Shock Collars For Rottweilers

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Rottweilers are dogs that absolutely need training, so some owners naturally wonder about using shock collars for Rottweilers. However, are they as useful as they’re made out to be? In today’s article, we’ll be breaking down the use of shock collars, taking a look at a few common myths and misconceptions to see if they’re a good fit for your dog.

Are Shock Collars Cruel?

This is probably the first question that pops into everyone’s minds when shock collars are brought up. They function by delivering a small electric shock to the dog at your command, and they’re typically used in training.

Firstly, it’s important to note that most shock collars have different levels of electric shocks – not all shocks are painful. Having that in mind, some experts still agree that shock collars shouldn’t be used. Even though the pain isn’t great and the dog will forget about it in a second – it’s still instantly painful.

There are also collars that can deliver a massive shock. Real dog trainers don’t use shock collars and they suggest that you shouldn’t either.

Shock collars do make it easier to train your dog and to command your dog during walks and other trips, but that’s essentially a lazy way of commanding your dog, as you don’t have to spend as many hours training your dog.

So, are these collars cruel? Even though they’re not dangerous, they still do deliver a shock that’s painful to dogs, and we’re certain that the owners that use these collars wouldn’t want to wear one. In that regard – yes, although not terribly cruel or dangerous, shock collars are definitely painful to dogs.

How Useful Are Shock Collars?

If you’re willing to use a shock collar despite it hurting your dog, fine. The question you have to ask yourself is just how useful it is. This question deserves special attention when it comes to Rottweilers.

These dogs are some of the most intelligent dogs in the world and they’re also some of the most disciplined dogs in the world. Not only are they insanely trainable, they actually require constant mental stimulation in the form of command training in order to stay healthy.

So, Rottweilers definitely have the capacity to learn a lot from their owner, but they also love learning commands and listening to their owners. In that regard, shock collars are completely useless with these dogs, as they’re very unlikely to give you any trouble.

With these dogs, just like with all other dogs, positive reinforcement is a much better way of training than negative reinforcement. Teaching your dog that it will get a treat every time it does something well is a much more powerful motivator than teaching them that you’ll cause pain if they disobey.

positive reinforcement is a much better way of training

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Taking the Rottweiler breed out of context – how useful are these collars? Well, according to experts, they’re not as useful as some may think.

Firstly, they’re sort of a shortcut when it comes to training. Instead of properly solidifying your dog’s training and having them listen to you, you’re striking fear in them and making them listen to you out of fear. There comes a time in an animal’s life when they’re simply not afraid anymore.

To put it in a real-life situation – your dog should fetch the ball because you taught it to fetch, not because it’s afraid that you’ll electrocute it.

Secondly, there are certain commands, like the command ‘sit’, that you can’t teach to a dog through pain, but through simple positive reinforcement.

Thirdly, it’s true that there are situations when using a shock collar is useful. For example, if your dog suddenly chases after a cat and you’re afraid that it might run into traffic, then giving your dog a little shock could prevent an accident.

However, if you train your dog properly, they’re going to come back without you having to use a shock collar.

Using Collars On Puppies

Rottweiler puppies are usually just as easy to train as adult Rotties, if not easier, so it’s absolutely senseless to use an electrocution collar on a puppy. It’s best to start training through positive reinforcement.

Additionally, puppies aren’t as strong as adult Rottweilers and this is actually dangerous for the puppy, so the best thing you can do is avoid the idea of using a collar altogether.

If you’re looking at it as a tool that’s going to speed up the learning process – know that while that might be true, the knowledge will be lacking and less solidified, not to mention that your dog will hold some resentment towards you because it knows that you’re actively causing it pain.

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To Summarize

Shock collars are definitely painful and cruel tools that some owners use believing that they will help them train their dogs. In reality, science has proven that positive reinforcement holds more ground and is more sustainable than fear.

It’s best to refrain from using these collars because of the effects they have on dogs, not to mention that they’ll likely become completely illegal in the future.