When Do Rottweilers Mature?

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Rottweilers are large dogs, so it isn’t odd that it takes them a while to grow to their full size, prompting the question – when do Rottweilers mature? These big pups take quite a while to reach their full size, and in today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the process of Rottweiler growth.

Puppies Grow More Intensely

An adult male Rottie will weigh up to 130 pounds and it’ll be about 25 inches tall, likely even taller than that. However, to be able to reach that size, they must first form a solid foundation as puppies.

During the first six months of their lives – Rottweilers will face the most intense growth in their entire lives. The first weeks, while they’re still blind and drink their mother’s milk, is a time when they’ll double in weight in a very short time.

However, when they start teething and eating solid foods, the growth doesn’t stop. Soon, they’ll start gaining a lot of height and a lot of bone. This is why teething is so important.

During this period, their bones are growing intensely, which is why a high amount of calcium is absolutely necessary for their everyday meals. During this time, it’s also best to feed them 4 to 6 times a day, instead of two meals or a single meal a day.

Their metabolisms are crazy fast during this period and they’re essentially sponges, sucking in every nutrient available. Your Rottweiler is becoming established during the first six months.

Not only is it growing physically, but it’s also growing mentally, which is why it’s important to start training them when they’re young. At this time, they’ll discover their defensive and protective instincts, and you definitely want to keep them under control to avoid any dangerous incidents.

Even though Rottweilers aren’t aggressive, it’s important to teach them not to answer to any provocations from very early on.

Their half-birthday (6 months of age) marks the end of the intense growing stage. Although, it must be noted that some Rotties are late bloomers and this intense growing stage can last for eight to nine months – this is, however, very rare.


Everything between the six months of age and two years of age can be described as adolescence – at this time, your Rottie could be described as the equivalent of a human teenager. They’re starting to discover their voice (literally, expect a lot of barking during this stage) and need for entertainment.

It could be argued that their brains are more active during their period and that they need more stimulation, which is why you should definitely spend a lot of time training and exercising.

Remember that Rottweilers are some of the most intelligent dogs on the planet. Moreover, they’re incredibly disciplined and their brains are made to be shaped by the owner – they literally need you to train them, otherwise, they’ll go crazy.

Rottweilers that don’t get enough discipline and command training are often acting out – biting furniture and causing mayhem in general.

Your Rottie will start putting on some serious muscle mass during this period if you feed it right and if you take it running often enough. Rotties have insane amounts of energy and they could easily go hiking, running, and walking every single day for hours on end.

Rotties have insane amounts of energy

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This is actually good for both you and the dog – not only will you both be healthier, but once your dog tires out, they’ll sleep when they get home and you’ll be free to focus on other things.

During this stage, you should stop feeding them 4 to 6 times a day and drop that number down to two times a day or even once a day.

The nutrient count should also be lowered, as they don’t need as many proteins, fats and carbs as they did when they were puppies, given that they’re not in the phase of intense growth right now.

This dieting schedule should not change once they become mature.


Maturity in Rottweilers is generally considered to start after their second birthday. This day marks sexual maturity as both males and females can now mate. However, experts suggest that your female Rottweiler shouldn’t mate until she’s at least three years of age.

Mental maturity is now also fully completed and your dog is, mentally, a workhorse that’s ready to spend hours upon hours doing command exercises. Physically, you’ll notice that your dog has reached (or it’s at least closed) its optimal height and weight, and it can now continue working out and growing.

Energy levels in maturity won’t drop at all in comparison to adolescence. Keep in mind that some Rottweilers are, as we already said, late bloomers and they’re only going to reach their maturity once they’re three years old – so you don’t have to worry about them never reaching full size.

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To Summarize

Rottweilers usually take about two years to reach sexual maturity – which is generally considered as overall maturity. However, they’ll sometimes still grow physically and continue to developmentally. Rottweilers stay puppies for six months, after which they’re adolescents for 18 months, and they’re adults after their second birthday.