What to Feed a Rottweiler to Gain Weight: A Guide

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If you are wondering what to feed a Rottweiler to gain weight, then you should know it’s not just about the quantity, but also the quality of food.

Many owners wonder how to put weight on a dog when their pets haven’t been exhibiting much growth. It is a very concerning experience, especially if you are taking care of a, particularly large breed.

So, what to feed a Rottweiler to gain weight? If you need help encouraging weight gain on a skinny Rottweiler, here are some steps to take and points to consider.

Do You Have a Skinny Rottweiler?

Is your pet Rottweiler looking a bit under the weather? Do they look less and less like the beautiful and powerful Rottweilers you see winning competitions?

Signs Of An Underweight Dog

If you are not sure if your dog is underweight, here are some of the warning signs that will help you determine where your dog’s problems are.

  • Poor Energy Levels and Attitude

Does your normally playful dog seem to have an episode of depression? Eating poorly means there’s a good amount of energy that is being lost. When you are playing, you may notice a lack of agility and enthusiasm on their part.

  • Lack of Appetite

Unfortunately, poor weight doesn’t mean your dog will be compensating for the lack of nutrients on its own. More often than not, the dog will actually eat even less.

  • Exposed Spine Or Rib Bones

Feel around your dog’s body, especially along the ribs and the spine. You should be able to feel them under a healthy layer of fur, skin, and fat. If the bones are protruding from the skin, it’s a sign that they are not at their healthiest state.

  • Lackluster Coat

The Rottweiler is known for its beautiful and shiny black coat, accompanied by charming rust markings. If the coat of your dog is looking a bit dull, that means their fur is not receiving the right nutrition and is reflected in its lack of shine.

Rottweiler Fat and Muscle

The Rottweiler breed is naturally muscular. They’re one of the bulkier-looking dogs, and can really look tough and intimidating. They are the perfect guard and police dogs.

While Rottweilers are very athletic, they will also have the tendency to become overweight when they get older and less active.

On the other hand, even with these common Rottweiler builds in mind, it’s still entirely possible to deal with an underweight dog. In fact, it will look fairly obvious that something is wrong given the expectations of what typical Rottweilers should look like. Owners should take it upon themselves to help their dogs go back to full health.

What Can Prevent Rottweiler Weight Gain?

How did the Rottweiler get in this situation, anyway? There are a number of causes that can contribute to an underweight dog.

how to put weight on a dog

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Poor Diet

A major cause of most underweight dog cases is the lack of a balanced diet. They either do not eat enough good food, or there is a lack of nutrients in their existing meals.

Switch up dog feeds with freshly cooked food to introduce more nutrition to your pet’s diet. Try some natural recipes from dog owners online. 

Lack Of Vitamins and Minerals

Aside from a good diet, you might want to try adding health supplements for your pets. If they do not have the right vitamins and minerals to help build bones, tissues, and general strength.

Some important vitamins and minerals necessary for growth are the following, according to WebMD: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, B-complex vitamins, Calcium, and Phosphorus.


Dogs require a lot of hydration. Even if they do not sweat, they still lose a lot of hydration through the course of the day, and most especially when they exert more effort. The lack of water can contribute to the poor absorption of nutrients that your dog eats, leading to poor nutrition.

Lack Of Exercise

While popular culture has led to humans equating exercise and weight loss, this is not always the case. Healthy muscle, which can weigh a lot, is developed during this time. The same is true for dogs. Exercise is needed to build up the body. It also creates a good habit of physical movement, which helps avoid pets becoming lazy and lethargic.


Parasitic worms are one of the leading causes of disease and weight loss in pets. These intestinal parasites feed on the host’s gastrointestinal tract and make the host really, really sick. Have your pet regularly checked and take preventative measures.

List Of What To Feed A Rottweiler To Gain Weight

In general, the same kinds of food that help other dogs will help Rottweilers too. Make sure your dog is able to get all of these necessary items on a daily basis, especially if they are already suffering from being underweight!

A Balanced Diet With Water

When you feed your dog, make sure their meals are composed of a good balance of the following: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water. Make a good schedule that will encourage good eating habits for your dog.

Specialized Dog Food

Certain dog food manufacturers, such as Purina and Royal Canin, have specialized formulas that will help you add more nutrition to your dog’s diet. While getting natural food is always better for your dog, busy owners might benefit from using these feeds in their dog’s diet.

Meat and Protein

Dogs are carnivores, and Rottweilers are no different. Remember to fully cook the meat as raw meat makes it susceptible to harmful bacteria. Cut the meat into bite-size pieces so that they do not become choking hazards.

Vegetables and Grains

Go green and try giving your Rottweiler some fresh vegetables. Pile on leafy spinach, kale, and celery, and yummy carrots and green beans to your doggie dish. Filling foods like carrot, sweet potato, beets, and pumpkin add fiber to your dog’s diet. Remember to avoid onions, garlic, mushrooms, and fruits with seeds.

Are you ready to become the next Top Chef for your Rottweiler’s health? Do you have any recipes you want to try? Let us know in the comments!

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