Top Best Rottweiler Names For Males In 2021 &Amp; Beyond

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Rottweilers are beautiful dogs, strong and bold; they deserve a unique name; what Rottweiler names for males do you have in mind.

This breed has a reputation for being ferocious, courageous, and aloof, but they can also be goofy and sweet.

Are you looking for a dog name for your new male Rottie puppy that you are about to get?  It is critical to get a name that is striking and beautiful to compliment this beauty.

We have a long list of names to help you choose one that fits your Rottweiler.  We also have some names with their meanings to help you understand what your choice of names means.  But before that, let’s learn a little about a good dog name.


Picking Good Rottweiler Names For Males?

When choosing a name for your dog, there are a few things to consider.  Let’s look at some of them.

  • Don’t pick a name that rhymes or sounds the same as a command that you give your dog. For example, Mitt sounds like sit and will confuse your dog every time you call its name.
  • Don’t pick a name that feels and sounds weird because it will call for unnecessary attention when shouting it across the park.
  • Pick a tough-sounding name for your Rottie because it has a fierce reputation.  But you can also do silly or creative names.
  • Look for a name that is fit for a Rottweiler.  Some names seem perfect for one breed and not so good for others.

Rottweiler Names Trends For Males

Rottweilers have a renowned reputation for power, and this heavily influences the names chosen for them. Some of the favourites include

  • Athena, Xena, Thor, and Hercules are all top 100 names
  • Moose Bear and Oso are animal-inspired names
  • Shadow, Honey, Raven, and Coco are color-inspired names
  • Roxy, Bella, Hazel, Lily, and Rosie are character-inspired names

You can choose to name your Rottweiler from the above inspirations to make it perfect and unique.  You can also come up with your own unique names that have meaning to you or your loved ones to make them more personal.

Using Origin To Get Rottweiler Boy Names

As we all know, the Rottweiler traces its origin and history in the Land of Adolf Hitler.  In the middle Ages, these dogs were used to guard money in Germany, giving them the name butcher dogs.

Many years after the railroad became available, the Rotties are no longer needed for guarding.  Today they are in homes across the world as adorable pets.

However, their history is firmly embedded in the German culture, so the name list is not complete without some of these names.  We pay tribute to these dogs’ heritage and get unique names that are fun to learn their meanings too.

  • Adolf – noble wolf (remember Hitler)
  • Adler – eagle
  • Albert, Albrecht – Bright, noble
  • Albern – White
  • Alger – Clever warrior
  • Aldo – wise and old
  • Alvin – Friend of the elves, friendly, noble
  • Alphonse – noble, ready for battle
  • Arlo – unknown
  • August – magnificent, great
  • Arnold – ruler, strong as an eagle
  • Axel – father of peace
  • Bruno – brown
  • Baldwin – brave friend
  • Bernard – Brave as a bear, strong
  • Bach – dwells near the brook
  • Klaus/Claus- the victory of the people
  • Dirk/Dedrick/Dieter – The people’s ruler
  • Ernie/Ernst/Ernest – resolute, serious
  • Emmet – truth, universal
  • Felix – fortunate, happy
  • Fritz/Frederik – peaceful ruler
  • Franz – a free man
  • Gunther – bold warrior
  • Hans – God is gracious
  • Heinz/Heinrich – home of the king
  • Kaiser – emperor
  • Max – the greatest
  • Leonard – brave lion
  • Otto – wealthy
  • Rolf/Rudy/Rudolph – famous wolf
  • Raymond – wise protector
  • Roland – famous throughout the land
  • Stein – stone
  • Schwartz – dark complexion or black hair
  • Siegfried – victorious peace
  • Sigmund – victorious protection
  • Waldo – to rule
  • Ulf – wolf
  • Walter – Army ruler
  • Wolfgang – travelling wolf

The Top Tough Male Rottweiler Names

With their bulk body and laser focus, a tough name for this breed is a great fit.  Let’s look at some of the fitting names.

Bear, Zeus, Rocky, Charlie, Brutus, Moose, Max, Diesel, King, Harley, Admiral, Axel, Bolt, Avalanche, Boss, Bane, Caesar, Bullet, Blaze, Axel, chief, Buck, Butch, Crash, Duke, Captain, Blitz, Goliath, Bruiser, Hulk, Gunner, Brutus, Fang, Hawkeye, Hunter, Mack, Justice, Maxima, Hercules, Maverick,  Surge, Spike, Rex, Rambo, Ranger, Tito, T-bone, Remington, Trooper.

 rottweiler names for males

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So What’s In A Name?

A name is everything to your pet! Just as there are famous Instagram influencers, many famous Rottweilers have a massive following on social media. Some name their pets to depict class or their status in society.

This all starts with a name.  A name must capture the attention of people and sound good to pronounce.  For example, Fabulous the Rottweiler has appeared on Movies and TV and has over 80k followers.  Ronnie and Motsi, and Winston are also Instagram famous Rotties that have a good following.

Celebrities are always displaying their dogs all over the internet, with people like Bruno Mars, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robbie Williams, Hayden Panettiere, and Miley Cyrus being fans of Rottweilers owning several of them.

And just like their personal names, these dogs have fancy names too to match up to their owners’ class.


When it comes down to Rottweiler dog names male, you have no limitation; it doesn’t matter if you settle for classic, traditional or something unique.  You can even make up a name for yourself as long as it doesn’t sound weird out there and it makes you and your Rottie happy.

That said, there are some classic options out there you can choose from and hopefully get some from the list above.

It is fascinating to think of a new puppy and try to get a name before it arrives as a dog lover.  It will help if you can see the puppy before picking a name to know how he looks before thinking of a name.

Maybe the name can be inspired by the looks or color or eyes, etc.  Keep scrolling through all the choices on the internet to discover those trendy, fascinating, quirky choices and unique twists that are uploaded daily.

We feel the crazy excitement with you; enjoy naming your Rottweiler puppies!  Remember to keep it short and sweet!

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