Would You Keep Rottweilers As Family Dogs?

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Would you want to have Rottweilers as family dogs, or are you afraid they will be too aggressive for your kids and loved ones?

The Rottweiler should not be ruled out as a family pet.  When trained correctly and socialized from a tender age, it makes a beautiful member of your family – loving, loyal and calm.

Rottweilers are large, stocky, and muscular dogs that look intimidating, but they are gentle and give the most loving cuddles. The negativity this dog has received in most TV/films showing it as a vicious, aggressive dog should not make you jump to conclusions.  Get to know the personality of this dog so that you make an informed decision.

Are Rottweilers Good Family Dogs?

Yes, Rottweilers make good family dogs because they are friendly, loyal, protective, and above all, intelligent.  When properly trained from a tender age, this dog gets to hear and obey its master.  It is one of the best dogs to keep around your family.  Here are a few things that will make you choose it

They Make Good Playmates

Are you looking for a playmate to play that exciting game of fetch?  There is no better dog like the Rottie.  It loves to spend quality time playing with its favorite humans.

They Make Good Cuddle Buddies

Rottweilers love to snuggle beside you or the kids just resting after a good time playing.

They Are Adorable As Puppies and Adults Alike

Rotties are cute dogs; they are just pretty to look at, from their calm eyes to their coat color and ears.

They Are Protective

When appropriately raised with love and kindness, a Rottweiler will grow to be kind and affectionate; however, if they feel that someone is threatening the person they love, their protective side is quick to come out.  A Rottweiler will do anything to keep its family safe.

They Are Loyal

Once you have gained this dog’s trust, you have their loyalty for life.  They are genuine dogs that will stand by you and yours always.

They Are Smart

Rottweilers are brilliant dogs.  They are easy to train especially when started early, and quickly obey instructions once they know their master.

They Have A Heart As Big As Their Bodies

Rotties have a big heart to love the family that adopts them and takes care of them.  They love to cuddle, give hugs, and even dog kisses to their family.  But, you have to nurture them in a loving environment.

So whether you are looking for a guard dog, a playmate, or a best friend, a Rottweiler is the way to go. They will both love you for being there for them and remain loyal to you.

Are Rottweilers Good With Kids?

As we have seen above, Rottweiler has a tight bond with his family, including the children. If you raise your Rottie puppy around your children, he will be friendly and protective of them.

A Rottweiler can be happy living in an active household full of children and other pets as long as you train it well. The Rottie enjoys playing and interacting with the children in the family and considers them members of their pack.

Rottweilers can be very protective of the children or grownups, seeing themselves as their protectors and guardians.  A Rottie enjoys playtime with kids both indoors and outdoors.  However, do not assume that it will be friendly to all the kids because it is friendly to your own.  Remember, their friendship is cultivated over time, unlike with new kids who come around for a short time. If a Rottie sense that his kid is being hurt in any way, it rushes in to protect them even if they are playing with other young kids.  To protect everyone, always stick around when you or your kids have guests.

Are Rottweilers Good With Kids

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Do not leave your Rottweiler unsupervised around kids until it is thoroughly trained and socialized.  If you do not expose your Rottie to kids from the time it’s young, it will be potentially dangerous around them.

Are Rottweilers Good Dogs When With Other Pets?

Introducing your Rottie to the other household pets from a young age helps him accept them as a part of his pack and enjoy their company.  Rottweiler puppies tend to grow very fast; that’s why it’s wise to introduce the other pets as soon as the puppy arrives home.  Always supervise play sessions that involve the other pets until you are sure they have all adapted.

A Rottweiler does not naturally initiate play or interaction with new dogs.  It loves its space or privacy and can get aggressive if its personal space is invaded.  It can also become aggressive to other dogs, particularly of the same sex.  If threatened in any way, a Rottie can quickly become dominant and assertive.

The Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweilers have a variety of temperaments.  However, if you want to raise your Rottie as a family dog, you will need to nurture it in a loving environment.  This dog is raised differently in every setup to become what the owners want it to be.  The police will not raise it the same way a home does and vice versa.  Its temperament can be controlled to become what you want the dog to be with ease.

Raising Your Rottweiler As A Family Dog

Rottweilers are strong and intelligent dogs that require plenty of space to play and exercise and plenty of activities to do.  It is essential to have a large yard if you plan to raise a Rottie to give it plenty of space to play and run around.

Small spaces and no human interaction causes developmental problems to a Rottweiler.  These dogs thrive when raised around family members, not alone.  They do not enjoy being left alone for an extended amount of time.  Rotties enjoy being in the same room watching TV or just cuddling on the sofa.  They will quickly jump on your lap or rub their neck against your leg to show that they appreciate their presence.


Rottweiler loves people; however, it does not accept strangers immediately.  It takes its stand very fast when around strangers.  Proper training and socialization skills leave this dog a sober, friendly dog that does not turn it aggressive.

This breed is a strong-willed dog and has a mind of its own. That’s why it takes a confident owner to become a master, take charge and show him who the boss is.ÇÇ

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