How To Discipline A Dog For Pooping In The House

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Many dog owners wonder how to discipline a dog for pooping in the house and what steps to take afterwards to train proper pooping.

If you are a new dog owner, your dog will do 1001different things every day without thinking twice about it.

There is a good chance some of these things are pooping in the house, and you are not happy about any of them.  Pooping in the house is one of those bad habits you need to fix sooner rather than later unless you have the patience to walk into a smelly stinking house each time.

Finding the right way to discipline your dog for pooping in the house is critical to your success. It may sound harsh to call it discipline, but tough love helps your dog learn in most cases.

How To Discipline A Dog For Pooping In The House

Instead of focusing too much on disciplining your dog for pooping indoors, you will need to focus on positive behavior and reward your dog for pooping outside.

Dog owners need to understand that positive reinforcement is an essential component in dog training, and it does work well.

reward your dog for pooping outside

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Let’s get one thing clear. Dogs don’t poop in the house because they have not been potty trained.  Some are just slow to get it while other trains fast.

If you find yourself in a situation where your dog constantly poops in the house, it is your responsibility to guide your dog in the right direction.

Why Is Your Dog Pooping In The House?

Before we fix the mess, it’s best to understand why your dog is pooping in the house. Here are some common reasons that could cause this behavior.

A new dog.  Did you adopt your dog recently? Most new dogs will fall into the habit of pooping inside the house due to the stress of the new environment.  The dog is unfamiliar with this kind of environment and the new bathroom schedule.  Give your newly adopted puppy more time in good potty training and ensure you use plenty of positive reinforcement.

Stress.  If you recently made a lifestyle change, maybe move to a new home, redecorate your house or start a new schedule.  Your dog will get stressed out any time there is a significant change around it.  The change disrupts its usual lifestyle, leading to unusual behavior like pooping in the house, even for a fully potty-trained dog.

Dog’s age.  It is common for most puppies to have indoor accidents because they are yet to be fully housebroken.  It takes anywhere between a few months to a year for a puppy to be fully house-trained. Please note that young puppies don’t have enough muscular control to hold their urine and feces.

Medical problem.  If your dog is not facing any of the above concerns, but still your puppy keeps pooping in the crate, it’s time to talk to the vet.  Medical problems could cause your dog to lose control of his bowels.

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How To Stop A Puppy From Pooping In A Crate

Once you confirm that any medical issue does not trigger the behavior, try the following steps.  Please note that stopping this puppy is not an overnight fix.  You will need lots of patience until your dog gets it.

  • Look out for signs that your dog wants to relieve himself.  Common symptoms include standing by the door, snigging the floor, turning in circles while sniffing, and whining.
  • If you notice any of the above signs, interrupt him with a one-word command and take him outside as fast as possible for him to do his business.
  • While outside, stay by your dog until he finishes his business. Once done, reward him with some treats and praises. Give your dog at least 5 minutes to run around the yard or do whatever he wants before issuing a back inside command.
  • Take your puppies outside at least once every hour, even if they don’t show signs of pooping. Puppies are less predictable with their pooping and will need more chances to try and get them to poop outside by letting them out more often.

How Does Using A Bell For Potty Training Work?

Some dog owners swear by the bell. Potty training can go a notch higher by introducing a bell. The goal is to train your puppy to use the bell anytime he needs to run outside and do his business. It is a three-step process as follows.

Step 1: Touch the Bell.  The first step is to familiarize your dog with the bell.  Hold the bell in front of your dog’s nose and encourage him to touch it. When he hits the bell, say a command them give him a treat right away.  The command is a marker to applaud the dog for doing the right thing.

Step 2: Touch the Bell at the Door.  Once the dog is familiar with the first step, place the bell by the door and have your dog touch it.   Get your dog’s attention first, then point at the bell, then say “touch”. If your dog feels the bell, repeat the command from step 1, and give plenty of treats immediately after touching the bell.

Step 3: Touch the Bell for Pooping.  The last step is to teach your puppy that the bell is to be used only for pooping purposes. Any time you notice your dog showing signs of wanting to do his business, lead him to the door, then say the “touch”. Next, allow him to run outside and wait for him to poop. When done, give treats and praise him.

With many repetitions, your dog will ultimately learn that he will need to touch the bell whenever he goes outside to poop or urinates.


Now that you have learned the tactics of teaching your puppy about the discipline of pooping outside, you will be happy to see the results of your labor.

We can’t emphasize the need to be patient with your dog until it can always manage to poop outside.

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