Rottweiler Mixed With Bulldog

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Rottweiler mixed with Bulldog results in a hybrid dog breed known as English Bullweiler, a unique and adorable pet.

When well trained and loved, this dog will respond with kindness and affection to its owner and family members.

This dog is an enormous giant breed with high energy levels that require a yard to run around. This dog loves hikes, runs, walks, and other physical activities if you are an outdoor person and have a big yard. The Rottweiler and Bulldog mix will make an excellent companion.

This dog is good with children and families as long as its adequately trained and socialized.

To understand this dog breed, it’s essential to look at the parents’ characteristics.

The Rottweiler and Bulldog Origin

The Rottweiler is one of the oldest breeds that have evolved.  It was initially bred to drive cattle and even to pull carts of meat. This dog is strong, packed with energy and stamina, and very protective.

Today, these dogs are rebranded and considered friendlier, loving, and playful.  They are now used as police dogs, service dogs, and armed forces dogs worldwide because of these same qualities.

The Rottweiler, due to its intelligence, was used in New York to the Twin Towers site to find survivors, move rubble, and save people.

These dogs make excellent pets and good furry friends.


The Bulldog is a Mastiff-type dog initially bred in England.  They were produced to fight bulls in competitions until 1835 when bull baiting became illegal.

Since then, the bulldog was turned into a companion dog.  They also grew smaller than their bull-fighting ancestors and lost most of their aggressiveness.  The bulldog has a very distinctive look, and only a few breeds look alike.


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Rottweiler Mixed With Bulldog – Appearance

The Rottie bulldog mix puppies will indeed inherit their appearance traits from both parents.  You can see the different characteristics they each have once they are born.

The fun thing is to look at two English Bullweiler and see the differences, yet they are from the same mother.  They each acquire different traits from their parents.   One pup could look very similar to Rottweiler, while the other the bulldog or a mashup of both.

They could inherit certain appearance traits from different parents.  Let’s look at other characteristics they inherit

Their Size

These dogs are either medium or large dogs; they inherit too many genes depending on the parent’s size.  Most of these hybrid dogs range between 40 and 120 pounds.  They are strong with sturdy bodies like their parents.

Their ears most likely flop over, and their muzzle remains short.  Their height can be between 12 and 27 inches tall.

It is hard to predict what traits the puppies will have until they are grown because it depends on their inherited characteristics.

Their Coat

Their hair is mostly short, and it could be either smooth or rough.  The coat color can be brown to black, mostly solid, speckled, bridled, or spotted.

Rottweiler Mixed With Bulldog – Temperament

Both of these dogs, the Rottie and Bulldog, are initially aggressive.  They did all manner of tasks that fueled their aggression even more.  However, that does is not the case today.  With all of them now raised with more love and affection, they have no reason to be aggressive.

The temperament of the Rottie American Bulldog is exceptionally loyal, family-loving, aloof, very protective, aggressive, territorial, eager to please, eager for the outdoors.

Proper training with lots of socialization with humans and other animals is essential during the younger years. You have to show your dog that you are the Alpha, so it follows you.

If you do not show that you are the Alpha and provide athletic training, you will find your dog rebelling.  This dog will test your limits each day; if you fail to correct them, you will be capitalizing on an opportunity for disobedience.

The Rottweiler mixed with a bulldog is not very friendly to strangers if not trained right.

To ensure this hybrid dog does not get aggressive and misbehave, you must train it early and socialize it with other pets from attender age.  Training your dog early teaches it you are the leader, and you require obedience and respect.

Also, taking them out to the yard for some fun and exercise eliminates aggression.

American Bulldog Rottie Mix – Socialization and Exercise

Socialization for dogs is critical in raising an obedient dog to humans and animals.  The more they meet strange-looking animals and humans, the better they become. They will get even better behaved, greeting new people and animals.

This does not fool them when a stranger with bad intentions appears.  They have high intelligence to tell when there is danger and will protect their owners at all costs.

As a puppy, take it out to different environments, say the park, coffee shop, or walk across the streets to get it more socialized.

One of the areas to keep your puppy from is the dog park.  Dogs can be very mean and unwelcoming to a tiny puppy and could injure them.  Do not take your puppy out to the dog park until they have received all their shots, so they don’t transmit or get a disease.  Wait until they are old enough to be able to handle the other dogs.

Exercise this hybrid dog by running, walking, hiking, or playing fetch. This keeps its body and mind occupied, leaving no time for bad behavior. Give it plenty of exercise, and remember to stay consistent to help it maintain a schedule.

When raised well and socialized as a puppy, this hybrid dog turns out very friendly and loving.


Both the parents are decently intelligent and thus very trainable. This includes their mixed breed.  It is very trainable, starting with potty and crate training that is important, to begin with.

It is usually easy for almost all dogs to excel on these first potty and crate training.  Because of its aggression, it is essential to socialize it and start training early on.


Overall, the English Bullweiler is an alpha dog and needs a firm yet loving owner.   If they find you inconsistent or lacking leadership skills, they will not follow your commands or obey you. So make sure you become a gentle but firm trainer.

Give it many exercises, socialization, and, more significantly, training all through its lifespan!

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