Is Rottweiler Wavy Coat Common?

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Rottweilers are usually short-haired dogs with a two-layered coat, which is why some owners ask is Rottweiler wavy coat common. Rotties are actually quite blessed when it comes to their coat, its thickness, and its endurance of it, and in today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at their coat, their grooming needs, and just how possible it is for a Rottie to have a wavy coat.

Rottweiler Coat

As we already said, Rottweilers have an amazing coat and it’s truly a nature’s marvel that these dogs have such good ventilation and temperature regulation achieved solely through their coat.

These dogs have a double-layered coat, meaning that there’s an inner and an outer layer of hair. The undercoat is usually only visible on the neck and on the thighs, apart from those body parts, it’s hidden under the outer coat (also called the overcoat).

The overcoat is usually of medium length, it’s dense and flat. The hair is short and straight, and what’s incredibly interesting about this coat is that, despite its shortness, Rottweilers stay very warm during the winter. These dogs, presumably because of their double coat, don’t have any problems staying outside during the colder months of the year.

Even more, interestingly, Rottweilers that live in warmer climates seem to have the evolutionary advantage of losing the undercoat as there are documented instances of Rotties that simply have a single layer of coat. That way, it’s easier for them to cope with the high, summer temperatures.

When it comes to the hair and its waviness, it’s true that a Rottweiler’s hair should be short and straight, but there are instances of Rottweilers developing longer hair. If it isn’t a case of breed mixing, then it’s simply a bad gene that’s somehow out of place and nothing to worry about health-wise.

However, if you look up the standard of the AKC for Rottweilers, you’ll see that the coat can’t possibly be-long and wavy – you’ll most likely get an instant disqualification for that in a dog show.

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Rottweiler Grooming

It’s most likely that your Rottweiler will need constant grooming and bathing. This isn’t without reason. Rottweilers are unfortunately more susceptible to skin illnesses than most other dog breeds. Combine that with the fact that they’re very physically active, and you get a combination of dirt, sweat, and sensitive skin, ensuring that your dog will easily develop an infection.

This is why it’s best to give your Rottie a bath once every two weeks if you’re a particularly active owner with your dog. However, if you don’t take your dog running through the forest every other day, then you can give them a bath once a month. This depends solely on your level of activity.

If you bathe your dog regularly, not only will you maintain skin health, but you’ll also ensure that shedding is minimized. It’s best to groom and brush your Rottie before you bathe them just to take care of any excess hair that your brush can take care of.

When you’re bathing your dog, make sure to use a dog bath brush, which is a gentle type of brush (essentially the dog version of the loofa) that will apply dog shampoo properly and ensure that it’s rubbed into all the right places. It’s likely that your dog will protest a bit when you first start bathing it, but it’ll give in after a while and it won’t mind the water.

Another important part of grooming is taking care of your dog’s teeth, which is something that most owners completely forget about. It’s best to use dental sticks, and you can find the best ones at your local vet’s. It’s also useful to use dog toys that are specifically made to clean the teeth as the dog bites the toy.

Another important part of grooming is taking care of your dog's teeth

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This is a completely underrated part of the process, as more than 87% of dogs over three years of age suffer from periodontal disease – something that can easily be avoided if owners take care of their dogs’ teeth!

Lastly, it’s important to take care of your dog’s ears and nails. Ears don’t need any special care, just make sure to cover them with the sponge too. As for nails, if your dog spends a lot of time running around, it’s likely that it will automatically shorten its nails by rubbing them against the ground.

However, if you notice that your dog’s nails are clipping the floor when your dog’s walking, that means that their nails are too long and you need to shorten them. Do this only if necessary and make sure that you don’t cut them too much as you could seriously hurt your pup!


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To End

Rottweilers usually have short and straight hair. This is a genetic trait, with the short hair being the outer coat, while there’s also an inner coat that keeps them warm during colder times. It’s very rare for a Rottie to have long and wavy hair, and this is usually a genetic miss when it does happen.

When it comes to grooming, Rotties have sensitive skin and it’s necessary to bathe them every few weeks, depending on the level of activity, if you want them to remain clean and healthy.