Rottweiler Skin Allergies

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Just like humans, dogs can develop allergies, and you might be wondering about Rottweiler skin allergies. Different allergic reactions can show on the dog’s skin, requiring professional treatment. In today’s article, we’ll be learning what causes allergic reactions, how to recognize an allergic reaction, and how to treat them.

Rottweiler Skin Issues

Interestingly, Rottweilers are actually more susceptible to skin issues, including allergies, than most other breeds. These problems can arise from food (just like humans, dogs can react to food in a bad way), while they can also react from an allergen that they inhaled or came into contact with. Rottweilers are, despite being a very healthy breed in general, prone to developing many issues – skin issues are no exception.

Different Rottweilers are allergic to different things (one dog might be allergic to lamb, while another dog is allergic to chicken). There’s no exact spot where the allergic reaction will manifest. Wherever it is, the dog is going to scratch it. This is something you can count on – dogs can’t ignore the need for scratching they get when an allergic reaction pops up.

If the allergic reaction was caused by contact, it’s likely that the spot of the reaction is the same spot that your dog touched the allergen with.

An allergic reaction, however, can be more than just an allergic reaction. It could be the symptom of inflammatory bowel disease, a condition Rottweilers often have trouble with. This is why it’s important to take your Rottweiler to the vet as soon as you realize that they’re having allergic reactions – they could be a gateway condition or a telltale sign of something more serious.

Rottweiler Skin Conditions and Treatment

The most common skin condition in Rottweilers is atopic dermatitis. This condition causes itchy and inflamed skin around the face, joints, and your dog’s paws.

This condition, just like the allergic condition your dog might be suffering from, is something that your vet is going to pick up on. The cause for the allergy is never quite clear until your vet goes through with an allergen test. The most likely reason, though, is in the diet. If you notice allergic reactions often, tell this to your vet and they’ll conduct a test to define exactly what your dog’s allergic to.

Insects, especially fleas, can be the cause of an allergic reaction, just like a bite from an insect. Your dog could also be reacting to the shampoo you’re using or something else that they come in contact with often.

When it comes to treatment, you don’t have too many options. The vet will take care of the immediate wounds – any lesions that pop up on the skin. The best thing to do is define what your pup is allergic to and keep that out of your house. Keep your home clean and use hypoallergenic products to minimize the chance of developing an allergic reaction.

Most Common Rottweiler Skin Conditions

Except for allergies, Rottweilers can also develop folliculitis, eczema, mange, atopic dermatitis (as mentioned – Rottweilers are prone to this condition), dandruff, and scabs!

Rottweiler Skin Scabs

Scabs of any kind are most likely just a symptom of something more serious. They can be reactions to fleas, insect bites, or allergies. Either way, take your dog to the vet if you see that scabs are developing. It’s important for your vet to treat them and prevent any more scabs from developing.

Rottweiler Skin Scabs

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Folliculitis In Rottweilers

Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles. The most likely cause for this is the buildup of dirt on your dog’s skin, but it’s also possible that they somehow irritated the root of their hair. The only symptom for this is a basic swelling under the fur that’s easy to spot. There’s no home remedy for this condition, so you should take your dog to the vet and let them take care of it.

Eczema In Rottweilers

Eczema, a condition that’s also common with humans, usually manifests as an itchy inflammation of the skin. Your dog will most likely chew it and scratch it to relieve itself. With eczema, it’s possible that there’s some discharge – we call this wet eczema. Dry eczema has no discharge but has flaky and wrinkled skin. The main symptom for this is intense chewing – your dog might chew itself (to scratch) to the point where they start hurting itself.

You should definitely take them to the vet if you notice this. A general rule of thumb should be to examine your dog if you notice that it’s scratching or chewing itself too much. If it’s a specific spot, it’s possible that there’s a more serious problem.

Mange In Rottweilers

Mange is a condition that’s usually caused by mites. It’s possible for it to happen to your Rottweiler, but it’s not exactly likely. It’s more common with dogs that live in the street. However, if your dog does get mange, it could impact them more than other dogs because Rottweilers have more sensitive skin.

Atopic Dermatitis In Rottweilers

Atopic dermatitis is a response to something irritating the skin of your dog. This irritation can manifest through a red rash, hot, sensitive skin, and bumps appearing on the skin. Because Rottweilers are so sensitive, this condition is more likely to appear in them than in other dogs.

Dandruff In Rottweilers

In dogs, dandruff can come in a dry and oily form. Either way, this isn’t a serious condition. Consult with your vet and get dog dandruff shampoo.


To sum up, it’s not uncommon for a Rottweiler to have an allergic reaction. These reactions are most likely caused by food, but it’s possible that it’s an allergen that’s inhaled or something your dog came into contact with. Either way, an allergic reaction will most likely display through a patch on the skin that your dog will scratch and bite to relieve itself.

If you notice any scratching or biting behavior, take your dog to the vet. Dogs can’t control themselves and they might even hurt themselves when they’re doing this.

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