Rottweiler Feeding Requirements

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In case you hadn’t noticed by now – Rottweilers are large dogs, which is why new owners ask about Rottweiler feeding requirements. What are they supposed to feed them for them to get so big? How often should you feed a Rottie? In today’s article, we’ll be taking a detailed look into Rottweiler feeding requirements to learn exactly how often should you feed them, what to feed them and how to keep a healthy diet.

Feeding A Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweiler puppies actually eat more than adult Rottweilers, at least in regard to their size. This is because they need so many nutrients to put on some weight and also grow their bones, and teeth and develop other important body parts. During this period, their metabolisms are much quicker (once again, in regard to their size) than the metabolisms of adult Rottweilers.

Right after they’re born, Rottweilers won’t have teeth (just like no other dog will), but as soon as they grow teeth – they can start eating solid food. Despite their small size, they can munch on 1.5 cups of dog kibble every single day.

With time, your puppy will start getting heavier, and you’re going to have to increase the amount of food it has every day. During their young life, you should feed your puppy more times a day than you would feed an adult dog.

This once again relates to their metabolism being crazy-quick! Since they’re utilizing so many nutrients for growth, these dogs burn through their food at incredible rates, meaning that you can feed them 4-6 times a day. From sunup to sundown, essentially. The same can’t be said for adult Rottweilers, but we’ll move on to that later.

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Is Puppy Food Real Or A Scam?

Puppy food is most definitely real – puppies, as we learned, don’t have the same nutritional needs as adult dogs. They actually need more protein, fats, and carbs than adult dogs do, which is why it’s absolutely necessary to provide them with the right food.

A puppy needs more than 25% of the protein in its daily diet, it also needs 18% of fat, while carbs should be a bit less than that.

Some owners also like adding supplements to their dogs’ diets, but this is a preference of the owner themselves and it’s not something you should do without your vet signing off on it.

Is Puppy Food Real Or A Scam

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Feeding An Adult Rottweiler

There are a few key differences between an adult and a puppy when it comes to feeding.

Firstly, adult Rottweilers need more food (clearly), but they actually eat less in regard to their size than puppies do. Remember that some of the largest male Rottweilers in the world weigh more than 130 pounds, which is massive for a dog.

To reach and maintain its optimal weight, a Rottweiler needs to consume about 2000 calories per day – this number can vary depending on how much exercise your dog gets. This is definitely more than the 1.5 cups it used to eat as a puppy.

Secondly, since their metabolism has to slow down once they reach physical maturity – they don’t need to eat 4-6 times a day anymore. Instead, you can feed your dog twice or even once a day, which is something that many owners prefer. Keep in mind that these two things combined mean that you’re going to be spending a lot of money on food.

Rottweilers eat as much as a tall, strong adult man – so it’s like having another adult person in the family.

Lastly, they have different nutritional needs in comparison to puppies. They need less protein, less fats, and less carbs. Rottweilers will do just fine with 25% protein, 15% fats, and a bit less carbs.

Choosing The Food For Your Rottweiler

Some owners prefer sticking with dog kibble – which is just fine. Most dog kibble is tested and confirmed to be safe through laboratory testing. There are also high-quality dog kibble brands that are just amazing and they’re definitely going to keep your Rottweiler feeling full and growing well.

However, you can also make food at home. This, however, is a topic of some debate amongst experts. Some vets insist that most people don’t know what can a dog eat and what they can’t eat, so preparing the food at home is unsanitary and possibly dangerous because humans are irresponsible. There is some truth to this.

However, other experts argue that if an owner is careful and follows hygienic protocols, as well as food preparing protocols – there’s no reason for the food to be dangerous at all. This is a very personal question, so there’s no real answer to it and it might be best to speak with your vet.


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To Finish

Rottweilers are large dogs that need at least 2000 calories a day to maintain a healthy weight, while most of that diet should consist of protein. When they’re puppies, they actually need more protein and more fats than adults. Since these dogs are very active, it’s also necessary to adjust their diet according to their physical exercise.

You can also feed them homemade food, not just dog kibble, but make sure to speak with your vet about this.