The Different Types Of Rottweiler Faces

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There are different types of Rottweiler faces depending on where the dog was born – Germany, America, Italy, Canada, or French.

The country of origin has unique effects on each Rottweiler as its bred under stringent measures controlled by the particular country.

Well, let’s dive into the world of Rottweiler and meet the different types of Rottweiler dogs.

Different Types Of Rottweiler Faces

Now that we know all the breeds of Rottweiler are different depending on their country of origin let’s look at them individually.

German Rottweilers

The original home of Rottweilers, let’s see what their type is like

German Rottweiler prefers sauerkraut condiment on bratwurst and kartoffelsalat plus a slice of Schwarzwälder kirschtorte.

The German Rottweiler is different from the American as the ADRK club – the Rottweiler Club of Germany selectively breeds this dog. It has a broad head with thicker bones and a stockier body. Many wonders why this type has a different Rottweiler face than the others.

It has a different Rottweiler face because of the quality of the German Rottie breed that has a superior rearing process.  The ADRK club is known to set stringent rules and guidelines that govern the breeding of this pure breed.

Rottweilers are specifically bred to work, and German takes this serious in their breeding. Only specific ones are allowed to be reproduced. They take breeding very seriously, and all the breeding specimens must pass the rigorous physical and temperamental requirements.  Some requirements must be adhered to by the owners who breed them.  As a result, the German Rottweiler has consistent temperaments and personalities even in their puppies.

German Rottweilers

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The American Rottweilers

The American Rottweiler was born and bred in the United States. Americans produce this breed purely for its elegant and stunning looks but not for working like the Germans.

The AKC only registers purebred Rottweilers and not any of their mixed breeds.  The American Rottweiler face and head are smaller and more slender in appearance with long legs than the more prominent, broader German breed.

The differences come into the palace due to the indiscriminate breeding process that each type has gone through.  Some breeders in both countries may not pay attention to the required standards, but they may as well forget about registering these breeds with the respective clubs.

Many Rottweiler breeders meet the set standards despite the few who may be out to make a quick buck by not following the recommendations. They are capable of producing breeds worthy of the American Show Ring.

The American Rottweilers

The Roman Rottweilers

The Roman Rottweiler is a large breed that has been selectively bred to look more like a Mastiff.  The term Roman Rottweiler or the Rottweiler King is often used by sellers to refer to this type.

The rapid increase in the size of this type does not adhere to any breed standard and negatively affects the dog’s health.  Giant Rottweilers are known to be prone to hip dysplasia and many other orthopedic problems.

Tailed Rottweilers

Tail docking was popular in the past days for Rottweilers, but today you can see most of them with tails because Germans banned the procedure from taking place.

Rottweilers with tails have made a comeback, and the ADRK recognizes them.  Unfortunately, the AKC does not register tailed Rotties.  Their standard call for docked tails.

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Rare Rottweilers

It is essential to know that there are rare Rottweilers that you can get from breeders.  You may find red, blue, or even albino Rottweilers occasionally selling as high excellent breeds.

This type is not considered a Rottweiler by the standard in both Germany and America as they are said to be mixed breeds.  Despite them not being members of these two dog clubs, they are enticing to many people are sold as fast when advertised.

The Long-Haired Rottweiler

According to the American Kennel Club, this type has longer hair than the standard Rottweiler and is considered rare.  Americans classify it as a rare Rottweiler due to its long coat.

Which Is The Largest Rottweiler Breed

The largest Rottweiler is the Roman Rottweiler.  It is very similar to the standard Rottweiler but larger. This breed has a robust, powerful body that ranges from large to giant, looking more like a mastiff.

A male has a minimum height of 67 cm and can reach up to 76 cm (extra-large), and the females can measure between 63 and 74 cm. Their weight ranges between 36 and 54 kg, depending on the sex. The types of Rottweiler faces that they carry are broad and wider than the standard.

Different Colors For Types Of Rottweiler Faces and Bodies?

The original Rottweiler is black with vibrant tan markings on the face, located over the eyes, on the muzzle, cheeks, chest, legs, and under the tail.

Depending on its breeding line, the Rottweiler markings range from tan to rusty, mahogany or brown, but the base coat is always black.  This does not mean that there are no specimens of other colors. You will still find the red, blue, and even white Rotties, but none of them are standard for true Rottweiler. The variations are a result of crossing with other breeds.

Closing Remarks

Now that we know the different types of Rottweiler faces and body color and looks, it is possible to tell where a certain Rottweiler originates from just by looking at it.

The main difference between the German and American Rottweiler is their appearance.  The Roman Rottweiler is not recognized as either American or German as it is bred abnormally large.

This large dog attracts all kinds of health problems and is susceptible to joint and orthopedic problems early in life.  In some cases, the Roman Rottweiler is a mixed breed between the Rottie and the Mastiff to give it the large physique.  The German Rottweiler is the most disciplined with strict guidelines for breeding dogs that are calm, friendly and good with children.

That said, it’s better to buy a pure breed that is not altered in any way.  How about you look up the internet for photos of different types of Rottweiler faces.  You will be more enlightened about the real differences.

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