The Average Weight of Rottweilers for Different Sex and Age

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Hefty and healthy or dangerously overweight? You must know the average weight of Rottweilers to know the difference and make the recommended adjustments.

Weight is one of the most important and obvious indicators of pet health. With pet obesity on the rise, it’s up to owners to take charge of the situation. Pet owners should think of ways to get their beloved pets back into shape.

Despite Rottweiler’s disposition for fun and adventure, obesity is also a problem in this breed. Knowing about the average weight of a dog is the first step. This article lists some information that will help you assess the weight of your dogs.

How Much Does A Rottweiler Weigh Growing Up?

Before the beautiful and bold Rottie becomes a full-fledged shepherding dog, they are born as adorable little puppies first.

A typical Rottweiler puppy would weigh anywhere around 3 to 8 lbs or 1.3 to 3.6 kg. They will grow very rapidly in their first year of life. It is important to watch their growth carefully and train them from a young age.

At 24 months or 2 years, your Rottweiler should reach its full growth potential.

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What Is The Average Weight of Rottweilers In Adulthood?

Rottweilers, being dogs of the worker group, have a tendency to be big in size. They are considered a breed that is on the athletic side. A Rottweiler typically reaches its maximum height at around 2 years of age.

Height is one thing, but weight is another matter to consider. In fact, despite being close in size, male and female Rottweilers have a tendency to be quite different in weight.

The average weight of a Rottweiler is different depending on the sex of the dog. You will see that there is a significant difference between the two. In fact, when tracking the growth of two Rottweiler dogs of different sex at the same time, the difference will become obvious.

Average Weights of Rottweilers – Male

It is established that the male Rottweiler is the brawnier of the two. They typically are able to put on more mass, whether that be muscle or fat.

According to the American Kennel Club, the male has a weight expectancy in the range of 95 to 135 lbs, or about 43 to 61 kg.

Average Weights of Rottweilers – Female

The female Rottweiler generally weighs less than their male counterparts. That doesn’t mean they are any less capable. They are still fearsome dogs that have all the good qualities of a Rottweiler breed.

According to the American Kennel Club, the female has a weight expectancy in the range of 80 to 100 lbs, or about 36 to 45 kg.

Factors Affecting The Average Weight Of Rottweilers

Given this information, we might assume that weight is simply dependent on the sex of the Rottweiler. However, there are a number of factors contributing to the heft of a dog.

average weight of a rottweiler

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Is It Muscle Or Fat?

Rottweilers can be very muscular dogs. This is especially true when you have a very active lifestyle with your dog or employ them as worker dogs. The number on the scale may be reflecting the muscle mass of your dog, not necessarily just the fat.


How much do Rottweilers weigh on a typical diet? We need to look at what a “typical diet” is. When it comes to food and health, both the quantity and the quality matters. Improper feeding and diet could be a factor in pet obesity. Too much of a good thing can be bad, after all!

Rottweilers go through a considerable amount of training to keep their temperament in check. Treats are a usual means of rewards for training good behavior. However, owners need to check that their treats are not contributing unnecessary weight to their pets.

Check the amount of food that your dog is given, and how much they eat on a regular basis. You might find that it’s all about control of the diet. 


Rottweilers are active dogs, in general. You should not have a hard time getting them to get their daily exercise. In fact, you might be the one begging them to come inside! They love to swim, walk, and run along with their owners.

However, there are some cases where the physical activity needs of a dog are not met. Check the temperament and the health of your dog, as there may be other reasons for their inactive disposition.


The older the dog, the more susceptible it is to obesity and its negative effects. You might chalk this up to laziness, but older dogs typically become more inactive compared to their younger peers. It’s important to keep up your activity schedule with your Rottweiler, even if it is not the same hardcore activities they used to do when they were younger.


Some dogs are predisposed to a “heritable phenotype” of obesity incidence. Their likelihood towards developing obesity is in their genes and is almost unavoidable. It’s unfortunate, but it is also another reason for pet owners to be responsible for what, how much, and how often their dog eats.

Owners must try to control the food consumption of their pets, and even understand their food responsiveness. This relationship with food must be observed and corrected to avoid the genetic disposition for obesity.

Is My Rottweiler Overweight?

Perhaps you are being troubled by the size of your Rottweiler. Given that you have some idea of what the standard weight of a Rottweiler is, you can draw your own conclusions.

A visual inspection of your Rottweiler may be enough to determine whether or not they should be checked for obesity. There are a number of signs: a big, distended stomach and excess areas of fat. In terms of psychological factors, you need to watch out for the general inactive behavior of the dog.

You should also check the behavior of your dog during feeding or training time. Measure the amount of food that they eat in comparison with the amount of physical exercise they get. There might be an unexpected imbalance between the two factors.

How much does your dog weigh? Have you ever had problems with pet obesity? Let us know in the comments!

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