Why Does My Rottweiler Sit On Me: A Cute Habit

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You may be wondering “Why does my Rottweiler sit on me?” because this big dog has that lovey-dovey tendency! What are the reasons for this cute action?

In today’s social media landscape, cute and affectionate dogs from various breeds take the spotlight. There’s no end to TikToks and memes that feature adorable dog behavior and their lucky owners. You’ll notice and ask yourself, why do dogs love sitting on laps?

If you have a Rottweiler, you might notice that they have their own strange affection patterns. Here are other behaviors that you might notice in your dog!

The Rottweiler Temperament

According to the American Kennel Club, the Rottweiler is a loyal, loving, and confident guardian. They are a great family pet, despite needing some training in order to play with kids and other dogs.

It should be noted that they score very highly in affection. This shows that they are less likely to act aloof and independent. They are also considered very playful and is highly adaptable to any living situation that your family may encounter.

Loyal Guardian

While they may be suspicious of strangers because of their watchdog predisposition, they are big sweethearts to their masters.These vigilant dogs will always be on the lookout for danger that may befall your family.

People Pleaser

The Rottweiler is a hardworking dog and likes to accomplish their job. Other than self-fulfillment and a love for mental exercise, they just want to make their masters happy. If you give them a task to do, they will do it to the best of their ability.

Touchy Feely

They use their big, muscular bodies to their advantage when they are fighting. They also use them when they want to communicate other things! Touch is a very important factor for Rottweilers.

Why Does My Rottweiler Sit On Me?

Given the attitude of a typical Rottweiler, what are some of the reasons they love to plop themselves on your lap? Some may even try to jump on you! Given that Rottweilers can weigh from 90 to 135 lbs, this is a pretty funny sight and potentially painful experience.

 rottweiler hug

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However, a Rottweiler sitting on you does not mean any harm with this cute action. Here are some of the reasons they may have for sitting on you!

Establishing Dominance

It is possible that your Rottweiler is using their hulking body to establish their dominance. They are known to be quite territorial, and claiming their space isn’t far out of their list of activities.

A Playful Approach

A Rottweiler who is eager to invade your space may also be trying to tell you something – to get up and play with them! Calling your attention towards something that they want or need may be as simple as getting in your way. This way, there is no chance that you would ignore them – and these cheeky dogs know it!

Pure Affection

It could also be that your Rottweiler thinks it’s a tiny Chihuahua that can sit on your lap because they love you! They may even touch you with their paw or lay their head on your lap. Either way, this shows how they feel safe around you and trust you for them to let their vigilant guard dog persona down, even for just a while. Savor it!

How Else Do Rottweilers Show Affection?

The dog love language may not be available in human language, but this affection is palpable all the same. For Rottweilers, they may express this love in various ways. Here’s a list of actions that you might recognize in your Rottweiler’s behavior!

Leaning and Nudging

The Rottweiler’s ancestors were herding dogs of the Ancient Roman Empire. It’s no wonder they still have this herding tendency to this day. This action is simulating their sense of touch and nudges you to safety, or just to tell you where to be so they can take care of you!


Doggy kisses may be wet and slobbery, but to any dog lover, they are most welcome. Rottweilers – the big dogs that they are – can leave your face in a mess with kisses. But they mean well and just want you to know that they love you.

 rottweiler kiss

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Tail Wagging

A wagging tail is a universal sign of happiness and excitement. Whether your Rottweiler has a long, strong tail or a docked nub, you will notice some action on their behind when they’re really glad to see you.


There’s nothing as adorable as a dog with a wide smile on their face. It’s not just an open, relaxed mouth and light panting that constitutes a sweet smile. It’s also in their body language, which includes their relaxed bodies and wagging tails. It’s an overall picture of shared happiness.

Following You Around

Clingy dogs tend to follow their loved ones from room to room. Rottweilers are no exception. Say goodbye to privacy around this adorable breed. Of course, they only mean to keep an out for you – even in your most vulnerable moments in the bathroom!

This may concern some people as a lack of independence, but at least it’s not likely that your dog will ever be lost or leave your home!

Saying “I Love You” In Rottweiler Speak

Okay, maybe we’ll need a doggy translator for this one. Little mumbling and yips that seem to communicate appreciation and affection sound like an unintelligible whine, but we’ll take them as those three special words!

Rottweilers hardly bark or growl for no reason. You know something bad is going on if you hear them make aggressive noises, warning you of danger. So, do not be surprised if you hear a sweet rumbling from them – it means that they are content and relaxed in your presence.

Eye Contact

Holding eye contact displays trust and interest in what you have to say or do. You will see a soft gaze paying attention to everything you are doing. Sometimes they will blink slowly, another sign of relaxation. After all, a good guard dog never closes its eyes to danger.

Why does my Rottweiler sit on me? There are a lot of signs that your Rottweiler is comfortable with you, and having them in your lap could be one of them. How does your Rottweiler share their love for you? Let us know in the comments.

 rottweiler eye contact

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