How To Help Rottweiler Stomach Problems

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Indigestion, nausea, and stomach cramps are all possible with dogs, prompting owners to ask how to help Rottweiler stomach problems. Dogs are, as we know, much sturdier than humans, so they won’t show as much pain as we do when these problems occur.

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at Rottweiler’s stomach problems, how can you help your Rottweiler with some home remedies and when is it time to take your pup to the vet.

Common Rottweiler Stomach Problems

The most obvious problem that can happen is an allergic reaction. Dogs can develop allergies in a way very similar to humans. And if you don’t know about your dog’s allergies, it’s very easy to feed them something that you definitely shouldn’t.

Common Rottweiler Stomach Problems

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These reactions can be minor, or moderate, but they can also be very difficult. It depends on just how reactive your dog is to the allergen and how much of it have they ingested. If you know that your Rottweiler is allergic to something and they accidentally eat it – it’s best to take your pup to the vet.

Then, we have food poisoning – this is what happens when owners give their dog food that’s gone bad. This, however, happens rarely and it’s usually not that dangerous. Your dog will likely suffer some cramps, indigestion, and nausea, but they’ll most likely be fine after regurgitating that food.

Both of these conditions are acute – they’re caused by a reaction to something (be it allergies or bad food). There are also more dangerous conditions that can cause lifelong problems.

For example, inflammation of the large intestine (also known as colitis) can be both short-term and long-term conditions, caused by bacteria, parasites, trauma, or even allergies. Dogs with colitis have trouble defecating and you may find blood in their feces – they’re also usually in pain when they’re defecating.

If you notice blood in your dog’s stool, take them to the vet immediately.

Another prominent condition that’s more dangerous than it seems is constipation – the difficulty to eliminate stool. The stool of a constipated dog is usually hard and dry – feces can become extremely difficult to pass, becoming obstipation, which can even lead to death.

Once again, if you notice that your dog is not defecating and they’re having trouble, it’s likely that they’re constipated and it’s best to take them to the vet. Constipation can be caused by a plethora of reasons, so it’s important to keep proper track of your dog’s diet.

Home Remedies For Rottweiler Stomach Problems


If you see that your dog is suffering from indigestion and nausea, making them fast for a day could help the situation as it balances out their stomach. We, of course, suggest that you take your dog to the vet if you notice any more obvious symptoms – pain, blood in stool, etc.

However, if your dog’s just eaten something bad, then taking them to the vet is most likely excessive, as this is going to take care of itself. Just make your dog fast for a day and don’t let them consume anything other than water.

Try More Bland Fools

Oatmeal is a great example. Oats are filled with fiber, so they’re going to bring balance into your dog’s diet. Cook some oatmeal and let it cool off before serving it to your dog. Most dogs are more than happy to eat cooked oatmeal without any additives.

Rice is another great choice when it comes to foods that aren’t invasive. Cooking rice without any seasoning is something that your dog, while they may not love it, will eat to fill the stomach and it most likely won’t cause a reaction.

Bland foods like oatmeal and rice are the best food for Rottweilers with sensitive stomachs as they aren’t going to cause a reaction.


Even though you can’t force water down your dog’s throat, it’s important for your dog to stay hydrated. If they’ve been throwing up or having diarrhea, they’re losing a lot of water and they need to take in a lot of water to compensate. This rule is the same with dogs as with humans.

Make sure that your dog’s water bowl is always full. If your dog is suffering from indigestion and simple stomach problems, these problems will usually take care of themselves, all you have to do is make sure that your dog is comfortable and hydrated.

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To Summarize

Rottweilers can be allergic to many things, just like people, and in that case – a food can cause an allergic reaction, which can cause indigestion. Most stomach problems dogs face will be taken care of on their own and you don’t personally have to do anything except for keeping your dog hydrated.

However, there are more serious digestive problems like constipation, obstipation, and inflammation of the large intestine. This is more rare than simple, acute problems. You can’t do anything about this on your own, so it’s best to take your dog to the vet.