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Rottweilers are very famous for their strength, tenacity, and power, that’s why another nickname for a Rottweiler is an homage to those traits. You can name your dog virtually anything. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular names for Rottweilers, as well as the logic behind them and the history of the name.

Most Popular Rottweiler Nicknames

The most popular Rottweiler names are referring to their strength and power. This is why the most popular male names are Zeus, Poseidon, Thor, Cesar, Bear, Brutus, etc. The same applies to female names: Xena (referring to the legendary character played), Venus, Aurora, Fortuna, Morta, etc.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most popular nicknames for male Rottweilers.

Maxim (meaning the greatest), Turvon (whirlwind), Felix (lucky), Luther, Lucifer, Draco (meaning dragon in Latin), Ace, Duke, Oscar, Apollo, Tyson, Bane, Simba, Gunner, and others.

When it comes to female names, you can also find some of the most popular dog names for Rottweilers in the list below!

Ursula (meaning bear), Dina, Bellatrix, Valkyrie, Medusa, Ricarda (meaning brave and strong). Roxy, Luna, Nala (a reference to the Lion King). Athena, Lexy, Leia, Arya, Iris, Rain, and Jewel.

History Of The Name “Rottweiler”

The name “Rottweiler”, under which we all know and love this breed, refers to the physical description of the dog. They’re known as large, muscular, black dogs. Their fur is thick and smooth with a few tanned markings. Their head is large and square, while their shoulders are broad. A few hundred years ago, they were mostly used as working dogs. After all, that was the intention of their breeding.

They were often used as herding dogs, used for protecting livestock and supplies. This is why another name for this dog was the Butcher’s Dog! These dogs became very popular with Germans after the Romans left them in Germany in the 3rd century! Germans started to breed them more and more, using them as working dogs, as well as guard dogs. Nowadays, the dog we know as the Rottweiler is actually the German Rottweiler.

Rottweilers were often used as herding dogs, used for protecting livestock and supplies

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Roman Rottweilers are much more rare nowadays, and it’s very difficult to get your hands on one.

The Rottweiler became a very popular dog in the German town of Rottweil. There, you could often see them pulling carts for the local butchers. They were very useful for this job, not only because they were so strong that they could pull a cart full of meat, but they were also large and dangerous to anyone who would try to steal!

In the beginning, people called them Rottweil Metzgerhund, meaning the Butcher’s Dog. With time, however, the name was abbreviated to Rottweiler.

Choosing Your Dog’s Name

Believe it or not, your dog’s name will have more effect on their lives than you may think. This is especially important for training. Here are a few pointers on how to choose a Rottweiler nickname properly.

Don’t Pick A Name That Sounds Similar To A Command

Rottweilers have the natural need to learn and explore. If you don’t train your dog, then you’re wasting a lot of its potential. That’s why we suggest that you stick to training and that you don’t choose a name that sounds similar to a command.

Choosing such a name will only confuse your dog. So, anything sounding similar to “No”, “Stay”, “Sit”, “Fetch”, etc. is a no-go. Beau, Trey, etc., aren’t cool Rottweiler nicknames – they’re confusing.

Long Names Are Usually Pointless

There is some debate amongst owners about this, but it often happens that someone names their dog a long name, like Poseidon, Maximus, and others. However, we abbreviate it by nature, calling the dog Don, Max, etc. The general rule of thumb is sticking to a two-syllable name since it’s in our nature to find those names catchy!

You should also avoid tongue twisters, as they aren’t that easy to pronounce. People also naturally stay away from dogs with menacing-sounding names. If you’re thinking about calling your dog Lucifer, Hades, or something similar to that, you might want to rethink that.

Your Dog’s Personality Should Reflect The Name

It’s not without reason that most Rottweilers have powerful names. These dogs are strong, courageous, and menacing when provoked. However, your dog will start to develop its personality very early on, and you’ll notice if it’s a bit less aggressive. Even though there’s no harm in it, naming your very cuddly and very tame dog Lucifer will only confuse people.

Stick With The Name You Choose

Whatever the name you choose is, make sure that you don’t change your mind a month later. It’s crucial that your dog understands, after positive reinforcement, that the name refers to it.

You will probably use a lot of nicknames. To refer to our last example, if you name your dog Lucifer, you’ll probably call it Luce, Lou, etc. This is fine, but try to refrain from using nicknames before your dog learns what their actual name is. With time, your dog will respond both to the name and the various nicknames you come up with.

Once you decide on the name, repetition becomes key. Your dog needs to associate the name with positive reinforcement. That way, it will soon learn that when you call out that name, you’re actually calling out for it.

In conclusion, the name Rottweiler draws its origins from the physical description of the dog, as well as the town German Rottweilers stem from. They were immensely popular in Rottweil, which is why they were named by it. If you’re looking for some of the most popular Rottweiler nicknames, look into Zeus, Poseidon, Thor, Cesar, Bear, Brutus, Roxy, Luna, Nala, Dina, Leia, and Arya. When you’re naming your dog, make sure that the name you choose doesn’t sound similar to a command you’ll be teaching it. Once you choose the name for your dog, make sure that you stick to it and let your dog learn it!

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