Rottweiler Head Types

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Even within a single breed, there can be several iterations of some elements, which is why some Rottie owners wonder what are Rottweiler head types within this breed. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at Rottweiler’s anatomy to define what’s healthy and proper, and what are the noticeable differences between two Rottweilers.

Different Rottweiler Subbreeds

Even though Rottweilers are a general breed, there are several unofficial subbreeds within this breed. The name ‘Rottweiler’ usually refers to the German Rottweiler, which is usually the most pure breed out of all Rottweiler breeds. However, breeders are nowadays able to create (and recreate) certain characteristics in dogs.

Therefore, we have the Roman Rottweiler, which is supposed to be the reincarnation of the original Rottweiler. To understand, remember that the Rottweiler was originally a war dog for ancient Roman legions until it settled in Germany and grew into the doc we know and love today. Through selective breeding – breeders were able to partially recreate this ancient version of the Rottweilers.

Therefore, they created a dog that was larger, heavier, and all in all bulkier than the standardized – German Rottweiler. This dog, coincidentally, usually has a bulkier head than the German Rottweiler.

Now we’re going to define two more iterations of the Rottweiler breed, but keep in mind that these breeds aren’t exactly official. There are noticeable differences between them, sure, and it might help if you look at them as different versions of the same dog. However, the German Rottweiler is the only official version of the dog, and according to some veterinarians – it’s the only version you should be interested in adopting or buying.

German Rottweilers

These Rotties are up to the highest standard when it comes to body anatomy. This isn’t without reason – the best Rottweilers in the world usually come from Germany. Take note that the word ‘German’ in the name ‘German Rottweiler’ only means that they originated in Germany – there are German Rottweiler breeders all over the world.

However, per tradition, the best Rottweilers in the world are usually from Germany, and this is because their ADRK (German Rottweiler Club) oversees every breeder. It’s illegal to breed without their permission, and they make the dogs that are going to breed go through several tests before letting them breed.

That way, they’re ensuring not only breed purity, but also the high quality of a dog that’s later on born! Because of these impeccable standards, German Rottweilers are always up to standard and they’re without a doubt the best Rottweilers in the world.

German Rottweilers

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Regarding the size of their head – it’s always up to standard and anything noticeably larger or smaller than that is off-standard.

American Rottweiler

American Rottweilers are still German Rottweilers, they were just bred in the USA and they’re usually a lower quality of a dog. The reason for this is that there’s no organization to oversee breeders. Moreover, a breeder doesn’t even have to register as an official breeder – so there are many dogs that are bred and sold without a license.

During this practice, breeders often breed random male Rotties with random female Rotties, while the standard practice is to breed only the best males with the best females. Because of this, American Rottweilers are usually thinner, taller and they have a smaller head than the German Rottweiler.

Even though they’re technically the same breed, American Rottweilers look like a bad version of regular, German Rottweilers.

Roman Rottweilers

As we had already explained, there is no official breed called ‘American Rottweiler’ or ‘Roman Rottweiler’. These are all unofficial breeds that were created mostly by accident. However, the difference between American Rottweiler and Roman Rottweiler is that the latter is actually a scam. Some breeders thought of the genius idea (at least that’s what it was in their minds) to breed large Rottweilers and sell them under the moniker ‘Roman Rottweiler’, implying that these are ancient Roman Rottweilers reincarnated.

There is no such thing, and Roman Rottweilers don’t exist anymore. The only thing that these breeders achieved is breeding a larger version of the Rottweiler. Because of that, these Rotties are usually a bit taller, bulkier and they usually have a larger head in comparison to the German Rottweiler.

The actual scam here is that these breeders will ask for, frankly, ridiculous sums of money for these dogs, claiming that they’re ‘original’ Rottweilers just because of a few bodily features. Don’t fall for this.

A Rottweiler’s head should be of medium length but broad between the ears, according to the AKC – everything more than that isn’t healthy nor is it up to standard.

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To End

There are usually three typical versions of the Rottweiler – the German Rottweiler (which is the official, standardized version), the American Rottie (an unofficial, thinner, and smaller version), and the Roman Rottweiler (an unofficial, bulkier version). The size of the German Rottweiler’s head is standardized and anything larger or smaller than that by a noticeable margin isn’t up to standard.

Always make sure that you check your official documentation before you buy your dog, as that’s the only way you can guarantee that it’s purebred.