Which Are The Biggest Rottweilers In The World?

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What is the size of the biggest Rottweilers in the world?  We will look at how big this breed can grow and learn a few things about Rotties.

The Rottweiler inherits its features from their early ancestors – a heavy, thickly muscled body.

Males are bigger and heavier than females, with the largest weighing up to over 130 pounds and measures up to 27 inches at the shoulder.

The Rottie is a strong true dog with a big loving heart to its owner.  It makes a good guard dog and is successfully used in military, police, and customs work.  It also makes a good pet and family dog who loves to play with children and protect its owner.

Training your Rottweiler provides it with the leadership he can respect and trust without resorting to anger or physical force.

Rotties are not for everyone, but the pet lovers who have reared this dog can swear by it.  Some cities ban this breed from their area, which is unfortunate for those who want to keep it.

Let’s look at how much this dog can grow

What Are The Biggest Rottweilers In The World?

This is a question asked by most pet owners since the breed is famous.  The answer to this question varies based on how one defines the Rottweiler breed.

What we all need to understand is there is not a single breed of dog.  A series of dog breeds were used to create the Rottweiler.  Rotties are raised for various purposes – show dogs, training purposes, guard dogs, or even friendly pets at home.

American Rottweilers show dogs are bred purposely for shows and can be enhanced to grow bigger than their pet friends at home.

The Biggest Rottweilers Breed In The World

The biggest Rottweiler breed is the Roman Rottweiler.

This breed has a commanding physical presence, and its height is classified as large or giant size. Roman Rottweilers can grow very big and attain the considerable size of a giant dog.

The Roman Rottweiler is regarded as one of the biggest dog breeds existing on the planet.  The male Roman Rottweiler has a minimum height of 23 inches, but some can grow up to the giant size of 30 inches.  The female Roman Rottweilers do not grow as large as the male ones. They have a height ranging from a minimum of 24 inches to a giant size of 29 inches.

How Much Do Roman Rottweilers Weigh?

A Roman Rottweiler can weigh 95 pounds on average, but the female Roman Rottweilers are generally lighter than the male ones.

A male Roman Rottweiler weighs from 95 pounds to 130 pounds, while a female usually weighs from 85 to 115 pounds.

What Does A Roman Rottweiler Look Like?

Roman Rottweilers have either black and tan or black and mahogany coat colors. They are powerful, robust, muscular, and appear fierce depending on their pose. They have a broad and muscular head that includes the upper and lower jaw.

Their eyes are almond-shaped, well-spaced, dark brown, and deep.  Their lower and upper jaws are broad with scissor bite teeth. They have long ears, triangular, curvy and broad that point downwards, extending to the midline of the head.

They have muscular and slightly arched necks that look huge in that chain or leash.  They have an attractive but stout body with a straight forearm and muscular hind legs giving them a balanced stance.

How Long Does This Breed Live?

The Roman Rottweiler has a lifespan ranging from 10 to 12 years on average. However, the female can live up to 14 years, which is longer than the males.

Compared to other smaller or regular-sized Rottweilers, these giant-sized ones have a shorter lifespan.  This is because they are prone to common health Issues that affect big canines due to their size.

The size of a Roman Rottweiler affects both their general well-being and their lifespan. Some of the common health issues affecting this breed include


Roman Rottweilers are prone to overeating and getting obese very fast.  Due to their large size, they tend to eat a lot of food.  If you do not walk your dog or have it exercise, it will eventually get overweight.

Hip Dysplasia

This disease affects the hip joint, causing arthritis and pains that renders it immobile.  It is caused by the head of the thighbone and the socket in the pelvis not growing together.  One tends to grow faster than the other, giving your dog problems in walking.

To prevent this problem from happening, have your dog maintain an average body weight and exercise regularly.

Osteochondritis Dissecans

This common health issue affects Roman Rottweilers.  The bone disease occurs when a joint detaches from the bone due to little or no blood supply entering the bone.

This commonly affects the shoulder bone and may affect other joints like the hip, knee, or elbow.


This disease affects its eyes, making the eyelids roll inwards, affecting the dog’s vision.

ACL Tear

This disease affects the joints causing them to become dislocated at the joint and causing immobility.

Taking Care Of The World’s Biggest Rottweiler

To keep your dog healthy and in good shape, you must ensure that you take proper care of it. Let’s look at the kind of care the Roman Rottweiler needs.


Roman Rottweilers require many physical exercises every day because they have many calories to dispel.

This breed naturally loves to move because they are brilliant in nature.  They happily engage in exercise and runs because it stimulates their cognitive abilities.

Provide moderate physical exercises for about 30 to 40 minutes each day, whether a walk or a run for your Rottie, and it will grow healthy and happy. Use the fetch game to stimulate it mentally, mostly in the afternoons.

Proper Diet  

A healthy diet includes proteins, multivitamins, and other essential nutrients recommended for this breed’s well-being.

Ensure that the snacks you give your Rottie are healthy and have the right nutrients to avoid overfeeding it with an improper diet.

This breed adds weight very fast; it is, therefore, important to provide proper food and scheduled feeding times.

Where Can You Find The World’s Largest Rottweilers In The World?

The German Rottweilers are slightly bigger than the American Rottweilers, making them the world’s largest.  They have broader heads than their American colleagues do.

 world's biggest rottweiler

Despite the German ones being taller, the American Rottweiler has slightly longer legs.  Overall, both of these countries have the largest Rotties across the world.


It is important to take care of your furry friend to ensure they live a long healthy life, less susceptible to health problems.  You will both enjoy your friendship and have many long walks and fun together.

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