What Is A Miniature Rottweiler Full Grown Like?

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What is a Miniature Rottweiler full-grown like? In the amazing world of Rottweilers, a mini version of the favorite could appeal to a much wider audience.

Miniature dogs are popular because of their ultra-cute appearance and novel ability to squeeze into any space they want. It is no wonder that there is a demand for these interesting dogs, but there is a full story behind them that not many people are aware of.

Are you curious about the so-called Miniature Rottweiler and what their characteristics are? Read on to learn more.

What Is The Typical Size Of A Rottweiler?

The Rottweiler has a typical height of 24-27 inches for a male and 22-25 inches for a female. It also has the typical weight of 95-135 lbs for a male and 80-100 lbs for a female.

They are considered large-sized dogs in the Working Group, which are strong and powerful breeds. This may be why the idea of Miniature Rottweiler full-grown is quite a novelty.

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What Is A Miniature Rottweiler?

While these smaller Rottweilers exist, they are not a recognized breed. They are still just Rottweilers with genes that allow them to be smaller in size.

Where Did Miniature Rottweilers Come From?

If miniature Rottweilers are just regular Rottweilers, where does this unique-looking dog come from? Here are some of the factors that contribute to these mini versions of the popular breed.

Dwarfism Gene

Some dogs can experience bone deformity and dwarfism, which are genetically acquired. This abnormality can come in two forms: osteochondrodysplasia and achondroplasia.

Osteochondrodysplasia affects the bone and cartilage. They are not able to grow properly and leads to bone deformities that they grow into adulthood.

Achondroplasia, on the other hand, is a specific type of osteochondrodysplasia. It is when the bones are not able to grow to their normal size. This leads to dwarfism, where the limbs are shorter than the expectation. 

It should be noted that these disorders can negatively affect the health and lifespan of the dogs. There is the selective breeding of certain breeds that lead to this “known” trait of short limbs and other deformities. 


When cross-breeding a female Rottweiler with a smaller male dog breed, you may end up with a dog that looks like a Rottweiler in a smaller form. You can see this when the breed is crossed with Chihuahuas and the like.

In a study done by Charles Stockard, his cross-breeding experiments resulted in dogs that acquired a certain gene that led to shorter legs. This mutation is the fibroblast growth factor 4 or FGF4. It affects the limbs and essentially halts the longer growth of the bones of the legs.

Cross-breeders continue to use these methods to acquire dogs with shorter legs.

Is The Miniature Rottweiler Like The Regular Rottweiler?

Yes, even in its small size, a miniature Rottweiler can have the same characteristics as the regular Rottweiler.

Are Miniature Rottweilers Ethical?

Intentionally breeding dogs with dwarfism has been a hot topic over the years. Many find it rather normal due to the amount of time it has spent in the spotlight. Many others also find it cruel, because dwarfism can potentially cut your dog’s lifespan and lead to terrible effects on its maturity.

There are such things as ethical breeders. Some breeds like corgis and dachshunds already have this gene and disposition in all adults, so it is not considered unethical. The breeders operate within the international breeding standards set that make sure all dogs are born happy and healthy. The diversity in dog breeds today should be supported by the desire to breed healthy dogs and give them the best quality of life possible.

This is a complicated issue that also boils down to the individual. This decision will be according to personal preferences. It may as well depend on finding a good source of ethical breeders only.

Smaller Dogs Similar To Rottweilers

If you are not sold on a Rottweiler in the home, there are certain breeds that you might prefer based on attitude and size.

Miniature Pinscher

This mini version is, unlike the Miniature Rottweiler, an officially recognized breed. It’s a compact-sized dog of the Toy Group. It can grow to the height of 10 to 12.5 inches and weight of 8 to 10 lbs. It has a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years.

For a short dog, it has long legs that cause it to look like a trotting horse as it moves around. This charming breed can come in the famous black and rust combination of the Rottweiler, making them similar with respect to coats. Like a Rottweiler, the Min Pin is quite brave and protective of its family.

 Miniature Pinscher

Manchester Terrier

This breed belongs to the crowd favorite Terrier Group. They have a maximum height range of 15 to 16 inches and a weight range of 12 to 22 lbs. It has a life expectancy of 15 to 17 years.

Named after the famous city, which is also their origin, this small dog is a graceful and athletic companion. They typically come in tan or black coats. You might be able to find one that mimics the Rottweilers pattern, except it would have tan markings instead of rust. Both the Manchester Terrier and the Rottweiler are intelligent dogs that are easily trainable, making them fun companions.

Manchester Terrier

Rottweiler Mix

If the previous breeds still don’t interest you, there is a chance that you can come across a Rottweiler mix that suits your size needs.

Some popular Rottweiler mixes can lead to smaller dogs. Some examples include Chihuahuas, French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Pomeranians. While the outcome of the mix is unpredictable, the dog can inherit the characteristics from either parent. Some known outcomes of the mixes have a cute and adorable balanced mix of the two breeds.

While the “Miniature Rottweiler” is not a recognized breed, you can indeed find small Rottweilers being bred by chance. Depending on your living situation and personal feelings towards miniaturized dogs, this Rottweiler may be perfect for your life.

What do you think about the Miniature Rottweiler full grown? Are you thinking about getting your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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