The Standard Rottweiler Colors Tan

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The Rottweiler colors tan include both standard and tan colors that are common for this breed, which most people do not know about. In this post, we will look at different Rottweilers colors.

The Rottweiler is a tough, protective, and loyal dog that is friendly to keep in the family.  They have a calm demeanor, are intelligent and confident.  They are fierce and excellent guard dogs.

This breed has a smooth dark color coat that gives it a stoic, beautiful appearance.  However, contrary to many people, this breed has more than one coat style and markings.  There are five colors you can choose from.

The Standard Rottweiler Colors Tan

According to the American Kennel Club, the Rottweilers have 3 official colors, with the base being black with markings ranging from rust to mahogany.  They include

  • Black and Mahogany
  • Black and tan
  • Black and rust

Besides these 3 standard colors, the other 2 colors are exotic and appear on Rottweilers. These are Red and Blue colors.

The separation of the black base color and the markings is clearly defined on the coat.  The colored markings can be seen in these areas.

  • Tail – Rottweilers have docked tails, but there is a little marking under the tail.
  • Legs – The markings are apparent on the forelegs starting from carpus to the toes.  There are additional markings located on the inside of the rear legs.
  • Throat & Chest – A triangular patch of marking appears on both sides of the pro-sternum.
  • Cheeks – each side of the jaw should have a strip of color, but it does not intrude on the bridge of the nose.
  • Eyebrows – the markings appear over each eye.

The Rottweiler colors and markings’ location is as important as the quantity of these markings.  The markings should not exceed 10% of the dog’s body color.

Black and Mahogany Rottweiler Colors

The black and mahogany Rottweilers are the most common and popular combinations in many homes.  You will see them almost everywhere, and most people only know this color combination.

It is tough to tell apart Rotties based on their markings.  However, the black and mahogany ones have the darkest colored markings in all the correct areas.  The mahogany color is deep-red-brownish.

Considering how beautiful this color combination looks, it is easy to see why it is more common than the rest.

 rottweiler colors

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Black and Tan Rottweiler Colors

Tan is not a rare color among dogs, and a few dog breeds are known for this color combination. Black and tan Rottweilers could be the least common ones to spot.   However, because these dogs are everywhere, it is still possible to run into some.

The Beaucerons are commonly confused with the black and tan Rottweilers.   In addition, the Black and Tan Coonhound also has this color combination.

While there are rare Rotties with this color combo, it is not rare in the dog kingdom.

Black and Rust Rottweiler Colors 

The black and rust Rottweiler is the third color combination, which is also common.  The rust is by far the most distinctive, although a few breeds have rust in their coats; there are only two dog breeds that have specifically black and rust.

The rust color is not as dark and deep as the popular mahogany. However, it is not either as bright or light as the tan. These dogs are just as stunning as any other breed color, and only a few people can tell them apart.

 rottweiler colors and markings

Red Rottweiler Colors Tan

Though this is not a standard color, it is one of the most exotic and interesting colors for a Rottweiler to have.

Though pet lovers may want a uniquely colored dog, the red Rotties are not ethically bred.

Breeders that particular breed for rare colors often ignore breeding for good health and temperament and only for color.  This is because they can charge a higher price for the rare color.

Blue Rottweiler Colors Tan

The blue Rottweiler is also a rare type but not as rare as the red.  The blue-colored dogs suffer from health issues, so it’s not a great dog to have.  However, they are stunning to look at.

The blue Rottie can look grey, silver, or even slate.  This color occurs when the black Rottweiler’s pigment is diluted, making it lighter than normal.

This blue Rottweiler will have various tones, as the other fewer colors can still be present.

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Do Rottweilers Change Colors?

Can you wake up one morning and find you have a different colored Rottweiler?  It is widespread for a puppy’s coat color to change as they grow older. The Rotties are no exception.

According to Dr Winnie, there are many possibilities for a Rottweiler puppy to change color. For example, its short hair could be shedding in the fall season in preparation for cold weather.

Most of the black Rottweilers have a grey undercoat, and some may wear a tan or a red undercoat.  It may seem like the colors are changing, but it’s just undercoat color becoming more obvious.

They may also change their coat color due to genetics.  They may carry both the red and blue coat genetics that can be revealed as the puppy grows.


So which is your favorite Rottweilers tan?

Does it matter what color your Rottweiler is?  Or can you do any color?   All these dogs have the same personality and temperament. You will get the same loyalty and affection from the blue or the black with rust markings.

We hope you have enjoyed the color review of the five different Rottweilers colors.  Each one of these dogs is lovely, regardless of the color or the rare tones.

If you are all crazy in love with Rottweilers, let not the color hinder you from getting your favorite dog.  They are such amazing dogs that deserve n equally loving and affectionate family who will not discriminate against them because of their color.  They will add love and comfort to your home and be a great companion for the whole family.

However, if you want to keep a Rottweiler with standard features due to taking part in some events, go for the original pure breed colors.  This will ensure your dog won’t fail the competition.

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