Rottweiler Temperament Alert – Don’t Misunderstand It

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We bring you a Rottweiler Temperament Alert; this dog is one of the most misunderstood dogs, with many people thinking it’s mean.

The American Kennel Club describes the Rottweiler as a confident, calm, and courageous dog with self-assured aloofness.

Some Rotties are serious dogs, and you can tell it from their faces, while others are happy-go-lucky clowns. Generally, the Rottweilers respond quietly; however, they have a wait-and-see attitude to influences around their environment.

This dog is commonly misunderstood as being aggressive and mean, but most people have not learned about it. Let’s take a look at the Rottweiler personalities to learn more about this dog.

Rottweiler Temperament Alert – Its Personality

Rottweilers weigh around 100 to 130 pounds, with females weighing lesser than males.  This breed is considered a large breed, which attracts many pet lovers.

The Rottie was originally raised to herd sheep.  The next time you think this dog is mean, think about how gentle it has been tending to sheep all these years.

Though commonly known as the Butcher dog, this nickname has nothing to do with their temperament. They were called so because they would haul full meat carts to and from the butcher’s shop.  Here are some of the well-known temperaments of this breed


The one natural temperament for Rottweiler is the ability to be calm and mellow most of the time.  However, like most dogs, if left alone for a long time and not given the necessary exercises, this calm nature can turn into bad behavior.

Rottweiler is a smart dog, and just like smart children, if their minds are not preoccupied, it could lead to more trouble than good.

Physical exercises and mental challenges are great in keeping this dog’s mind involved and energy used.  A good amount of activities can bring out the best in our Rottie, including its temperament.

 rottweiler characteristics

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Brave and Confident Breed

Rottweilers are brave and confident and barely backs down unless it’s an order from its Alpha.

These dogs rarely pick a challenge, but when threatened, do not shy away. However, when properly trained, Rottweilers do not get outwardly aggressive unless when provoked. Instead, they meet perceived threats head-on, often putting on a ferocious barking-and-lunging display.

This is why it is important to train and socialize your dog as early in its pup life. This way, your dog can handle strangers more calmly.

Rottweilers are naturally brave; they are used in guarding and protection, including being police dogs. These dogs are commonly used by military personnel, police, and private guard companies.  They are highly protective, always positioning themselves between their family member and the threat.

They have been said to stand between two people arguing in homes as well.  These dogs appreciate family harmony and are happy when there is calm and peace in their family.


Sensitivity is an essential part of the Rottweiler characteristics.  Most people are shocked at how sensitive this dog is.  You will see it on their faces and feel it in their pulses if they face an insensitive situation.

Despite their bravery and large size, these dogs are distraught by harsh treatment or training methods. They are eager to please their owner but do not accept poor training methods.

However, their sensitivity is only limited to the family members; the Rottie remains aloof and reserved to the strangers.

Affectionate and Loving Nature

Rottweilers are such loving dogs that are not shy to show their affections to their family members.   Even though they are large dogs, they love to snuggle and lounge about with their people.  In most cases, they will often lay directly on top of their owner and relax.

Due to their affectionate nature, they have a strong bond with their families.   Separation from loved ones can cause separation anxiety that could lead to aggressive behavior.

Rottweilers do not like being away from their families, and they are not suited for a chained-up lifestyle. They are always eager to join families on hikes, adventures, trips, morning walks and runs, and fun around the house.

If you choose to get this dog, consider these facts and see if you can provide the Rottweiler with a perfect home.

Intelligence and Drive

The Rottweiler Temperament Alert cannot be anything without the intelligence of this dog.   This dog is considered one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. They learn things fast and are exceedingly clever.

Though intelligent, most Rottweilers respond very well to obedience training as a byproduct of intelligence.  They are the happiest when trained as early to follow orders.

Keeping them busy with activities also works to keep your dog from bad behavior.


We can all sum it up that the Rottweiler dog breed is prevalent for a good reason! The Rottweiler temperament alert that features the good of this dog outweighs its bad side.

Its intelligence, loyalty, strength, and fun characteristics are enough to make any pet lover want to keep this dog. However, we understand they are not for everyone.

Before you consider getting a Rottweiler, be sure you can provide them with the environment, training, socialization, and attention they deserve.

They are certainly high-maintenance dogs and likely not for beginner dog owners. But for those who can offer them all they need.

As with every other dog breed, ensure that you do your research before choosing to keep a pet.  Visit a reputable dog breeder who can give you more information to help you make your decision.

A good breeder will have their dog’s interest at heart and ensure that you and your Rottie are a perfect fit in their family setup.

Have you owned a Rottweiler before, or do you currently own one? How would you describe its personality and temperament? Do you find it easy or hard to train and socialize?  Is it unnecessary aggressive?  We would like to hear about your experiences to help many other Rottie lovers looking to adopt one soon.

Wishing you a happy journey as you adopt, train, and have fun with your Rottie, we will be here to support you all the way.

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