Will My Rottweiler Protect Me?

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With Rottweilers being so large and strong, it’s not odd that owners ask “Will my Rottweiler protect me?” if it comes down to a conflict with another person or another dog. It’s a well-known fact that Rottweilers are possibly the most protective breed of all dog breeds, but what will happen if someone attacks you while you’re taking your dog for a walk. In today’s article, we’ll be exploring that possibility.

Rottweilers Are Apex Protectors

An apex predator is a predator on top of the food chain in their natural environment (for example, great white sharks and polar bears). In that regard, Rottweilers could be considered to be apex protectors – the absolutely best protection dog in existence.

These dogs, while undoubtedly loving and fitting into a family, have been bred for centuries to be protective dogs. Their primary job, in their minds, is to protect the owner(s) and their territory. They’re willing to do absolutely anything to ensure that their owners are safe, even if it means dying in battle.

Of course, instances like these are extremely rare. However, a thousand years ago, Rottweilers were war dogs for Roman legions. They were incredibly good at their jobs too, so it’s no wonder that those instincts remained ingrained in their minds. There are also some other protective dogs, such as Dobermans and German Shepherds.

Rottweilers, however, are built for this – they’re large, muscular, and powerful. Their jaws are typically stronger than those of other dogs and their mental tenacity and endurance are remarkable. If anyone was to attack the owner of a Rottweiler, they’d be in for a very rough, potentially lethal ride.

Rottweilers Aren’t Dangerous

This, of course, leads many people to wonder whether Rottweilers are actually dangerous dogs that just protect their owners but are aggressive towards everyone else. This belief is false and it’s grown from the myth that Rottweilers are aggressive dogs – a myth perpetuated mostly because of the massive size of these dogs.

These dogs are constantly vigilant, scanning the area for any potential threats. They definitely do this by instinct and it’s not something that they can willingly stop (and why should they – being vigilant isn’t dangerous or harmful). However, they definitely won’t charge another dog or a person for no reason.

They can actually get along with other people easily, and even other dogs if the other dogs aren’t aggressive in any way. Rottweilers are, after all, very disciplined.

They’re also very composed animals. If another dog starts barking and growling at your Rottie – they won’t react in an improper way. They’ll stay calm and cool – ready to defend themselves at any point, but they won’t respond to aggression with aggression.

This is the primary reason why Rottweiler training is so important from an early age. It’s important that these powerful dogs learn a few things. Firstly, they need to learn to compose themselves and stay calm at all times, only reacting physically when they’re physically attacked. Secondly, they need to learn how to work with other dogs. Lastly, they need to learn how to recognize a threat.

Rottweilers Aren't Dangerous

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Untrained Rottweilers

An untrained Rottweiler is the other side of the coin. Many, many irresponsible owners buy Rottweilers that they don’t even touch. This is incredibly dangerous. Keep in mind that Rottweilers are 130-pound-weighing beasts that could easily harm other dogs and people if they wanted to. The reason that they don’t do that is twofold – they’re supremely intelligent and they’re aware that humans are their masters.

However, if you leave Rottweiler on their own without any training, instincts take over and they’ll likely become aggressive. This is very sad for the dog since the dog isn’t at fault at all for what’s happening – it’s the irresponsible owner’s fault.

If you don’t train your Rottweiler, they’re going to act like everyone is a threat, and they might even treat you – the owner – as a potential threat. Essentially, untrained Rottweilers are usually very dangerous dogs that shouldn’t be approached. This is why so many experts recommend that owners start training while the Rottie is still young.

This way, they’ll learn how to hone their instincts and abilities early on. Socialization is equally as important – they have to learn that not all other entities, be it people or dogs, are enemies. If they start spending time with other people and other dogs when they’re young, they’ll become more friendly as adults!

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Will an untrained Rottweiler protect its owner?

An untrained Rottweiler will protect its owner by instinct, but it can also easily turn against the owner. Untrained Rottweilers are very dangerous and most of the time - not even the owner can keep them under control.

Are Rottweilers very protective of their owners?

Rottweilers are arguably the best protection dogs in existence! Their defensive instincts are second to none and they're absolutely committed to protecting their owners.

How do I get my Rottweiler to protect me?

You Rottie will know how to recognize a threat by instinct, so there's very little you can teach it. What you should do is train them from a young age to be composed, calm and to know when to remain still and when to actually attack someone.

Are Rottweilers good guard dogs?

Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Dobermans are three best guard dog breeds in the world. They're very often utilized by the police, military, etc.

To End

Rottweilers are some of the most protective dogs in the world and they were utilized for the exact purpose for centuries. These dogs will, without a doubt, defend their owner until their very last breath and they will never back away from a fight. Training them from a very young age will help prevent any potential incidents with other dogs, such as unwarranted attacks.

The danger of owning a Rottweiler comes in the form of untrained Rottweilers – these animals are potentially very dangerous, which is why it’s important to train them from a young age. If you don’t train your Rottie, their instincts will take over and they’ll very often become aggressive.