  A treat, a snack or a toy make your cute little puppy earn it.

To gain dominance over your dog, it needs to know that rewards come with the obedience of following in command. If you give your dog treats for no reason, they may start to believe that they are entitled to challenge your authority at any time.

Protect Your Personal Space

Define your personal space from the start and protect it.  If you don’t allow your dog into your bed, stick to that even when you are sick or in bed all day.

 how do i show dominance over my dog

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Most dog lovers share their beds with dogs; while it’s not bad at all, it’s not a good idea if you are trying to assert your dominance.

Your private space should be kept so, only cuddle with your dog in a place that you don’t consider private.  If your dog tries to jump to your personal space, give them a firm off, or no, command.


We believe we have answered your question of how do I show dominance over my dog.  The tips we have shared may sound a bit harsh at first, but if you try them with a focused mind, you get to establish yourself as the leader, and your dog will obediently follow.

By asserting your dominance, your dog will learn to be well behaved and respectful!

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