Is A Rottweiler Dangerous For Family

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Even though Rottweilers are common as family pets, there are some people who wonder is a Rottweiler dangerous for family. The truth is, these dogs are so large and look so vicious to some people that there’s now a myth of them being dangerous. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the mentality of these dogs and how well do they fit in families.

Are Rottweilers Aggressive?

This is one of the key questions that have to be asked when we’re discussing these pups fitting into a family. Obviously, an aggressive dog should never be allowed to be near children, while they can also pose a danger to other people as well.

Luckily, Rottweilers aren’t aggressive dogs, at least until they’re threatened. These dogs, while being very well disciplined and keeping a cool head, are actually very vigilant. They have a natural protective instinct over their family, and they’re definitely going to be on the lookout for any potential danger.

This causes a misconception and people confuse this vigilantism with aggression. A Rottweiler will most likely act defensively towards anyone who comes close to your front yard or the house – everyone except for close family members and people they know, that it.

Some people see this as aggressive behavior – people who know dogs understand that the dog is actually doing its job – protecting the home. The idea that a dog should be silent and completely disregard its protective instincts is completely wrong and unfathomably unnatural, at least from the dog’s perspective.

Many people don’t see the need for a guard dog, so they themselves don’t train their dogs to be guard dogs (nor do they buy dogs that are naturally vigilant). Therefore, these same people often cause the misconception of labeling vigilant guard dogs as aggressive dogs.

A Rottweiler is very likely going to harm you if you’re a thief jumping the fence into its territory, but that’s about it – these dogs aren’t aggressive if you don’t present a threat to them, their home, or their family. Smaller dogs are, in all honesty, often more aggressive than larger, more disciplined dogs.

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Do Rottweilers Get On Well With Children?

This is a common worry for many families, and not without reason. Keep in mind that Rottweilers are very heavy dogs, even the females are heavy. Knowing that, you can surely understand that a Rottie could accidentally knock a child over – some dogs aren’t aware of their own size or strength.

Another issue that often arises with Rottweilers is playful biting. They’re not aware that some people see biting as scary and uncomfortable, especially children, and that while they don’t mean any harm and they’re just playing – some people are going to start to panic over the biting and nibbling.

Aside from those apparent physical problems, Rottweilers are generally safe for families. Once your children get older, they’ll be big enough to play with the dog safely. Also, it’s important to note that Rottweilers are intelligent dogs and they’re most likely aware that they pose some danger to small children because of their size.

Something that you should think about is introducing a dog to the family, instead of introducing a child to the dog. If your Rottie grows up around children, it’ll be much more accepting of children and it won’t be difficult for them to accept them as family members. However, if you introduce a baby to a grown-up Rottweiler, there might be some issues.

Firstly, the Rottweiler might feel as if the child is stealing all the attention – and you know that dogs live to get attention from their owners. Secondly, the dog might be a bit confused as to what a child is and it might not see it as a family member, but instead as an intruder at first. However, introducing the child to an adult dog gently and in small steps will eventually lead to the dog accepting the child.

Do Rottweilers Get On Well With Children

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Socialization Is Important

There are two things you should work on from a very early age with any dog – training and socialization. If you introduce your dogs to other dogs as a puppy and also introduce them to new people, they’ll learn to be comfortable around other people and dogs.

This can become especially important later on when you introduce new family members. This way, you’re releasing the pressure and the dog will safely stay composed during situations where it meets new people. Make sure to take it to dog parks as a puppy or take walks with other dog owners.


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To Summarize

Even though some people would like you to believe differently, Rottweilers aren’t aggressive dogs. They’re definitely vigilant and they’ll protect their family at all costs, but these dogs won’t attack people randomly or start any trouble with other dogs unless they’re threatened.

In fact, they’re quite composed and they keep a cool head in stressful situations, while they’re also supremely intelligent and you can teach them almost anything. The myth of Rottweilers being aggressive is, at the end of the day, a myth – and it has proven to be false many times over.