What Is The Best Rottweiler Bloodline?

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New dog owners want to know what is the best Rottweiler bloodline to look for when they want to get a Rottie puppy for their family.

The original traditional Rottweiler is an intelligent, loyal, courageous, and loving dog that makes a great guard and companion dog.  Its breeding is high quality and, when appropriately raised, makes the perfect ‘man’s best friend.

If you are interested in the Rottweiler breed, you can get all the info in this article.

Worth Noting

Before bringing a Rottweiler home, carry out deep research on the internet, go to a dog show and have a look at the breed live and talk to breeders.

All breeds have distinctive features and personalities, and this breed is not exceptional.  Carrying out thorough research on this breed will either confirm is it is the right breed for you or not.

Please note that a Rottweiler is not for everyone & shouldn’t be reared by those who cannot provide it with its needs.  Make sure you are ready to take care of a Rottweiler responsibly.

What Is The Best Rottweiler Bloodline?

Rottweiler breeders are serious with their work and have great results for their work – excellent dogs.  Always get your dog from a breeder who follows all the appropriate health screenings on their breeding stock.

What Is The Best Rottweiler Bloodline

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Check out the best Rottweiler bloodlines (show lines) and working bloodlines (tracking, obedience).  This combination of bloodlines generally produces an excellent mix, ensuring a pure Rottweiler breed.

German Rottweiler bloodlines are superior in temperament, and they come from dogs that are worked in Schutzhund.  This breed is designed in Germany to provide a = protection, high obedience level, and tracking ability.

These German-bred dogs must pass a German Breeding Evaluation test before they are allowed to be bred from.  In that case, a poor Rottweiler breed will never pass in Germany and won’t be allowed to breed. This keeps the poor breeds from polluting the gene pool with low-quality breeds.

These stringent measures are significant to maintain and preserve the fundamental Rottweiler traits – courage, loyalty, working ability, guarding instinct, stability, and intelligence. A Rottweiler is an outdoor dog that loves to engage in high-energy activities, so anyone looking to adopt it must be willing to give it enough exercises and training.

Bottom line, the best Rottweiler bloodline is the German where this breed originated from.  There is still a lot that American breeders need to borrow from these original breeds.

Choosing Your Best Breeds Of Rottweiler Bloodline

Once you have decided that you want a Rottweiler, it’s time to choose the best breed to take home.

Before taking any puppy home, ensure that the bloodlines the breeder uses are derived from living healthy dogs so that your dog can enjoy good health for a long time. The last thing you want is a sickly short life span bloodline.

The price could be enticing, it might be cheaper in the first place, but it could end up being expensive and heartbreaking with many visits to the vet and eventually losing the dog at a young age.  So ensure the bloodline you choose from is derived from quality-registered breeders in America or imported German breeds as opposed to a pedigree of fake breeds.

The dog you choose should be physically impressive, intelligent, mentally stable, and in perfect health condition.  Ask all the questions you have from the breeders to clear all your doubts and find out as much info about the dog you are about to take.

Use a breeder who has been breeding long enough – nothing beats experience!   Breeders have their styles and tastes in dogs, and each one has its ideas.

Before taking your puppy home, ensure that the breeder is prepared to guarantee stock with a replacement hip and elbow.  This should not be a problem for a genuine and straight-up breeder from high-quality dogs.

Take your time to look for the dedicated breeders out there; you will find the right one for you.

Caring For Your Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweiler puppies are cute and sweet, but each pup has its personality and a combination of genetics.  A well-experienced breeder should help you find the perfect puppy for your intended purpose and family. The puppy mostly leaves the breeder after 8 weeks so they know each puppy individually.  It is therefore easy for the breeder to give you all the information you need for your pup.

  • First few days. You will need a lot of patience and love to take care of a new puppy.  The first few days of taking it home will be a bit hectic but soon after things will settle into a working routine.
  • Vaccination and socialization. Be extremely careful with your pup the first few weeks and don’t take it out as often especially to other dogs.  You will need to wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated before you take it out.  Also, deworm your dog regularly. At 16 weeks your puppy will receive its 3rd and final vaccination.  After this, your puppy can socialize with other dogs without limiting your dog to meeting only its Rottweiler family.  A well-socialized dog is confident, stable, and trustworthy.
  • Training.  Start training your dog as soon as possible to get them a good foundation in obeying instructions.  Start with simple commands like sit, stay – they are never too young to learn and they absorb what you teach them like a sponge in water.


Having learned what is the best Rottweiler bloodline and how to choose the best puppy, your work is to implement this knowledge.  However, remember to pause and ask yourself if you really want to keep a Rottweiler.  This breed is incredible but needs a special kind of commitment to raise it.

Rottweilers are big, powerful, and useful dogs; when raised right they play an important role in your family as a loving furry friend and a family guardian.  In choosing the perfect thing, you ought to take your time and ask all the relevant questions.  Now that you know you can question the breeders, don’t fall into the lie of buying a fake breed.

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