Red Heeler Rottweiler Mix

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The Red heeler Rottweiler mix leaves many people confused due to the mixture of names from this Australian breed.

Australian cattle dog and Blue heeler are the same dogs.  The term Blue heeler refers to Australian cattle dogs that are blue.  The red heeler is an Australian cattle dog that is red.

The Australian cattle dog is the official name of this dog breed and can be found in two colors – Red and blue.  This is how they got their nicknames – Blue heeler and red heeler.

This article will focus on the Rottweiler heeler mix and not the blue heeler and Rottweiler combination – notice the difference.

The Red Heeler is a breed from Australia that can weigh at least 97 pounds and grow 7 inches tall.  It is easy to care for this breed with less demand making it more admirable to pet lovers.

To learn more about this breed, let’s look at the parents’ history.

The Red Heeler History and Characteristics

This dog breed originates from Australia and is also known as the Australian Cattle dog.  It was developed by a farmer – Thomas Hall, in New South Wales. He mixed two breeds – dogs used by stockman and the dingo.  The new breed from these two was named Halls Heelers. One of the Heelers breeds was later developed into the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog.

The Australian Cattle dog comes in two types – the red and blue heeler.  The red heeler has two subtypes – red mottled, red speckled but besides their coat appearance, the rest of the features are the same.

White hairs protruding from their outer fur coat distinguish the red speckled heelers.  These white hair spots come in irregular shapes and are as big as the fingertip. With the underlying skin being dark red, these white spots are vividly visible.

Besides the speckled coat, other red heelers have mottled coat fur.  Their difference lies in the background, ranging between ginger and light red. Some dogs could also have a red patch over a single eye, while others might have it on both eyes.

Apart from their distinct color, this breed has a masculine, muscular body, hyperactive and agile.  They have stronger muscles around their shoulders and can grow up to 20 inches tall.

Rottweiler History

It is believed that the Rottweiler was developed by the Roman as cattle dogs.  In the middle ages, Rottweiler was used in bear hunting and pulling meat carts.  In the 19th century, when the railway began moving, the need to use these dogs declined.

Today, the Rottie is used as military and police dogs and played a significant role in the first and second World Wars.  The American Kennel Club recognized this dog breed in 1931 and was named the 9th most popular breed in America in 2013.

The Red Heeler Rottweiler Mix – Temperament

This dog breed is friendly, protective, loyal, and loving.  It is friendly to children and other animals but must be socialized early to help them get better skills.  Properly train this dog as a puppy to learn how to socialize and play with children and other puppies.

Teach your children how to handle the dog too to avoid cases of aggression in pets.  It’s always a beautiful view to watch your children play with the dog, and any pet owner would give anything for this harmony.

The RottHeeler is a calm dog and doesn’t get aggressive fast; it’s also easy to train to make it one of the best dogs to have around kids.

The Red Heeler Rottweiler Mix – Feeding

Feeding the red heeler Rottweiler mix with the proper nutrients is critical.  This breed has a history of joint diseases and requires minerals and nutrients that build on its bone structure.

Even if it’s a premium quality, the dry dog food might not be enough for this dog breed. Feed it with high protein foods like chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, and fish.  You can ask your veterinarian or the breeder you are getting the puppy from for advice on feeding this dog.


This dog requires less maintenance compared to many dog breeds.  You will not need to groom it daily; a rather occasional brushing will be more than enough.  Its coat is relatively dry and tough, and it has less hair.

Bathe this dog breed at least once or twice a month to avoid drying its skin even more.  You could also bathe it when you notice an odor if it’s in between the 2 times we have suggested in the month.

Rottie Red Heeler Mix Puppies – Exercise Needs

The RottHeeler requires daily exercises to keep it from becoming obese.  Like many other dog breeds, this dog enjoys walks, runs and other athletics sports.  They love playing fetch with both adults and children and other fun games.

They love to swim too and can be in the water for a reasonable amount of time.  You can take them with you for swimming and don’t forget to carry some balls or other fun items for playing in the water.

 rottie red heeler mix puppies

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Its Adaptability

The RottHeeler adapts well in cool, hot, and temperate climates. They can live in sheltered outdoors, as well as indoors.

Wherever you choose to keep this dog indoors or outdoors, the most important thing to give it is enough physical activity.

If you lock it up outside without exercise, it will end up a frustrated and unhappy dog.

Learning Ability

This dog breed is a fast learner and will absorb every new trick you bring its way.  Teaching them different tricks helps build a close bond between you and your furry friend.  You could also get a competitor in the fetch game, swimming, bring a stick, or running.


If there is a dog breed with such low maintenance, it’s the red heeler Rottweiler mix.  Besides the regular training and exercise that each dog needs, this dog affords you a chance to get a furry friend that is easy to get by.

What are you waiting for?  Adopt a puppy and start on this exciting journey!

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