Best Rottweiler Raw Food Recipes

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Many dog owners make their own food at home, and if you have a Rottweiler, you might be looking for the best Rottweiler raw food recipes. Dogs can sometimes react negatively to stale, industrial food. Because of this, and because of the many health benefits, making your own food at home could be the best thing you could do for your dog’s diet.

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at our pick of the best homemade Rottweiler raw food recipes!

How Does A Raw Food Diet Work?

The raw food diet became popular amongst dog owners, but veterinarians warn against it. The whole idea of the raw food diet is to feed your dog the way it would feed millions of years ago. This means feeding your dog a mix of raw meats, organs, bones, and vegetables.

Obviously, the most glaring problem with this is the risk of contamination by eating raw meat. Humans are susceptible to this, as processing raw meat is difficult for us, but we’re not the only ones. Dogs are also in danger of this, but there are a few positives, too.

Primarily, the reason eating raw food might be good for your dog is because of all the nutrients that you preserve! By cooking meat, you actually lose a lot of the nutrients. Eating raw meat will give your dog more protein than eating cooked meat will. Additionally, eating raw food has positive benefits on your dog’s health overall.

rottweiler raw food recipes

If you instill a raw food diet, you’ll help your dog combat many illnesses and health problems. This includes allergies, diarrhea, skin conditions, while it will also strengthen your dog’s immune system. An additional interesting characteristic of this diet is that it has fewer chances of choking!

Dogs have to actively chew this food in order to eat it. This isn’t the case with dog kibble, as they often just swallow it without chewing!

On the other hand, it’s possible to cause bacterial illnesses. This isn’t the problem if you buy food from a reputable source and you adhere to the hygienic principles of the kitchen. Additionally, preparing food for this diet can take a lot of time, which is why some people avoid it.

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Best Ingredients To Use And Monitoring Your Dog’s Diet

Given that an adult dog needs to eat about 2% of its own weight in food every day, an average Rottweiler would need to eat about a kilogram of food every day. Even though we have to take care of our dogs’ diets, it’s impossible to have a balanced diet in a single meal. When you’re thinking about balancing the diet, know that you do it over the course of a few meals.

When it comes to meats and vegetables, the ratio depends on the breed. Rottweilers need a lot of meat, so we’d suggest using a 9:1 ratio with your Rottweiler raw diet. When you’re choosing your meats, don’t worry about bones. If your dog chews on a bone, the only thing that’s going to happen is that they’ll keep their teeth clean. Chicken meat, as well as turkey, lamb, beef, and venison meat, are all great choices.

When you’re mixing the vegetables in, remember that dogs can’t eat all vegetables. Stick to carrots, beans, celery, lettuce, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Make sure you chop them finely and steam them, otherwise your dog won’t be able to take in all the nutrients.

Raw Food Diet For Dogs-Recipes

Firstly, let’s cover a “general recipe”. Different dogs have different tastes, just like people do, so you have to experiment with the food to find out what your dog likes. If you’re preparing the food on your own, here’s the general rule of thumb!

Use at least 1.5 cups of meat with half a cup of vegetables (but you can put even less – 9:1 ratio). It’s important to add vitamin supplements. You can buy these in any pet store and use them according to the instructions. Make sure to add a few teaspoons of fish oil too!

Beef and chicken recipe

2 pounds of beef and 3 pounds of chicken can do wonders when mixed with some veggies. It’s best to grind the chicken meat and combine it with the beef. On the side, put broccoli, carrots, and a few eggs in a food processor. Mix those two up and feed them to your dog. You can freeze anything else and keep it in your freezer almost indefinitely.

Satin balls

This recipe is very useful when if your dog needs to put on some weight. You’ll need a lot of meat – 10 pounds of beef, preferably, to which you’ll add 12 cups of oats and 10 raw eggs. Add a cup of vegetable oil and 10 envelopes of unflavored gelatin and you’re good to go. Mix all of this, make it into balls, and feed your dog. Put the rest in the freezer.

These balls are packed with calories, both with protein and carbohydrates, so they’ll definitely help your dog put on some weight.

rottweiler raw diet

Lamb and rice mix

Similar to oats, rice is a great way to put on weight! Cook 3 ounces of rice and mix it with 9 ounces of ground lamb meat (or you can cut it into tiny pieces). To that, add chopped carrots and some sunflower oil. This is a great recipe for gaining weight and it’s very diverse, while you can also add pumpkin and even apples. Some people also add peas!

There you have it – raw Rottweiler food recipes that will surely keep your dog feeling full. Even though there is still some scientific debate over it, a raw diet is proving to be a very healthy option when it comes to feeding your dog. It’s a more nutritious way of feeding your dog. However, you have to be careful when you’re preparing the food, as you don’t want to cause a bacterial illness. Additionally, preparing the food yourself will take some time.

The benefits, however, outweigh the drawbacks greatly, at least to our knowledge, and feeding your dog raw food might just be the thing they need.

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