Rottweiler Lab Mix Temperament: What Is Your Style?

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Learning about the Rottweiler Lab mix temperament will help you determine if this cross-breed will work for you. What attitude do you want your pet to have?

It is nice to think that we will be able to breed dog mixes that will serve our family’s needs best. However, you must remember that despite all the advances in mix breeding, the outcome of two-breed puppies still has some unexpected results.

Are you thinking of getting a Rottweiler Lab mix for its family-friendly and watchdog demeanor? Read more to find out about this fascinating mix!

What Is A Rottweiler and Lab Mix?

A Rottweiler Lab mix is a mixed breed consisting of a Rottweiler and a Labrador Retriever. This mixed breed is usually done with having parents of either breed. This mix also goes by the nicknames “Rottador” or “Labrottie”.

These two dogs are some of the most popular not just in the United States, but worldwide as well. It’s no wonder you are interested in this mix, but will it really be the best of both worlds in terms of temperament?

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Characteristics Of A Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a medium-sized dog of the Working Dog group. Males reach 25 to 27 inches in height and 93 to 135 lbs in weight. Females reach 22 to 25 inches in height and 80 to 100 lbs in weight. They have a lifespan of about 9 to 10 years.

While the bad reputation of Rottweilers especially in the news and media is blown pretty badly, many people still love them. Rottweilers rank 8th in the United States according to the American Kennel Club. They are an industrious breed and can be seen working the floor as police dogs, therapy dogs, and seeing-eye dogs.

Characteristics Of A Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a medium-sized dog of the Sporting Dog group. Males reach 22.5 to 24.5 inches in height and 65 to 90 lbs in weight. Females reach 21.5 – 23.5 inches in height and 55 to 70 lbs in weight. They have a lifespan of about 10 -12 years.

The Labrador is a smile in the form of a dog. They are America’s favorite dogs, topping the breed rankings year after year. This energetic breed is a great package of friendliness, athleticism, and affection. Great in the home and in the great outdoors, big active families do not have to search far and wide for a companion.

The Rottweiler Lab Mix Temperament

These two breeds seem like they are on very different ends of the spectrum. Here we outline the differences and similarities that you should consider once you have decided on getting this wonderful mix.

It should be reiterated that there is a degree of unpredictability in the world of cross-breeding. While it’s highly likely that you’ll get a mix in terms of size, coat, health, and temperament, nothing is ever set in stone. You will have to be open to the possibilities of a mixed breed forever friend.

Differences In Rottweiler Lab Mix Temperament

When you stroll out into the park, the Labrador may be very friendly and greet with several humans and dogs – and maybe even some flora – on the way. The Rottweiler, on the other hand, will turn on their protective herder side and be on the lookout for any trouble. This could mean that they are wary in the face of strangers, especially if they have not been socialized.

Another thing – did you know that Rottweilers are low-energy dogs? With all that muscle and power, who would have thought that this was the case? In fact, if left to their own devices and a bad diet, your Rottweiler has a chance to become obese. On the other hand, Labradors are always ready to play, high-energy, and ready to go.

Last but not least, Rottweilers can have an aggressive streak. This may be detrimental if it is not addressed properly and as soon as possible. While they can be very affectionate to families, suspicious strangers should watch out if they approach the Rottweiler’s family or home. Because of this aggressive and territorial nature, first-time dog-owners are discouraged to start with Rottweilers.

Similarities In Rottweiler Lab Mix Temperament

Now let’s move onto the similarities. Both the Rottweiler and the Labrador are extreme sweethearts. They are lovey-dovey and affectionate, and very loyal to their owners. You may even call them clingy with their tendency to follow you around.

Their loyalty extends to their energy towards their family. Labradors are great around children, as previously stated. While there is a learning curve that Rottweilers have to go through with socialization training, they are excellent protectors of the family – including any small children – as well.

Both of these dogs are also very smart. They excel in obedience training and love to do puzzles and other mental activities. The Rottweiler is more well-known in the area of jobs, but the Labrador holds its own as a companion of many sportspeople. Depending on your activities, you will be happy with either companion.

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What Temperament Is Important To You?

What attitude would you like your dog to have? Here, we outline some of the important temperaments and characteristics of a dog, and examples of some breeds you should also consider.

Family and Kid-Friendly

Have kids, elderly people, or other vulnerable people in your family? A gentle soul may be the best companion for your household.

You might be into Golden Retrievers, Beagles, and Poodles.

Energetic and Athletic

As mentioned, the Labrador and the Rottweiler are opposite sides of the spectrum for this factor. Run and jump with your dog – if it’s their preference!

You might be into Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies.

Vigilant Watchdog

Do you want a protector of your home, just like the Rottweiler? Get a dog that is equal parts sweet and rough.

You might be into German Shepherds, Dobermanns, or Bullmastiffs.

Social Butterfly

The Labrador will hit it off with a lot of people right off the bat. The Rottweiler will take some time to warm up to certain people. Of course, if you do not have many guests over, that is not much of a problem!

You might be into Pugs, Poodles, or Pointers.

Are you thinking about a Rottweiler Lab mix? Are you convinced to get one or will you change your mind? Let us know in the comments!

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