What Happens To A Rottweiler On Steroids?

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Steroids are often used to help with inflammation, but given their bad reputation with humans, owners often wonder what happens to a Rottweiler on steroids. Even though the use of steroids for non-medical purposes with dogs is extremely rare, there are instances where it happens. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the use of steroids for both legal and illegal purposes in Rottweilers.

Medical Use Of Steroids In Dogs

Steroids are actually very useful in medicine, for both dogs and humans, especially because of their anti-inflammatory properties. For example, Rottweilers have sensitive skin – they’re actually one of the most sensitive dogs when it comes to their skin.

It’s common practice to use a solution with steroids to treat inflammation or an allergic reaction to their skin. This sort of use is not only commonplace, but it’s also usually very safe and it has very few, if any, side effects.

It’s possible for your dog to experience a bit of indigestion, thirst, and hunger, but there are generally no long-term side effects that you should be afraid of.

However, there’s a really dangerous downside to the use of steroids, and this downside is only seen with the long-term use of steroids. Some dogs are unlucky and they suffer from a chronic illness, requiring a lifelong systemic use of steroids to treat the condition.

When this occurs, it’s not odd to see changes in the behavior of the dog (possibly becoming aggressive), hair loss and a general drop in coat quality, obesity, lack of energy, and higher chances of developing diabetes.

These side effects are something that your vet is definitely going to warn you about before your dog starts taking steroids, but there are unfortunately very few things you can do about it in advance since other treatment options aren’t as effective.

Some vets argue that dogs shouldn’t be taking steroids for a longer period of time, precisely because of these side effects. However, many conditions don’t have a different course of treatment, and steroids are often the only option.

When it comes to taking steroids, dogs usually take steroids via pills (sometimes liquids) or an inhaler. Pills and liquids are carried through the body once they’re processed by the digestive system. This system, unfortunately, isn’t as accurate as the bloodstream will take the steroids not only to the troubled body part but to other body parts as well.

Inhaled steroids are an improvement in steroid use, as dogs tolerate it better and the side effects are much less apparent. However, this technology is rather new and it’s slowly breaking through.

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Illegal Use Of Steroids In Dogs

Believe it or not, the use of steroids and other drugs isn’t only apparent with dogs, but with other animals, such as horses. This is, obviously, not only insanely dangerous, but it’s also not that effective.

This practice is common with greyhound owners who are trying to win races, which is usually overseen by an authority that catches them doing this. It’s also not uncommon for criminals who use large dogs, such as Rottweilers or Pitbulls to inject them with steroids in an attempt to make the dogs put on more muscle.

Steroid use in dogs in this manner is inefficient and dangerous for two reasons. Firstly, dogs aren’t humans and our bodies don’t work the same way. Injecting your dog with steroids is crazy dangerous, and you’re more likely to kill your dog than get them to become buff.

Secondly, steroid use in large quantities will negatively affect the dog’s behavior, which might end up badly for the owner, as the dog becomes more aggressive.

Luckily, it’s rare for criminals to actually be able to afford enough steroids to keep their dogs on a constant dose. However, in the few rare instances when they successfully do it – the dogs become mentally unstable, which usually leads to aggression.

Remember that Rottweilers on their own are dangerous if they’re cornered. Now imagine a Rottweiler on steroids – that’s an animal that no one would want to get close to.

Illegal Use Of Steroids In Dogs

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Unfortunately for the dog, the chances of their poor hearts giving out are much greater than the chances of them actually putting on serious muscle mass and becoming the dangerous weapons that their ‘owners’ want them to be.


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To Finish

If your Rottweiler is suffering from a medical condition, using steroids in controlled amounts might be the solution to your problem. However, if your vet can find another solution, they won’t insist on the use of steroids.

When used, even for medicinal purposes, steroids can still be dangerous. When used in an uncontrollable environment (illegally), steroids are incredibly dangerous and they could potentially end the dog’s life.