Male vs Female Rottweilers: A Would-Be Dog Owner’s Guide

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A rich, lustrous black coat and a confident, playful, and sometimes silly attitude – will it be hard to choose between male vs female rottweilers? When choosing between the two options, there are significant differences that you have to consider before making your final decision.

However, many people also forget that you need to think about other things too, like breed and age, alongside sex. Looking into the importance of each factor altogether is an important exercise.

If you are thinking of becoming a new owner of a proud rottweiler, here are some of the things to keep in mind!

The Rottweiler: A Breed for The Active and Fun-Loving

The Rottweiler breed is classified under the “working” group, according to the American Kennel Club. This group is made up of dogs who are good at certain jobs. This includes work like guard dog duty, herding cattle, and sled-pulling. In fact, they love having something to do and being good at it. They love to be an important part of the family!

Rottweilers of either sex are beautiful, proud, and sturdy dogs. They are covered with a lush black and rust coat, shiny and inviting to touch. They are naturally muscular and adventurous breeds, so they will have no problem making friends or going into the unknown.

Rottweilers are intelligent dogs and like to do tricks and learn new things. Sometimes, they would even challenge their owners! You need to be firm and purposeful when dealing with this dog.

It should be understood that this large breed is not recommended for beginning dog owners. This is because they are a large breed with an even larger personality, making them a bit of a challenge in terms of training. These are detailed in the section below.

Male vs Female Rottweilers Challenges

Both female and male Rotties have a territorial tendency. This unfortunately comes with the habit of “spraying” or marking their territory with urine. 

They are active dogs. If you do not give importance to their exercise time, they will take out their energy in your home. This could lead to some destructive behaviors and unpleasant incidents.

They grow up to be potentially over-aggressive if they are not socialized properly in youth. While they will be friendly when they grow up, this has to be learned. Take care when letting a rottweiler near smaller and weaker breeds. Their domineering side will show, and they will not be able to help display their alpha status.

Still, they are great protectors of the family. If all members chip in and help out in bringing up their rottweiler, they will find themselves with a gentle and loyal companion.

rottweiler loyal companion

Rottweiler Males

The male rottweiler is all about the brawn. As a working dog, this is an important factor for those who are looking for a companion who will do a bit of heavy lifting – or at the very least, keeping watch.

As mentioned earlier, the rottweilers are territorial dogs. Famous breeder and Rottweiler fan Richard Beauchamp notes that the male Rottie exemplifies this. He will not be afraid to claim your whole house for himself! Because of this, you might want to invest in the furniture you are not particularly attached to. Alternatively, you should not let him near your precious belongings, which he will attempt to mark!

Rottweiler Females

Even with the female counterpart, you should expect a muscular friend. However, they are significantly less packed than the male, and visibly more slender. They will also be slightly less aggressive than the male. The females are less argumentative, and her smaller frame and mass may have something to do with that. Children and smaller dog breeds would not be afraid to approach her, either.

The pup-baring side of the equation should also be considered. Is it important for you to breed at home? If so, this should be an obvious choice. 

Of course, you would have to deal with things like your female dog’s heat periods and menstruation. Rottweiler females reach puberty by six months but will typically start heat cycles at 12 to 18 months. If this is something that you would rather not deal with, spaying or neutering is a good option.

Male vs Female Rottweilers – Which is For You?

If your heart is truly settled on a cute rottweiler (and we don’t blame you), then here are the fundamental questions that will help you reach your final decision. Male or female rottweiler – both are very similar, but size and attitude may have some slight differences.

Is Breeding New Pup Rottweilers Important to You?

This would be an obvious choice – female rottweilers will be your calling.

Is The Size of The Dog Important for Your Home?

The dog has a medium-size build, but the difference between males and females is around 2 inches. That does not seem like a very significant difference. However, this is made up in terms of their mass. A male rottweiler could weigh anywhere from 15 to 35 lbs heavier than a female. 

Since Rottweilers are friendly and playful dogs, they are not afraid to approach and contact. If you don’t mind having a heavy dog plop themselves on you, either sex should be a good choice for you!

Do you Want a Guard Dog for Your Home?

If so, you should go for the male. Their alpha attitude is sure to intimidate any suspicious characters or creatures that would approach your home. They are reliable not just because of their menacing look but they have the strength to back it up.

Do you Want a Friendly Pet for Your Children?

Both male and female Rottweilers are very friendly and active – making them perfect for kids! However, if you want to be more careful, females are a great choice. They have all the good qualities of the rottweiler. The aggressiveness is tempered by a maternal instinct. They will also be very protective of children when outside. 

Whatever your decision, make sure you and your household members are prepared to accommodate and train this powerful but playful furry friend. Do you have any more questions about female and male Rotties? Let us know!

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