Rottweilers With Blue Eyes – True Or Myth?

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Seeing Rottweilers with blue eyes leaves a lasting impression because they are rare and not as common as the brown-eyed ones.

It is even possible to have blue-eyed Rottweilers.  Yes, it is possible.  Just like any other appearance trait in Rottweilers, blue eyes can appear along the colour spectrum.

The colour of your Rottweiler’s eyes can be determined by genetics. Regardless of the eye colour or breed, your dog deserves the best care for overall health.

Do you want to have a rare but gorgeous pet in your home? Then, get a blue-eyed Rottweiler.

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Rottweilers With Blue Eyes

It is rare to see a purebred Rottweiler dog with blue eyes; however, it is possible. 

When you see a Rottweiler dog with blue eyes, there are a few things to note.

  • Rottweilers with blue eyes are not a common sight
  • Generally, a Rottweiler has black to brown eyes.
  • German Rottweilers are the most famous breeds of Rottweilers.
  • The ADRK that grades Rotties has labelled them aggressive and classified them as worker dogs.
  • Due to genetics or other breeding issues like red and blue Rottweiler’s eyes.

If you ever spot this Rottie or have it as a puppy, you should consider yourself one of the lucky people.  Please note that in some cases, the blue colour in these dogs eyes can change if:

  • The dog is still a young puppy, and most puppies are born with blue eyes.  When they grow, their eye colour will change.
  • The dog could be a mixed breed or hybrid who inherited blue eyes from the non-Rottweiler parent.

If you own a blue-eyed Rottweiler, then you are one of the few lucky canine friends.  Take good care of this furry friend as they are rare, and it’s hard to come across one of its kind.

 blue eyed rottweiler

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How Do Rottweilers Get Blue Eyes?

It is important to understand how a Rottweiler – a dog with dark brown eyes can get blue eyes.  Having a basic grasp of the genetics of colour change is essential.

In dogs, two main genes control all the colours – the eyes, nose, gums, coat, skin coat, etc.

Eumelanin: the gene that codes for black

The first gene, eumelanin, is the pigment gene codes for skin, coat, eyes and nose.  This gene produces black or various shades of black.

When Eumelanin works well together with the other genes, it produces other shades in the black spectrum.  The other shades include anything from light grey or blue, or black.

Phaeomelanin: the gene that codes for red

The second phaeomelanin is a pigment gene for the coat colour-producing red or different shades of red.

Like with eumelanin, phaeomelanin can produce colours other than the basic red when it works with other genes.

Besides Pigment, How Else Do They Get These Colourful Eyes?

Besides the pigment genes mechanism, there are other ways this dog can have blue eyes.

Here are ways to help us understand how Rotties can have blue eyes.

  • They May Have A Separate Gene That Codes For Blue Eyes.

Originally, Rotties do not have this gene except the Siberian Husky, known to carry this gene.  If a Rottie is mixed with a Siberian, then they could give a blue-eyed Rottweilers.

  • The Dog Has Albinism.

Albinism is a rare condition in dogs.  In general, they do not get full albinism. However, partial albinism is possible and can produce blue, red, or pink eyes.

  • The Dog Could Have The Merle Gene.

The merle gene is linked with certain heritable genetic health issues as well as with blue eyes.  The Merle genes produce heterochromia or two different colour eyes like blue and brown. This gene can also produce bi-colour or split eyes where each eye has two or three colours.

Though not fully known, Rottweiler purebred dogs are suspected of carrying the recessive merle gene that can lead to having blue eyes in adulthood. However, mild unexpected health issues could occur when a Rottweiler inherits the merle gene from only one parent.

If a Rottie inherits the merle gene from both parents, it leads to a “double merle”.  It is a severe and fatal health problem.

This is why it is critical to visit the Rottweiler breeder in person if possible.  You get to view the breed lineage records and verify your purchase as healthy.

Get yourself an initial guarantee of the puppy’s good health from the breeder, along with purebred puppy papers.  Verification of the immunizations and pest treatments have is also important.

How To Take Care Of Blue-Eyed Rottweilers

Now that you are the lucky few with this rare dog let’s learn how to take care of it,


You will need to train your Rottie if you want it to turn out good. Rottweilers are quite a noisy bunch if you don’t train them well.  No wonder many people are afraid of them and would prefer another breed over Rotties.

However, your cute blue-eyed Rottweiler can be different and a good friend to you and your loved ones.  All it needs is the right kind of training from an Alpha member of your family.

Rotties also defend the people they love with all of their strength, so ensure that you train them to know all your family members.  However, rest assured, strangers who visit your home will not be allowed past the sidewalk.

train your Rottie

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Good grooming is important for these beauties.  Rotties are not furry animals; instead, they have a smooth and glossy coat that is easy to take care of.

You won’t have to spend too much time grooming your blue-eyed Rottweiler. However, you still need to spend that little time brushing their coat as they shed too much fur if not groomed properly.


Rotties are muscular dogs, and your rare blue-eyed Rottweiler will be the same.  They require a proper diet with lots of carbohydrates and proteins to thrive.

The biggest mistake new Rottweilers owners make is to feed them with lots of proteins and abandon the other nutrients.  Protein is not the only food that the dog requires; ensure that you have proper carbs and minerals in the food.


We have looked at every aspect that could make your Rottweilers have blue eyes.  Don’t forget to enjoy raising these cuties and take good care of them.

We hope these charming blue eyes of your Rottweiler will bring a smile to your face every morning!

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